How to prevent to fall out from a Lucid Dream when you lose the control?

This issue is one from the many which people try to practice via Astral Projection or Phasing but I titled it for the Lucid Dream category to help people to find it via search engines. This one is an advanced “technique” to take into practice and I just got the idea about sharing it. Most of my Readers and practitioners will help themselves a lot, mostly in Phasing.

Just to note, you will be familiar with Phasing from the Focus Model series and I will write about Phasing later. This article is a speciality on its own to see what we need to do to just prevent the phasing out from happening. You may already got the idea about what a Lucid Dream is and that you can lose control.

You lose control because – with a great chance – you don’t even know the basic ground rules and what you are doing there. The instant to lose your primary focus there, you will be booted back to your physical surroundings. Well, you still have a physical body to auto-return.

This is all about being multidimensional and concentrating your focus of primary attention here or there. The here and there are non-existent, there is no real separation.

lucid dream

When you are new to a Lucid Dream as an experience but you are losing control pretty fast

Actually, I know that many people who have no idea where they are trying out their tricks and techniques about those reality checks can’t keep up their conscious awareness level in the non-physical for too long. They just started out and without knowing the basics. We need to start somewhere, right? But soon, it won’t be enough.

I talk about Phasing but I won’t talk so much more about it, it is not really a beginner thing and I practice it too each day. My whole multidimensional life is phasing as a natural thing.

But you need to know that all of your experiences are phasings if you don’t have movements sensations or anything around. You are there and you wake up here, it blurs out and you wake up in your bed, etc. These are giving you the hints about phasing and that you don’t actually travel anywhere physically.

So you are new to this whole stuff but this tip is critical if you want the whole thing pretty bad. You need to work for the whole thing. If you have poor control, you will lose eyesight. It may be dark or dark grey and your all senses are gone. It depends on your interpretation.

Then you start to lose the whole thing and start to wake up physically. But you can prevent it from happening in a Lucid Dream or full-blown non-physical experience! Even if you start to feel your body and breathing.

A little warning

Before sharing this method or technique, you need to understand that the control is not always yours. You have things to learn and you are guided by your non-physical assistance. The thing is that you are not allowed all the time to just do whatever childish thing you would like to try out.

lucid dream

You simply have many times better things to do which you can’t even guess but you can have fun too and have free control. Keep this in mind. This one makes people mad and confused. They thought and others told them that they can do anything, anytime. The fun is over once they see these limits.

What you gathered from the internet, from people speaking about these or from other sources won’t be enough for anything. People who asked for training from me already know about these.

How to prevent losing your phase or falling out from a Lucid Dream?

As I mentioned it, this is not a beginner’s thing to do because beginners and even well-practiced Astral Projectors are unable to do this. The best time to practice this is in the mornings. Because you are not thinking too much and you can concentrate on this task instantly.

Let’s say you lose your phase or control, your senses are just blacking out and you are in the 3D blackness. Still not waken up physically. The only thing you can do is remember the exact place visually where you were for the last moment and keep it in your mind as best as you can. Like you can die or whatever happens, you want to get back there.

Do this for as long as you can, even for many seconds. You may get a blackout for a split second or you don’t but you will get back there. And you just packed your intent to a destination. Release it if nothing happens and let it go.

You may never get back to the last simulation or existing non-physical place but you will get back to the non-physical, maybe to another place.

I need to warn you that you need to work for this too and you need to learn the basics. My site is built for this purpose. For first, know the world where you are experiencing, then you can learn more there and about yourself.

Enjoy and support the site if you can. Thank you and have a nice read here!

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