Why is that dream characters can speak to you intelligently?

I tend to notice this general misunderstanding all the time on public forums, where people have no idea that dream characters can speak to them or they are intelligent. The basic problem with this whole issue is that for example, Lucid Dreaming practitioners have no idea about being in the non-physical world and trying out their tricks and reality checks. They think it is in their mind or in some sort of “subconscious”. Furthermore, they are messing this up with science.

These people learn all about Lucid Dreaming, what they can find on the Internet and from various other sources but they rarely learn even the basics about “where” they are playing with their stuff. I can’t really help this issue personally, maybe sometimes I try to open up some eyes if I see that the person is ready for more to learn. But I just share real things where I can, mostly here. Maybe the person is open to more. Otherwise, I tend to stay away. Everybody is free to do their life.

Before you begin reading this, you need to know that I try to open up some eyes and what I always share is real and everybody can test it. No debates, no personal threats to anybody. Just knowledge sharing. Even if somebody defends his/her ego and don’t want to let go beliefs, the challenges are always there.

Dream characters issue

But what is the main problem with this “dream characters” issue? Well, the problem is that not all of them are parts of the actual simulation. Maybe many are watching too many movies and reading books, I don’t know.

People just don’t have the slightest idea that non-physical guides are teaching them. What Lucid Dreaming practitioners are learning about the main topic is simply not enough. And the fun is over soon, like little kids who can’t do whatever they want to.

They get their tests and real experiences in a full-blown setup, the facts are in their face and they still don’t get the main idea about what is this all about?

Dream characters are not always parts of the simulation or game! It is not always a place where you can do whatever is in your mind. We are learning about everything all the time in these sceneries. If we are allowed to do whatever we want to, it is also for the main reason to realize this whole stuff and place.

But Lucid Dreaming practitioners are missing all the basics about dreams and where are they taking place. I already wrote about this here.

Lucid Dreamers are just playing everywhere, believing in a “subconscious” and meeting with dream characters to have fun with

I can’t repeat the same thing about the non-physical world the 200th time and what it is. My site gives you all the answers about it. Sorry, I just need to take a break from it lol.

dream characters

So, the thing is that there is this general misunderstanding among people trying to get their first Lucid Dreams or non-physical experiences. They have no idea about it, other than what they’ve read. And they will learn these reality checks for example about dream characters. I don’t get this nonsense what is going on but there is a practice about summoning characters.

Okay, it is nice and cool for the first few times to see what can people do there. I would do the same if I would be a complete starter. But I had almost conscious non-physical experiences in my entire life. The fun is over very soon after they can’t control a thing. Then they are sad and feeling stuck. For a reason.

So these intelligent dream characters are your guidance. You may know about non-physical guides already, even from my site. This is not a joke, they are there all the time, you just don’t notice their presence. They are not limited by physical rules and they can become anything.

So if you speak to a “character”, it can be still a dumb local resident in an existing Focus 3 city. Maybe it is a guide and they are trying to teach something to these kids. You will have the idea about these if you experienced similar cases maybe a hundred times.

People, who are parts of these (I can’t find better words) religious groups where they follow science as their base perception, will try to navigate there according to this subconscious thing. It is not subconscious or unconscious, we are just unaware of what goes on in the non-physical.

I think most people think they can control everything even in their daily life and they will try the same there. Maybe this is some sort of egoistic thinking.

Intelligent dream characters are mostly guides to teach you something, even if you never pay attention

Whenever you notice that a certain “dream character” is not part of your game or it is intelligent, the game is over. It was for a reason, to give you the kickstart to elevate your awareness level.

You can learn from them and what this whole “game” is about. We are doing this in our daily life with a much slower pace and there, just instantly. We need to learn and this is why we live a physical life. Most people are like Flatlanders if you checked the movie from my site. Unable to think beyond their limited perception and mindset. That’s okay btw, we are not doing this at the same speed.

The main problem with these people is that they are so blinded with their beliefs about what they know about LDs or what they are experiencing is that nobody can get break through to them, I mean guides, to start their lessons. They can’t do so much but sometimes appear in front of you. Okay, you are maybe much more advanced than these people. And they will do things which will make you question your thinking.

You will simply don’t get the whole idea about lucid dreams and will be confused because you can’t play. You can’t fly, punch others or destroy. And many won’t get the idea what’s wrong. They thought they can do anything in their “mind”.

dream characters

This is not about you or anybody else personally but this is a general problem in our society. People don’t get it and don’t want to get it. It is in their face. Let’s say you had hundreds of these and you still don’t get the main thing why you can’t do whatever was promised by those people, sites and techniques? We need to start somewhere but this is why just a handful of people will get furthermore.

Intelligent dream characters are actually guides to teach you

So maybe you are good at it and you take the lessons and challenges. Especially after you know what I share and it IS real. The main goal of being “lucid” in dreams is that you will learn about yourself, the Multiverse, where are we coming from, what is our real nature, etc. People need to let go of their indoctrination about what is real or actually there.

Others will approach the same route with Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, Phasing, Remote Viewing, NDE or via any other methods. Same world, varied awareness. The belief blocks are just keeping the most away.

But I need to admit that it is good to see that many people are actually trying to even open up this door. Even if they don’t get it ever where it goes. What guides can do is give the lessons and metaphoric experiences if their student maybe learns a thing. This is not for everybody and the most will never wake up to this real world from where we are coming to live physical lives. They are unable to digest it.

Sure, you can meet aspects of yourself who are associated with our subconscious mind in our society but it is not really like that. People who are full of fears and suppressed stuff HAVE a subconscious. It is not so easy to just understand it so well.

We try to understand an endless, subjective world with our limited thinking. This is an educational system. If somebody thinks like a kid, they will not get so much further.


So in short, these guides are there all the time but sometimes they will just act to make you question about the whole experience or what you are doing. They will not scare (mostly) anybody because it won’t serve the learning curve but they will do things which will make people wonder what the heck was that.

And it won’t work for many because they are not getting the main idea about Lucid Dreaming. It is just a practice or approach to become aware of your non-physical life.

If people don’t want to go furthermore because they have no idea about where to go or what else they can do, then they won’t. But these guides will try their best to wake their student up, no matter what. We have a job to do.

I hope I could help in dissolving some misunderstanding. If you liked it, support the site and share it with your friends! Thank you!

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