Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment – Why do you have it?

In our current world with full of misinformation and fake stuff which people try to sell, spiritual awakening is very real but not the way how the most tend to get the idea about it. Enlightenment can be in this same category in an individual’s life. I already touched this subject and I tried to point out that what you can read about this, in general, is not so beneficial. You just don’t learn a useful thing mostly. Spiritual awakening is not about changing one belief system to a newer one.

I will be short here, the whole thing comes from a very simple thing. But because the most are unaware of how our Wider Reality works “beyond” the physical world, most of these ideas, theories, and truths from the spreaders are all based on physical world related interpretations. If they are channeled pieces of information, they are distorted by the receiver from the data stream. You can’t know if it was real or reliable. People are lying. This is a sad fact in our world.

And there are very popular cults where people will just believe all the truths from “named” entities and some people will lead them up as the and-all-be-all thing. I won’t name any here. They are constructed by many con-artists who will clearly believe how special they are and how genuine their resource is. And they will capture all the alike people who will resonate with ideas. New age religions in short.

spiritual awakening

I don’t debate with anybody, if you are open to things, you won’t defend your beliefs about these. I share real stuff. These people don’t know how our multidimensional life works, they are just seeing the illusional surface. You can explore the non-physical too and ask your questions from guides first-hand! The path which leads you there is also this spiritual awakening thing. Or enlightenment. Because you realize and learn about yourself.

Why Spiritual Awakening is happening to you?

Before I begin, I need to note that we need to start somewhere. We didn’t born into this world with all the knowledge which we can experience by ourselves.

So, to dissolve the myths, it is real. But in the sense that maybe your guidance from the non-physical world tries to “wake you up” to your true nature and why are you living a physical life right now. That’s it! It was about that the whole time.

You don’t really notice these inspirations, impressions and guiding actions behind the scenes. The potential was there in you and somebody just tossed you into this direction. Because in your deep core, you want to wake up to the real world. That you are much more than a physical character. This outside world is not that real in this sense but feels that way because you are constantly interpreting it with all of your senses.

So you simply can’t really know when these events will take place, it can happen suddenly too. Nobody forces it on you, you are doing it from a different perspective. For me, I was just guided too in my own ways.

This whole route is not about finding your god or living up self-fulfilling prophecies in the non-physical and here. But to go beyond this whole belief thing and find it out for yourself. Maybe the goal is to realize your multidimensional nature. There could be that many people get Out-of-Body Experiences or unintentional Astral Projections, Lucid Dreams suddenly because they need to now face their real nature.

Spirituality nowadays is a big business and people are naive

No matter what is new in our society, this one is also about business. The big crowd will follow the biggest promises or what makes them so special that they will burst out in cry. No offense for anybody but this is what happens in our world. Self-help is a business but not on my part. I’m nobody according to these names and I don’t want it, just sharing the tools.

It is a business and you are buying all those books, gemstones and crystals, nice stuff. Going to public speaks, visiting places. There is no new in these but they are now in a modern package. Don’t just follow others, make your own researches. Sure, we are all special and unique but most people are just naive and they should learn about these. Or from these mistakes.

Actually, the word “spirit” is coming from religious and mystical sources from the long past of human history. You can bet how beneficial it is to follow people or do those exercises. Just to mention one, forcing to open a third eye which is a metaphor and people are freaked out after they can’t handle the non-physical world. These spreaders are stupidly sharing stuff without knowing a thing about them.

spiritual awakening

Being scared of what you get

If not those non-physical experiences, then mental ones or energetic ones. You may heard about the so-called Kundalini awakening. Well, some people couldn’t resist to make up these magical phrases but this one is from India. Some cultures ingrained these deeply into their life.

Many people are just aiming for these because it is fun. Others are doing it too as a fashion! All the nice and energetic or violent sensations in your spine or throughout the body. But there is much more to this.

Some may experience ego-death or some sort of mental thing where they can’t find an answer. The medical industry eats these people because they don’t know a thing about these and will write up drugs. It is not normal in our world.


So the thing is and to close this topic down, go with the flow. If it happened, listen to your intuition or feelings where to go, how to continue and you will be fine. Even on this site, where my aim is to wake people up from indoctrination and lies. And mostly giving the necessary knowledge which they can test out and begin with.

Spiritual awakening can be many things to you. Maybe it is about realizing your multidimensional nature if you start to walk that path. Maybe it is about knowing that you are immortal. It all leads you to the same destination, to your non-physical core.

Maybe it is about that this world is made by us to play physical lives like a game. You will know it sooner or later. The better question is, do you want to take the hard work and find it out for yourself?

Share the site and support me if you can. Thank you and enjoy reading about others stuff here.

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