Reincarnation – Why is it NOT working like that?

Reincarnation is a very popular term which people tend to believe and also use in daily discussions. But actually, a very few people know that it is not how we live physical lives, not in a chronological order. The real world behind the scene is not human-like or limited. Actually, this term is in our world since the beginning of humanity or since mystics and psychics throughout thousands of years of human civilization made these up. Not intentionally but we simply just misunderstood how linear time works ONLY in physical realities. The easier thing to understand these if we create these simple explanations. But it doesn’t explain so much.

These terms are created without first-hand pieces of evidence. But how is it possible to find out anything real about them instead of just believing in these terms these days? I mean people have no idea about that dreams are their non-physical experiences in a subjective, thought responsive world without time and space. Most of humanity has no idea about having a multidimensional nature. Well, this way, it is hard to even tell people how it works. All the first-hand pieces of evidence could be found out personally with intent and plans in the non-physical. On other words, via conscious sleeping.

The main problem with this is that the most never even work their way out in their “dreams”. They don’t even know the basics about that limitless world. We carry out limits and mindset there.

Reincarnation is not what people believe it is, in general. Mostly religious people. Because it fits into their worldview and others told them that it works like that. I don’t think people believing what is told, is an intelligent thing. But we need to start somewhere and I don’t want to hurt anybody.


No problem at all with it btw but it is not a fact even if people only believe in something. I already wrote about this issue here but I will try my best to explain it again. Maybe more people will rush into this topic on my site to learn from it. Be very careful with these “facts” if you want to know how it works for real. I share what is real and you can do it too alone. We all have that capability. If not via Astral Projection, maybe with dreams. Many will just deny the whole thing, stuck to scientific views and that’s all to their self-realization.

Reincarnation flaw 1: we are NOT living these lives one after another in a chronological order!

For first, people should understand that time and space is only existing in physical realities or Universes like in ours. We are living in an end result of consciousness. Does ever anybody ask him/herself about from where we are coming from before we just appear in a womb here?

It is a must element which is needed for physical experiences. You select a body, a civilization, a timeline and enter into it. You enter to a body focus but not into a body. It just seems like it is. Everything is part of the physical life game. These are the rules. You need to believe that you are the character. And for billions, it is a successful thing. It is a life test alone if you figure it out by yourself!

Before you enter into a physical system, you accept these rules. You can’t just rush into this system for example as a non-physical entity in general and you say, ah, I try it for a little while. No, you just can’t. Robert Monroe talked about this already, if you need a popular somebody in this. You need to use a body to dumb down your perception. We are all doing it. He had even his confusion about how is it possible that his other versions are already him?

Our physical brain acts as a device on this end of the connection and filters out our mind and capabilities. The brain is in the middle of scientific truths. It structures our experiences with the time and space construct. So we grow up with all of these. Actually, a very few like me or you will question the whole thing. What a simple-minded somebody thinks is that this illusion is all that is to it. Some will reinforce this belief with scientific truths to avoid getting hurt in their ego.

These lives are not happening one after another. You already exist in all of these potential lives with another character, created for that purpose. People who are spreading these mystical misunderstandings and selling past life regressions are totally scamming people with these. No matter if this somebody is lost in life, emotionally vulnerable or have no idea about these.

Those, who don’t know anything about these will clearly believe that they are that character. Thus they will or were living that life. Not really. I already explained this whole thing in a previous post here about past lives. One thing is the potential winner in this, we can blame our problems with these lives. People who believe these deserve it. If they would learn more about it or take researches in Astral Projection topics, they would already know it better. Guess how many will do it? They are going to forums to ask and tell the same nonsense and reinforcing each others’ beliefs. People need groups to discuss these. No problem at all, others have their own, slow path and we are not in a rush.

Reincarnation flaw 2: we are NOT coming “back” from some punishment or to heal something!

This is another thing which is misleading people. I mean those who are spreading these beliefs. And most people are not looking after these beliefs if they are real. Same for the karma nonsense and fearing gods. Our society is good at this since the beginning of humanity. The main problem with our current society that people are not taking their time and effort to even research after a thing. They don’t know they can because they don’t even know what a dream is. They believe they do. The basic thing is coming from the foundations of our civilization which are full of flaws and beliefs.

