Teaching kids about Sleep Paralysis in a non-physical school

To just start with something educational again in the new category, this experience popped into my mind about when I was educating many kids (or rather young people, if you play with it) about Sleep Paralysis and how it works. The place was a non-physical school in Focus 3. Check out the Focus Model series for more info.

So the thing is, that I guess my guidance dropped me there to do it. How you experience this, you just get a memory set which indicates you at a certain place to talk about what you know and can share. Your knowledge which you learn as a human being or human construct can be very, if not vastly useful to “people” who are not physically “incarnated”.

You have the advantage of physical knowledge right now. Do you think it will be lost after your death? Quite the opposite. Our physical world is a training ground for a limited life.

Not just Sleep Paralysis but you can share what you have!

About me, well, I don’t hesitate to tell how it works. Not just Sleep Paralysis. You are not the same person there IF you started to work on yourself. Like two different personalities but the same person. This world is much more strict and hostile, you can’t really express yourself freely. We live in a control system with a vast competition. But…

You CAN help to make understand what others don’t know about it, about anything. The life there is not as strict in physical terms and this story with I guess all the later ones will make people understand that this site alone is not just a BS talk. It is real, we are multidimensional. You CAN experience it. Otherwise, why would I take so much effort into this site?

sleep paralysis

Maybe after reading these stories, people get the main idea about why my site is priceless and people can find their place and role in this multiversal game. Regular people (billions) are just seeing an illusional surface of it full of lies, brainwashing and seeing the signs of greed and power.

Don’t escape it, we came here to learn under pressure. Many will fail, it is part of the game. But let’s talk about the topic because I don’t want to spread fear and misery.

Sleep Paralysis for non-physical kids, students

Don’t try to measure or point out my words, “people” there or “young” are metaphors or objective terms. Post-humans can still live a very physical-like life because they don’t know other ways to do it after death. Okay, I think I don’t need to explain this furthermore, use the site for this.

If I would use one example, kids who have sudden death in an accident will stay kids for a “while” in a kindergarten where guides will help them shred down this block.

Sleep Paralysis is very new and frightening for people in our society. You can’t imagine how stupid questions about SP are diving up each day on public forums and how people have no idea about it. I just can’t stop hugging my face.

There are some articles already on my site, explaining the whole thing. People are just stupidly lazy to do researches. Or pretty simple to never get their answers. It is normal.

The school

So how it happened is, I was put down into a school in one of my conscious experience. You are doing this and that, then you are transported when you are ready mentally. Imagine a huge hallway on a given level, marble-like or stone-like, curved stairway behind me. It curves itself upwards to my left to the next level. I was sitting there.

The whole situation initiates itself. I got the memory to do my task and I was talking to around 40-50 youngsters about Sleep Paralysis. I can’t recall all the details and please note that I had thousands of conscious experiences over the years.

Some started to drop me questions and I was answering all the questions one by one. How it works, why we have it, why is it so scary, what process is it, etc. Many were amazed about the whole process, they didn’t know, listening carefully. I wonder how because it is always there.

Of course, you don’t remember your physical life and that you are asleep at that time or you would instantly kill the whole experience. The thought about a body acts as a command which people can’t comprehend even in Lucid Dreaming communities. So you program yourself to forget about it or you get memory sets from guides. Or both.

You don’t see your guides, they give these memories to do your job. Seeing is a physical habit, I mean vision. This is one thing which people don’t or never will understand in our society. Nor Lucid Dreamers.

Real places in the non-physical or Focus 3

Call it how you prefer personally, it can be Belief System Territories but people or entities are living their life just like we do. They are still Flatlanders because they don’t know more to life other than what they “previously” experienced as a human construct. I will try to keep these stories or experiences short and informative.

So, to get back to the main issue. I was there, done that, not the first time. You have something which you can share, the chance is big that you will do it. Not because somebody forces you, you are doing it on your own. Even if guides are carrying you anywhere, some of them are YOU in a multidimensional manner or perspective.

If you are like me, you try to share what you have and help others in understanding what they don’t know. You can do it or you move on to other things.

sleep paralysis

And I was glad and happy that I could share my stuff with them. It was around an hour of talk, I was sitting on the first 4-5 steps on the stone stairway and youngsters all around me, in front of me on the corridor or hallway. It is actually an achievement when you do this stuff. I’m doing this automatically, same for retrievals.

It is not happening each night but you always get new opportunities if something comes. You just need to let decide your NP side, what comes and be open. They are giving these tasks for you to develop and let also others to learn.

Who we are, what we are doing

This is the real purpose of living together, even on our planet, letting others to grow up and think from the heart. Growing up as their being, not physically. There are many teachers, schools, and buildings for this purpose in Focus 3 but everybody does what interests them. Even Robert Monroe does this as a kid or young somebody as I heard about him.

Don’t get caught up on metaphors and objective terms, who is young, what is a non-physical school. Just go with the experience if you have one. Do your best if you have a task. This is the main case, you have a task, they want to see how well you handle it.

Is Sleep Paralysis really a scary thing? Well, one thing that I teach non-physical entities about what I’ve learned as a “human being” construct and added to my knowledge. But another thing is that people just don’t take the effort to do researches or experience it by themselves, other than going to Google and Youtube and finding the first results where people are telling all the same, parroted BS, mystical stuff and spreading fear.

And people think they are intelligent after this behavior.

I’m opening up eyes, on the other hand, with many alike people around the world. We are luckily living in an age where we can do it. At least we can still do it lol. I’m just sharing it because I can. We like to share what we have. This has the value, not a car or a golden luxury stuff or a phone. Physical objects are parts of the game, they have no value, we are giving them value because we can sell them. Bah, enough of this lol.


I’m talking about a school and kids here. Don’t take it literally. If you had the same experience, you may talk to little humanoid aliens on a space ship. Maybe you teach others how to swim. I was already on these missions too, on space stations, marvelous. What if they weren’t just kids and I was interpreting something in my own way? Well, I don’t care, the real thing is what you are doing and are you doing it from your heart?

Forms after forms, it doesn’t matter. This is true for all of your conscious experiences. Who cares if you saw and experienced something a certain way, it is just experience and your unique one. It is a big journey and this life is a drop from this. Most people can’t even comprehend in our world that there is the non-physical and their physical daily perception and world are not the only one.

And non-physical places are there. You can deny it, it is still there. All the heavens and hells too. These cities are like you just can’t measure how many are there or how big they are. Our life is not enough to explore it all. You don’t have a map because it needs space and time which is non-existent.

Maybe an eternity either when we have a primary focus there. The realness and believing that you are really doing it takes effort, many experiences and dropping limiting beliefs. I was “Lucid Dreamer” in my whole life, I think I had a much easier job to do with myself in this. And you?

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