Shadow Person near your bed – Is it real and how to deal with it?

I tend to write sometimes about shadow people or about this shadow person topic (it is the same) and to help people realize what a nightmare or false awakening is. Here, I don’t discuss the false awakening, that’s another topic. I know that some people don’t want to accept the fact that they are experiencing a reality overlay and they think, that character is external from them and it is really there. Well, it is and it is not.

One thing is to defend a belief or fear and another thing is to understand how it works. If some people don’t try to understand how it works, I think they deserve to suffer from this same thing. Really. We need to work for our goals unfortunately, otherwise, why are we in physical life? If you want to help yourself, this site and my help will do it. Be open. Be brave.

There are certain people who have their night terrors near their bed or in their room, house, etc. It doesn’t matter where. It is happening in the non-physical world but they think they are awake. Even if they are physically awake and it is still there, it is because your focus on that character is still strong. I repeat it, you can be totally awake in your bed but you can still experience it as it is maybe as solid as a real person!

You are creating it and reinforcing your beliefs, expectations. This is a very common phenomenon and a basic misunderstanding about the whole thing. I can’t help those who don’t listen to the good word because their scientific or religious indoctrination just doesn’t allow them to be open. You need to be open to the solution. Test it out, it can’t hurt you. Otherwise, when will you face your fears if not now?

Shadow person, shadow people, night terrors, abductions, fear-based stuff are all the same in their basic nature!

We tend to make up these categories in our society because we experience these differently but they are the same in their basic nature. You are scaring yourself and thinking it is external to you. You think like that because this is how you experienced your physical life until now and you can’t think via other means. That’s okay but changing your thinking can help a lot. Do it for yourself.

The non-physical world where dreams are taking place – no matter if you are unconscious or fully aware – is a subjective, thought responsive world. If you have fears like this one, it will be reinforced many times until the character itself stays solid and haunts you. This whole system is made up to train us and others. We need to face our fears or it is like a waste of time living a physical life in this sense. This physical reality is a tiny part of this system, so it doesn’t matter where you are wide awake!

It can be that others will have these shadow persons for the first time, they see it in a simulation or in the Real Time Zone. About RTZ, check the Focus Model. The place doesn’t matter.

Maybe in their physical room when they wake up. I repeat it. It is because you are still holding the previous connection IN your mind with the non-physical or Dreamland. It is not somewhere else, the non-physical is there where you are. It is not in your head, you are the mind, the observer. You are just opening up these doors to the unknown for yourself.

The physical realities, Universes like ours are a tiny fraction of the Multiverse which stems OUT from the non-physical world and we are coming from there to live limited lives. This means that we have “time” to learn from these and manage our fears. We have time to explore the non-physical, our true nature, etc.

shadow person

How to stop this shadow person problem?

As I already share this issue at the Shadow People topic, you can only solve this problem if you learn emotional passivity in your daily life. Because you are the same in the non-physical world. You are carrying back the same personality and behavior back to the Afterlife places after you are done here. It is pretty problematic to see how our society doesn’t know a thing about it.

If you managed to practice becoming emotionally passive to many life situations, you need to learn that you are creating your own fears. You can make yourself even remember before each time you fall asleep that you will stay passive and don’t react to anything. Just be an observer!

If you stop giving fuel to even this experience, you will be good at it. Try to face it. Go there, stare into its eyes or hug the entity. Maybe it will disappear on its own. Maybe it was a guide of yours the whole time and you distorted its appearance all along! Or just turn around and walk out. Don’t give a damn but note that it is from you. Its power is just as real as you expect to be that way.


Why is this phenomenon so common in our world? Because we tend to interpret the same thing almost the same way just like others. Alike people will do it a similar way. If you have religious beliefs about non-existent demons, it will be like that. It seems to be real and it is maybe there but because you expect to be that way and reinforcing it. Remember that this is an educational system. Your daily life is a tiny fraction of it with full of noise. Most people on our planet have no idea why are they human beings.

Be brave, curious and the results will be much better. You will have much more and better experiences. Maybe full-blown non-physical experiences in other worlds, in Afterlife regions, who knows. Your guidance tries to wake you up to the fact, that you are causing your own nightmares.

This whole experience is just as real as you tend to think it is real. If you are still fueling it with religious ideas and beliefs, you are in trouble for a while. It may disappear but you will need to deal with it again. Same for regular nightmares. Just try to think about what if you drop these preconceived beliefs and you just stay open? These are your fear tests in your multidimensional life.

Check other articles on the site, the selection is plenty! I hope I could help you to understand this. Share the site and support me if you can in my work here. Enjoy reading here!

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