These fear-spreading businesses are all over the place. Mostly intertwined with religious ideas. You will be punished or were punished and this is why you live this life in poor conditions. Maybe you have bad luck all the time or people hurt you, you have a disease, etc. Then the business comes, you are punished and this is why. Who believes this deserves it, as usual. You have your own life path to do or overcome struggles.


Or maybe you “need” to heal something or you had a “past life” which caused this life. I just hug my face by seeing these. People should reach out for deeper researches after non-physical stuff, facing their fears for first. It would be the best if more people are trying to understand their dreams because they are the launchpads for their multidimensional nature. Our tragedy is that people-DON’T-know about these. Maybe it will be forever and it is part of the life game. I mean this game designed to not allow the most to realize this. Maybe.

We don’t need to heal or suffer from or about anything. We make our character with the needed characteristics to live that life. The most, in my opinion, are just jumping into a life without proper planning with a proper timeline for a proper plan. This is what I see from this. Even Monroe talked about this, the most is coming “back” to physical lives from addiction. Physical systems are addictive, you are sucked in quickly if you do them.

People with all the diseases or genetic stuff are suffering not even knowing that maybe they chose to have these from their birth! We think it is a tragedy but from the non-physical perspective, we can grow from these difficulties and learn to deal with them. It is a totally different game view.

If you do it too many times, it will suck you in and you totally forget who you are in the Wider Reality. I can only guess that the most are just immature to realize their true nature. Some of us are helping them. Guides are doing the same there.

The same misunderstanding comes from this too. Time is non-existent “outside” of physical systems. But we can’t think outside of the box in general. Nobody taught people, we didn’t learn about these. And our world is religious in general. For a reason. We work with beliefs. We all have our own belief systems. Most of us can’t function without a central god-figure in this world.

Do people understand even a thing about TIME?

The time topic is strongly related to this. So after we talked out this reincarnation misunderstanding, let’s talk about time, again. I already talked about this in my very first post and expressing how little we know about it here.

One thing people will surely learn from my site that understanding our multidimensional nature and our non-physical life is not as easy. Even how guides are thinking is not so strict to understand. We have our own thinking in objective terms but it is not enough there. It takes effort, even to start with our dreams. Reincarnation is s dumbed down “truth” about what is actually happening. People can’t think outside of limits.


I will share something. We CAN choose from all the timelines when we try out a physical life and yes, this Earth life system has countless variations. You can even try many out via your sleep life too! I also had some short conversations with guides about alternate timelines too. It is natural to them but not for us.

Look at reincarnation if you still like the term just like “you do it all at the same time” thing. If you have life “A” around the early 1900s USA and one right now as “B”, you can play with it. “A” could clearly believe that you are his/her future version. You can believe the same in the opposite manner. But both of you are existing in another timeline and age of this planet and reality. There are countless of these. You may have billions of non-human lives too right now. Our numbering system is failing this to understand.

You can’t even imagine how many lives you can have right now. And they are independent “people”. Not just as a human being. You can be anything. Look at it as a game character in today’s terms. You are looking into another character and another one, switching them over and over. You focus your primary attention to them and you can try them out but they are doing it alone too. If you know my favorite, the Sims simulation games, it is very similar. You switch to one, give commands but in general, it will go on its own.


Time is a necessary element of physical systems to help us structure our experiences. Mostly under pressure and life events. That’s all to it. We are not actually suffering (only on this side), we are working under pressure to gain from life events.

Our physical vehicle is the must tool for it, otherwise, you don’t have that suit for consciousness (for us) to do it. Reincarnation is NOT happening that way, in a linear fashion. You can prove it too over years or decades of dedication.

I need to add a bonus here. Guides (those who are not in physical lives) can visit any timelines and versions of us. We are doing it all the time. Some of us. It is very true that everything exists now.

I used to mention a few times already that even non-physical entities have no idea about time. Simple ones. You need to live a physical life to understand it because you are experiencing its illusion and limits first-hand. You can’t know it otherwise. Highly developed entities will surely tell you how it works, if you work for it. What our society does, dumbing down the whole thing according to our worldview of this reality.

Each of your potential and parallel lives are already going on right now. You can meet some too, they can be your guides, being interested in your progress. Same goes for you too. You can be also a guide for others. Other versions of you will think the same, that you are a probability.

