How lying to others works in the non-physical world or in Dreamland?

Let’s be straight, we can lie to others, even to ourselves all the time in the physical world but what about doing the same in the non-physical world or on a regular term, in Dreamland? On my part, I hate lies and I never lie to myself or to others -at least I don’t like to do it. It would be like you lie to yourself in both cases. Okay, this is about us, in general.

While we live a physical life with limited perception, we can do this as many times as we can and people will get away with it. Well, they never develop in their personality mostly. But because we have a physical body which we are controlling daytime, we can hide our intentions.

In the NP or Dreamland, there is no body-barrier which will hold everything we think and feel! The body we have there is an illusional, automatically generated one because we tend to hold onto a body to exist with.

Why is this possible here and why we can’t do the same in the non-physical world? The key here is that you control a physical vehicle which is a filter towards the external world. I tried to express a similar issue already in this article here. Don’t take anything I say as a personal threat, as usual. I write for educational purposes and to help people realize the mechanics behind everything.

Telepathy, the primary communication in the non-physical or Dreamland

In the non-physical the communication is telepathic, even if you see a guide, a made-up character for a simulation or just an entity moving its mouth or speaking verbally, it is still telepathic. Mind to mind. In our physical reality or in any other, we can’t do this same, it is a very weak thing. But some people can tap into telepathic speaking and there are some examples from individuals. Most people just don’t believe anything about it.


I tend to always put these words together like Dreams, Dreamland or non-physical because people need to understand that it is the same, subjective, thought responsive place where our physical rules are not working anymore. We can still interpret with 5 non-existent sense but because we expect to be that way.

When you roam in Dreamland or even have conscious non-physical experiences in your multidimensional life, you can try this or experience this. You can’t lie there because anybody else (I mean residents) can instantly read out your mind (the non-physical part of you) and your intentions, and you are in trouble.

It takes maybe many years of practice to close yourself out, like Robert Monroe practiced this. I’m not so good at it, time will tell. But I don’t need it also for this purpose because I’m friendly and helpful without any dark intentions.

Telepathy allows guides to read you all the time and give you those sceneries and experiences which you always need. They know your next moves too and can instantly respond you.

Can or is it usual that another entity will lie to you? It is not working like that, they can’t hide anything if you learn to read them. If you still hear a lie, maybe it has a hidden purpose for you to figure it out. Remember, that world is not so limited.

Why lying is so easy in the physical Universe and why people can get away with it?

Well, we have a system to fit into, police and other forces too, if some people can’t get into the system so well. We are not similar but coming from the same non-physical place to learn.

Because you are controlling a body like a robotic, biomechanical suit for yourself as consciousness, you won’t show much of your thoughts to the outside world. There are mimicking residues and facial expressions, body movements to tell the other one if you are not straight. But the fact is that you can lie.


You can hide your intentions towards others or to solve your selfish needs. Many people are pretty good at it and become con artists or speakers too. I guess you see my humor in this.

The same reason is there for all the diseases and illnesses we are unconsciously manifesting through our body with our thoughts and suppressed emotions. Nobody else does those to us, we are. Except if somebody is in a hazardous place or something bad happens physically or chemically. Maybe radiation. Anything can happen but mostly we are doing this to ourselves. Free will.


When you finish this lifetime, you don’t have a body filter anymore as your primary focus and you are not safe from this attitude. I’m of course not talking about you, but about us in general! Because in Dreamland we don’t have a real body but an automatically generated one, we can’t hide our intentions so well. And your guidance knows you much better.

I hope this helps some people realize how much more is there to life on both ends of this multidimensional game. We only will see the illusional surface and guard ourselves with our beliefs to stay away from ego-death and being hurt in our little world. Well, we need to start somewhere, right? We are learning on our own way.

Free will allows us to do whatever we would like to. But everything has its lessons to learn and the consequences. Some people will fear karma which is just a common sense thing in life.

If people would start to choose love and kindness and the right path, this would be a way different world. Being kind and helpful to each other and being the same to themselves. There wouldn’t be so much negativity, selfishness and many more. But the most are just underdeveloped in their main non-physical core and this is why our world is like that. You can’t trust people for the same reason. Be careful out there and have nice non-physical experiences!

I hope you liked this explanation. Support and share the site if you can and enjoy staying here!

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