Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Out-of-Body Experience – Are you in your head?

Many people experience at least one Lucid Dream, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) in their life. Maybe some experience some sort of reality overlays with our physical dimension thinking that something is there and still don’t know that whenever they enter the non-physical world, we are not in our heads. Yes, this article is about this being in our head misunderstanding.

I already noted this issue with the whole body construct but I wrote so much about everything already over the years that I lost the tail lol. OBE practitioners are meeting with their expectations about inhabiting a body, first-hand because their belief will become a construct and become real. This is why some will experience leaving a body. Maybe most people.

The problem with our world – are Astral Projection or “dreams” really played out in your head?

We live in a civilization where we clearly believe that we are in a body. It is part of the illusion. Think about what would happen if all people on our globe realize that they are using a body focus to try out physical lives?

But it is almost the same belief that you are in your head. Why should it be in another way? You were in your head in your whole life because it seems to be. Your expectations are much real when you are in that thought responsive world.

It is our home and training ground to stop doing this. Nobody forces you about that, it is all about your self-realization. People can’t let the physical body go because they are in fear, addicted to beliefs and physical life, etc. Or just their religion (yes, science too) told them with all the “evidence” that it is like that and don’t question it. Like those theories about X numbers of dimensions.

astral projection

And I’m using the Astral Projection main category here because we are talking about dreams and conscious non-physical experiences. They are all the same. You are projecting right now too, if you get the meaning of this label.

The non-physical is endless with all the non-physical places you can or can’t even imagine.

Astral Projection, when you will believe that you leave a body, same for OBEs!

Our daily life is full of guesses, theories, personal truths but mostly indoctrination. We need this indoctrination part to function in this society. We chose this world, timeline, and race to do our job. BUT! You need to hear all the usual sayings and gossips about how others are “in their head” or “it is just in your head”.

It happens from our childhood and we carry on these as hard facts. Because others told that. Not so smart. We will also pull up beliefs which are supporting this “truth”. Most people are not open to drop these. No wonder how conspiracy theories are happening but I don’t talk about them. This site is made for educational purposes without guesses.

We come to physical life to experience our main goals. Maybe we came to just experience our limited perspective to understand our non-physical nature. Well, we are all doing it but a few of us, consciously. The physical body’s role is simple. It allows us (consciousness) to focus our primary attention into a chosen physical system. Otherwise, we can’t function in it. We can’t manipulate energy or grab a physical object without it. Here, we are manipulating our thoughts through a body and the brain is the device to allow us to do it through the nervous system. We as a race tend to overthink the whole thing and over-objectify the whole body construct.

But what about the head issue? Your primary focus is on or behind the eyes, you feel your head, body, you look downwards and also you look back from a mirror and pictures. It is evident for most people in our world that they are their body and they are in a head or brain. I will tell you something later, maybe you can try it out too.

astral projection

I can’t count how many times (over the years of seeing the actual situation worldwide) saw, mostly teenagers are completely believing that they are in their head and their brain does those tricks in Lucid Dreams or Astral Projections. Furthermore, they believe that the brain and mind are the same and that everything is outside of them. No, not just them, almost everybody else but they are holding onto this scientific stuff.

I can’t help with it, for many, if they want to learn about even the basics of our multidimensional existence, they will sweat blood until they understand that their beliefs or indoctrination is the block. They can’t let it go. They will never grow up in this, poor thing to see. If you check the Flatland movie, you will understand their thinking. This is how it goes for billions or more in the Afterlife regions.

And it comes to a bigger block when they experience their non-physical life first-hand. You see guides interacting with you, you try out all the tricks, try reality checks because others told that. And it just doesn’t fall off. No matter what happens, people will completely believe it is in their head or brain and they are just hallucinating. It is weird stuff, subconscious, etc, all the nonsense.

And all the confusion dives up on public forums where people never learn a useful thing because everybody goes there with the same lack of understanding. People are sharing all the stories, nightmares and confusion without learning anything.

Your perception will tell you what you can experience! Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid Dreams or others are tools for the same endless world

Whenever you go somewhere, sit in a car, a train, riding a bike, do you really go anywhere? Your perception – if you can change it to passive mode – can show you that space comes to you under your body. How this relates to the head issue? Well, your daily, primary focus for human life is there. It can’t be in your legs or hands or neck, right? The eyes are receiving the electromagnetic signals, which the brain interprets. This body is made for physical exploration and energy manipulation.

astral projection

The linear timeframe with space is needed for our structured experiences. You are simply focusing your primary attention like a magnet each day on your body in first-person perspective. But you can do the same in the non-physical too. You can experience third-person sight too. Maybe later I will write about it too.

When you fall asleep and try to still hold onto a body construct

Okay. But whenever you fall asleep, you defocus your eyes, letting them fall asleep. It is an automatic process. You are already defocusing yourself. In your conscious sleep life then, you will be free FROM a body construct. You are still experiencing one from your expectations! But you can still blink with non-existent eyelids, same for vocal cords despite the fact that the communication is telepathic.

You don’t need a body there, we don’t need it in the non-physical world. I guess you start to get it. What this strong physical illusion in our world does is making people believe that they are in a body or they are their body. It is needed for this “life game”.

Actually, if you had hundreds of conscious experiences, you can still believe the whole thing. Nobody will tell you in the face directly that hey, wait a minute, do you still believe that you are in a body? Nobody will. Not even guides do this for a reason. We need to learn that we are not inhabiting a body, we are inhabiting a body focus. A huge difference. Just check the Focus Model articles on the site to understand this.