As can also meet with them and this proves that you are already them in a much wider sense. You are both created from the same core of your being. This is why you feel you are the other one or have that connection. But you are both individuals in lesser-bigger limits.

I hope I could explain this issue well too. Help me to keep this site alive, share it and support my work if you can! Thank you and enjoy learning here.

6 thoughts on “Reincarnation – Why is it NOT working like that?”

  1. Very interesting post. So, if I am understanding this correctly, every iteration of our current focus is already playing out at once.

    In other words, if I go to the store today, then I am experiencing that directly right here.

    But, if I do NOT go to the store today, and stay home, there is an “alternate” or parallel (whatever term you want to use) version of me that is already existing simultaneously where I DO go to the store.

    Hence, there is no “getting this life right or I’ll have to come back over and over and over again to gain what I wanted to experience”.

    Because every possibility of this incarnation is already playing out simultaneously, and all experiences are already being had simultaneously.

    In other words, you can’t get it wrong and there is no coming back to do it over.

    Am I understanding this correctly?


    1. Hi Derek. In general, it means that other versions of you, the main ones are doing their lives in other similar or in completely different realities. But in this case, we can speak about alternate lives too when our decisions are being made via other ways.

      Nobody needs to come “back”. That is a mystical BS. People who fear the whole “afterlife” thing are thinking about their acts and that some sort of god or angel will punish them. Hm, sort of limited thinking but we are limited right now for this life.

      Understanding the non-physical is very difficult. It is enough to say this to a regular somebody that just imagine infinity or that you are already living your other lives in this case in almost infinite other physical worlds. Not so many can digest it.

      You with others are really inactive 🙂

      1. Right, so doesn’t that make what we are doing here in these lives, somewhat “not that important”, since there are already other versions of us already gaining the experiences?

        Like for example, if I chose to come here in this focus, to experience and learn about trust. And let’s say I believe that I am completely messing up my life and not learning about trust in the way I wanted. I’ve gone in the wrong direction. I’m completely off path…….

        There are already other versions of me who ARE learning about trust. The other versions have made different choices than I have made here.

        So, hence is what I am doing here, really all that important?


        1. As far as I know or can guess (because I don’t know everything obviously) even if you’ve learnt a slight thing, you won. The right or wrong part is existing on our side. Just like the linear timeframe or time construct. From the non-physical side, it looks way different. I simply don’t have that much first-hand stuff to understand it that deeply yet and I know some people who have many decades more experiences ahead of me, still not being able to understand the NP that fully lol.

          Well, yes, it is important for you to be here, because… you wanted to focus your primary attention here, just like me 😀 The life is ahead of us to find it out, the why, how and many more. Most “people” never will. If somebody is that curious type, nothing will stop him/her in my opinion.

          About versions and other lives. Think about a bad thing which you are avoiding in your whole life for an unknown reason. Using drugs or drinking alcohol. It could be that another version of you is doing it and you know it but not in a physical conscious way. We are connected.

          Try the email if you would like to discuss things.

          1. Yes, I totally agree Phil. I know it’s important to be here. I was speaking more generally. Otherwise, I would not be focused here of course, if there wasn’t a reason to be here.

            But, my point is more in the context that we take our lives so seriously, and believe we have these important spiritual missions to carry out. And then we fear failure.

            I just think it would help people to loosen up and let go of pressure in their lives, if they realized this, as opposed to the traditional view of reincarnation (Groundhog Day movie) which depicts that if we don’t learn our lessons at the end of this incarnation, we’ll have to keep coming back over and over and over again until we do.

            But, that’s not how it really is. Because again if I don’t learn a SINGLE thing in this life….literally nothing….zilch….zero.

            I’m hinting at the idea that it doesn’t really matter what I deem I learn or not learn, (other than causing me suffering in this particular focus, since I am resisting my life)…..considering my other versions of this particular focus are already gaining that learning.


          2. Maybe we only need to learn to enjoy the actual lifetime a little bit more. Another hard lesson, I’m practicing it each day if I don’t forget to. We may need to learn much stuff and we are not even aware of how much influence we get from guides. This is a big challenge or mission to figure it out.

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