Why can’t you see anything in your Dreams or Lucid Dreams?

I think the next thing on my list with Lucid Dreams which people can surely encounter and have no idea what they are experiencing is that they lose their sight. We don’t have eyes there but the expectations to have them. What you can experience is blackness or greyness and it is also related to something which people don’t understand. I already share the fact about this one here.

I’m still watching over some public forums and seeing these issues but I already knew about these. But not in the sense how many people still don’t get the basic idea about how the non-physical world works. And it is not based on physical rules which we have for physical life. What we can experience are the effects of our physical thinking. Our expectations are playing a big role there. This is why some people having their first AP, OBE, NDE or just having one from hallucinogens or DMT will live up their self-fulfilling prophecies. We are tricking ourselves literally.

I will share what can happen with this sight issue and what to do with them in Lucid Dreams. If it is not about what to do but rather it is about what are you experiencing. And if you roamed around my site, you already know that Dreams or Lucid Dreams are not what people think they are. They are parts of our multidimensional path and development. I know that regular people can’t digest this and will never able to.

To just understand the basics about Dreams and Lucid Dreams, again…

To just note, I have no idea how many times I repeated these lol. I can’t help it, I’m not a bookselling guy or being a famous speaker. I made a site for this purpose, maybe one of the few ones without BS talk and religious stuff.

We live in a society today where people are so misled and bombarded with misinformation from websites, books, and videos (Youtube), that they are totally lost about the non-physical side of our multidimensional life. Nobody mentions it in a pure, trustable form. People start to play with Lucid Dreams and they don’t understand the whole thing. Some clearly believe they do! Many are teenagers in this current world and they escape into it.

lucid dreams

I don’t know if enough people will ever reach out to my site and learn about these because you can learn a lot here without any BS talk. Just my thoughts. I don’t need to prove anything. You can do it.

I can’t help with what some people, defending scientific views. We are not our brains, we are not in a body at all, limited thinkers just can’t detach from this. Our physical life’s illusion is an intense facade and it JUST seems to be that we are in a body. The more people believe it, the higher the chance that their first, conscious non-physical experiences will be about an Out-of-Body Experience. We live in a system where most of us won’t ever grow up or at least very slowly. Not physically.

And nobody can escape from their own thinking. This whole multiversal game with endless physical realities is designed for this structured, educational purpose. To learn from these from a limited perspective. The most are unfortunately incapable to do that. You are maybe open to the whole of this. We are not equal, we are unique. Consciousness.

You need to learn for first that you don’t have physical senses there, you are expecting a body and your physical senses to work there. Your expectations are doing it. You surely have a body but an automatically generated one. With practice, you can use other forms too. I will expand on this soon.

Blackness and its “meaning” in Lucid Dreams

People are always rushing onto websites and nonsense dream interpretation pages to understand this better. Sure, some metaphors can help sometimes but they won’t reveal the whole story. I already expanded the real thing about this here. This is like you play with Lego and you don’t get the idea why one piece needs to fit here or there.

There are many missing pieces for beginners and for those who had conscious sleep life in their whole life (the rare cases, like me) but they are not ready to see through the whole thing. One of the missing steps is knowing that we are in the non-physical world at that time. Okay, I’m sure if you are not lazy, you will roam on this site to know it better. Most visitors are reading a few articles and move on. Ridiculous.

The blackness itself many times means “lack of information”. Same for dropping you into an endless pond as a fish and not knowing where to navigate. So it is not really about meaning, it is an automatic interpretation. Like in our world: light and dark – daily life and switching out our body with sleep.

lucid dreams

But many times the blackness itself can be two main things. One is that you lost your awareness level in the physical world or in the non-physical in Lucid Dreams (if you favor this label). The process is not so easy to understand for first. You can lose your “sight” when your guidance transports you to another non-physical location with a new memory set. Then you will do other tasks. People have no idea about this or that they are not in control. We have our multidimensional life to do.

