Snake dreams and their meanings are about your fears!

Snake dreams are mostly happening to people in certain societies and countries where they are very popular in appearance. So mostly they will have a bigger chance encountering this fear issue in the non-physical world in their dreams. Let’s be straight, if you live in a country or place where they can appear with a greater chance, you may have the fear from them, attacking you. In the non-physical, you are the same person but your emotional reaction will cause problems instantly.

When we are dreaming, we will surely need to face our fears. Why? Because we live in a multidimensional educational system where we need to just grow up and know ourselves better. One of the main reasons we may try out physical lives. Not just for having fun or doing nothing.

If somebody has this capability, his/her guides will surely toss him/her into that path to do it. Nobody forces you, you want it but you don’t get the main idea on the other hand. So the thing is that if you have these snake dreams, they are mostly about one issue which I will share below pretty fast.

You don’t need to even hate them or anything around, it is just enough to be afraid of them in general. You may never were close to any in your life. This is just one tool which the Wider Reality uses up to train our maturity and face our fears if we have the chance to deal with them. We have the chance while we live in a limited perspective and it is effective.

snake dreams

Snake dreams are about one thing, facing your fears

Sure, sure, it is. But what about most of the people still getting it and never facing it? Nothing. The chance is there. It will repeat many times. Maybe not. It is an individual thing. If you run away or just never know what to do with this, you will get easier challenges. This is just one metaphor or form to deal with.

Even if you don’t live in a country or geographical place where they will appear out of nowhere or somebody has one and you hate it, it can still happen. It is just enough if you hate snakes or you are afraid of them as just a personal trait. It can happen.

The whole purpose of this symbol is the same in each case, facing your fears. Snake dreams are happening in many scenarios but mostly it appears like snakes are biting people, biting your leg, you are trying to pull it out from somewhere. These are very common and for the same reason. Because this is human nature, many people are afraid of them for the same reasons.

Rarely the snake dream part is related to a bigger scenario but you will only know about it if you had thousands of conscious experiences. Some may call these Lucid Dreams.

So these metaphors or symbols are not about over-objectified stuff which people will surely find on the internet but about this main issue. I mean these are over-analyzed so badly that nobody gets their answers. Sure, if you like snakes then it is not a fear test or nightmare. Actually, if you didn’t have a negative emotional reaction.

I think there is not so much else to this experience because all of these are happening in the same place and for the same reason, just like nightmares.

I hope this one will solve some people’s problems too. Enjoy reading here and don’t forget to share and support the site.

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