Why do we have nightmares all the time when we are kids?

I already talked about this nightmare issue, not just for kids but in general and now I will share how it works for little ones. We were kids too long time ago, depending on how old are you right now. When I was a kid a very long time ago (relatively lol), I had nightmares many many times. Some will call it a lucid nightmare. It is happening suddenly and without a cause.

Somebody tries to wake you up to much more to life and beyond. People just don’t get it. We are conditioned to other things in daily life.

I will expand on this issue and why it happens and why at that age. Sometimes I need to add one thought. Before you judge me or my writing style, just read everything and notice that I just try to be straight and try to help people out from not knowing so much. You find this non-physical path for a reason.

One of the big goals of facing our fears is that we will become more loving in our basic nature. We will accept ourselves and share kindness towards others.

When you have nightmares as a little kid

It seems to be simple when I share how it works but at that time when you got them, they were serious. Some people (maybe the most?) never grew up and they have nightmares or fear tests all the time even in their 30-40s. That is sad, pretty sad. Many just never learn from the same lesson. And I know this for sure, even on the Internet. Okay in real life too but that is not so new in our world, I’m investigating human behavior from my young ages.


When I was little, the fear tests or so-called nightmares (in our society) were started pretty soon. But why do we have them almost from the start? We have a basic job to do here in the physical life. One of the first lessons is to face our fears. Otherwise, we can’t move on in our personal, multidimensional development. Okay, why we should? Because that is why we try out physical lives, to improve ourselves.

This is one point which the most, in general, can’t comprehend and never will understand. Why should we face our fears? If you know the articles from my site, you will know about it. Read them.

I had my fear tests all the time, shouting for my parents or whatever. And then they just disappeared after a while. Why? I faced them and didn’t run away. I’m too curious and courageous for that. They need to take place in your non-physical life or you won’t grow up! No, not physically, you are not your body, age, or anything around. Our society thinks that dreams are unimportant and that they have a daily life and that’s all to it. Where did you come from “before”? Right?

The fear tests or nightmares need to take place for everybody!

This is one thing from the many you can’t miss as a necessary step. Indeed, the most in our civilization never learn these. They don’t know that they have a whole otherworldly life when they fall asleep but they deny it. Science didn’t tell them so much about it, neither religions. Or school.

Lucid Dreaming practitioners are having all the full-blown awareness experiences there and they are denying it or doubting the whole thing. I would guess what their guidance thinks about them. As soon as we wake up, it is just a “dream”.

So, nightmares need to take place to help you face your own “demons”. Of course, don’t take the words out of the context, if you meet a demon, it is your own fear and your reactions are tested.

What else we need to learn? Emotional control for example. These two, facing fears and managing your emotions are strongly interrelated! Your own emotional response and reactions are making it much worse. Then all the nasty stuff will wake you up. You can escape back to your body focus.

This is something which I also share sometimes on forums or to those who need training for me. You have a physical body to escape back to. When you finished this lifetime, you don’t have anymore. You have “time” to learn these because once you returned back to Focus 3 or the Afterlife regions, you are in trouble. You learn these test in your daily life pretty slowly and not so frequently.


If you don’t face your fears even decades later, this happens

Before I get messages about spreading fear here, I will make sure that you understand my point. I try to open up your eyes to the fact that we are ruining our own life. Here, slowly. In the non-physical, instantly because it is a thought responsive world which will react to your emotional charge and expectations. This is the real game behind the scenes. My whole site is about it. People can’t even decide what is real because it is hard to let go of their egotism and Earth life.

So if you learned all of these as the basics and you learned to stay passive and never react with your emotions, you will get much further in the Multiverse, not just in this lifetime if you’ve learnt Astral Projection, phasing or others. Further than the most. Our homeland is endless with endless options to do.


You have the opportunity to work on yourself and you are FREE to roam at real places. Otherwise – because this is a structured, multiversal school system – you won’t be allowed to destroy everything and cause reality fluctuations with your uncontrolled mindset.

This is how it goes for the most. What happens to the most, they are put down to stable places to avoid doing it. I’m not kidding, people in the Afterlife cities are doing the same. I tend to roam at random places and see this nonsense. They live the exact same physical life!

So the thing is with nightmares when you are a kid, you have the opportunity to deal with yourself. You start it out from the blue, guides are watching your progress. But everybody is free to do whatever he/she wants to. They will see the potential in you. The fun fact is that we just don’t know at that time that we need to face them. Not even later in our life or when we are almost elderly. It is not obvious but why? Because we tend to rather run away, defending our body. You are the same there, same mindset. This is why you fail!

Here you go, this will help you if you find your own self-development important.

Share the site and support it if you can. Thank You and enjoy reading here.

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