And there can be the second big case when you simply end up in the 3D blackness or void. It is the raw non-physical, your mind’s area so to speak. No, not the materialistic or scientific way. Not even close. It is an endless, non-physical layer of you and we all have one to physical life to work with. Some will believe it is their “subconscious”. So you can use this as a launchpad to go elsewhere and many Astral Projection or OBE practitioners try to do that. You can even access it via practicing deep meditation.

You lose your sight, it is about losing your primary focus of attention

As I already expanded the basics on this, you simply lose that “sight” which you have because you lost your focus of attention. The non-physical world reacts almost instantly to that as a subjective, thought responsive world. This is one aspect from many which we need to learn because we are coming from there. Physical life gives a chance to be better at how we think and react. Billions are not knowing a thing about this and they just live a daily life.

Actually, there, you are the mind, the observer so you are seeing with it. We don’t have and don’t need a body (nor a brain) anymore there, it is needed only for physical reality lives. So the next question comes, but Phil, I have a body there all the time. Alright, me too : )

This only means that we have a human expectation to operate with one, so you will have one. That is that simple, expectations are instant there. You can be a Third Person character too watching a movie or become formless too, it takes effort and awareness to work that out. Some can gain 360-degree vision too.

But there is a basic rule there, NEVER think about your body! The instant you do that, the “time” is ticking and you will wake up in the physical world soon. Just don’t do that stupidity, I can’t count how many times I fell into this trap. It happens because our primary attention goes back to our body. Call it like a Lucid Dream or Projection or OBE, they are all the same things. People can’t let go of these labels because they are differentiating their awareness level and approach. And others told them to use them. In our world, people believe what others told them to do so.

Blacking out or seeing grey overlay in your non-physical visual field

I guess I tend to share all the details as usual so I’m not finished yet lol. Well, I’m not sparing with my energy. The greyish visual thing which you may see (if it is not black or dark) is almost the same phenomenon. You are transported elsewhere according to where you were. Yes, guides are doing it. It is a real thing but you may already know it from my sight. People don’t believe in guides, they think they are doing everything on their own. Many have a big-time to learn from this.

lucid dreams

The greyness is an interesting thing, I experience it a lot. It is a personal translation of speed. That’s all to it, check the article about it here. You are traveling with non-existent “vast speed”.

Other times, when you lose control like in this case across the whole article, you will also notice blur or greyness. It is because you have so poor self-control or awareness level that you keep fluctuating here and there and you won’t stop. Until you stop thinking and stay passive. It doesn’t fall off maybe ever that you are in a thought reactive world. You try to understand it with your physical thinking.

You can’t help it until you start to concentrate on only one thing. I can’t count how many times I saw this with beginners, having this issue and nobody tells them what is this. All the guesses are there but you won’t learn a thing. People are not smart taking deep researches to get their answers. Public forums are the easiest, lazy way with all the guesses and BS talk from beliefs.

What to do with losing your sight?

And finally, what to do with this whole thing. The only option is learning to concentrate on one thing. No other way. In our current society, this is very hard for many and will be labeled as ADHD people, which is pure nonsense because we all have it. Even if there is a missing brain part in your skull, it is up to your willpower. We are consciousness, the brain can rewire itself with enough intent. We just don’t know that we can do it. The preconceived beliefs about what is real or possible are kicking it out.

So what you need to do or make yourself aware each time you fall asleep that you will concentrate on the surroundings which you have. Call it a reality check if you favor that. This way you will prevent yourself from falling out as I already shared this issue about Lucid Dreams. If you are good at this, you will have more aware experiences in existing places. But if you have poor self-control, you are rarely allowed to roam in real places. You will mostly live up scenarios (simulations) made for you to train you. I mean your guides. For years or decades, maybe in your whole life. We are in no hurry.

This is a real thing and people deny it or don’t even notice that they are NOT creating these alone. Not even the characters in Lucid Dreams. Some idiots are spreading these that you are meeting with characters or you can summon some. I think most people think they are controlling everything despite the fact that they can’t even control their daily life and where it goes. Pretty strange, isn’t it? Seeing the obvious and denying it.

If you found this useful, I wish you great experiences!
Please share the site to let more people know about it and support me if you can. Thank you and enjoy reading and learning here.

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