People who are proficient in this like me already proved to ourselves that it is the case. I didn’t have any belief to support the body and brain nonsense too. And I’m saying this growing out from knowing science.

The main problem with our perception is that there can be common grounds or agreements in our world. But in the non-physical, each individual will distort and experience the uniqueness of their experiences according to their limited perception. If you don’t allow to open up to yourself and let go of everything you’ve learnt in your life, the results will stay the same mundane and human-like. Even if you had hundreds of LDs, Astral Projections, OBEs, and others. It won’t change because you still didn’t change in your thinking. The underlying principles, rules and the NP didn’t reveal itself yet and can’t. Even guides can’t do so much.

When you still believe that everything plays out in your head

It is very typical and at least a few people will find it out on their own that wait a minute, it is not in my head. The main problem comes from science again. These stupid misunderstandings when people try to scientifically prove that we are in a body and people who also believe these will accept it and defend this worldview. It can’t be otherwise for them. There are the materialistic pieces of evidence, right? So if somebody tells another thing, he/she is wrong and lying. Not so different from wars from religions. And it is childish.

The problem is that the approach of how our world tries to measure things is failing at the beginning of trying to understand consciousness. It can’t be measured. Those double-slit experiments and catching the behavior of elemental particles are just the after-effects of us, consciousness, noticing the changes. We try to over-objectify the whole nature of this reality too.

astral projection

I’m saying that nobody can prove this that the body and brain are end-results of the whole thing if people don’t become open to the fact that we just believed what others said. The evidence is in your face whenever you are in a full-blown non-physical experience. But still, there are many young people who are just reinforcing their beliefs. I don’t get this. You are freely acting in another reality and you still think you are in a body. Ah, of course! It seems to be that way, but why? And that everything is “physical”. Yes, it seems to be rock solid and physical because you make it that way. I know this from thousands of times experiencing it (if I want to).

The main problem in our world and with people’s capability to think outside of the box

I will tell you that. Your own expectations are creating that body image instantly. It can be your copy (current one) or a very different one too. You can use animal forms or other forms too (no wonder the nonsense animal totem belief).

The lesson in this is that because you grew up in a world where you need to use a biological vehicle, you will think and act like the same there. Why should you suddenly believe that you don’t have a body?

If you are well-practiced, you can break free from a held body image! Yes, you will dissolve the whole body construct and you can have even 360-degree vision too. We don’t have a form. You can experience third-person perspective too. The problem with our materialistic world is that people, mostly younger generations are so caught up on all the logical stuff, theories and social media that they can’t even understand what is real or critical thinking starts to disappear with common sense. They are so lost (which is easy to do unfortunately in this world) that they need to defend their ego. Normal people are doing the same but without science.

If people don’t let science go, they can’t understand even the basics of this. It has its own place in our world and helps us in physical world-related understanding but not in the whole picture. The physical world and what we perceive is a tiny surface, the end result of consciousness. It is the place for the game. Not science is the problem with this before some people will misunderstand the whole point. The usage of science on non-physical things.

Where most of humanity messes up their perception with the body image and with science

As I already expanded on this and won’t expand furthermore, we grow up in a system where we have scientific measurements. Science is a great thing and I like many subcategories of it. But I don’t like the way they measure things and make up theories as proofs.

For example, they can’t measure Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection, will deny the whole thing being “real” then that’s all to it. “Nobody can prove it” – if you say it enough times, you will believe it. Maybe some measurements with brain scans and electric stuff will make it, trying to catch consciousness in the body.

They will prove that because there are those fire-ups and visual changes, there it is. No wonder why people believe they are in their body and all the soul and spirit beliefs about it. Sure, sure, something hurts our body we will feel it. Or maybe manifest diseases for ourselves, have a broken body part or any other cases, we will feel it with our five senses. But we are experiencing the vehicle which we are focusing into each day. When we are asleep we don’t.

astral projection

Well, most of humanity doesn’t even have conscious sleep life or won’t notice a slight dream at all, so they can clearly believe this body construct thing. And most people are simple. They fall asleep, sometimes wake up at night but just sleeping. That’s all to their conscious awareness. Nobody forces us to do it, it is a habit and the most have a low consciousness level. All the answers are out there, people just can’t think critically with common sense and take in the effort to debunk these beliefs for themselves. And you?


You can try this out. Lay down on your back and practice any of these approaches. Try to focus your attention on an image in your mind, a built-up scenario, anything creative. The feeling of having a body will dissolve and disappear later. It will become senseless if you focus your attention elsewhere. This is how conscious projection works. And it takes for years because we try to get break free from bad habits.

People who are stuck in a damaged body (so to speak), being in coma, unable to move the arms and/or legs in a wheelchair are all telling people that they are in a head or body but it is part of the inability to use the physical body the proper way. It is not as easy to understand this whole thing over one day and many people need to have hundreds of thousands conscious experiences before they change their thinking finally. We are not even humans at all, it is part of our “human” experience having a body in this civilization.

I don’t want to change anybody, that is not my job. Nobody should change if they don’t want to. I just share real things and people can test it out. No religions, no BS talk, no mystical stuff.

Look around and roam on this site because there are all the pieces to our multidimensional nature. I can’t help materialistic people who are blind from their own faith and beliefs but you can maybe get break free. Maybe you are a free thinker with the nature of questioning things. It is the best to start with.

Share and support the site if you can, thank You!

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