Eating and tasting food in your Dreams in the non-physical world

These days for a little while, I tend to look around on public forums and this topic dives up many times about eating and tasting food in people’s dreams without knowing what a dream is. They are amazed about how delicious a food is or is it even possible to eat “there”? They don’t understand how is this even possible? The problem comes from the fact that people still believe that they are their brain and they are in their “subconscious”. But I won’t expand on them here.

Most people are unaware of the fact that they are at that time in the non-physical world, with various degrees of self-awareness. When it comes down to using smell and taste, we, of course, will use our physical world-related interpretation. The senses which we don’t have really there. But how can we sense food the same way or even better than in our daily physical reality? Your expectations are doing the job!

Not a big topic but I will explain the whole thing and it also turns out how much more people, in general, don’t know about their non-physical experiences. This may help in this too. We are calling dreams unless we are faced with the hard truth that we are not physical at all.

In this case, you ate a delicious stuff and it is in your face but still, you will doubt it upon waking up. If not you, then people in general, mostly Lucid Dreamers.

Dreams about food eating and tasting

What regular people (almost everybody) know about dreams is far from enough to understand how it goes. When we are in the non-physical automatically or with techniques, we are interpreting this subjective and endless world with our basic senses without having a body. Our expectations are doing it instantly. Sure, you sense a body and you walk and act with it. But it is created automatically all the time.


How we interpret stuff is not limited now by physical rules. Fun thing to know. You simply just still act like a human being and this will create these automatically.

So you can experience everything as being much more real and vivid with your non-existent senses. Just like your non-existent eyes and you are observing with your mind. As I mentioned, this is because you are not limited but you are limiting yourself automatically. Well, we are all doing it, it is part of our human experience. Tasting food is not so different from it. Or any other senses we tend to use.

When you taste food there or you just had a scenery where you ate a delicious cake or anything around, it can be much much more tastier and delicious than in the physical world. You can even eat something which didn’t know it exists or find out new tastes to enjoy.

I would drop another example up here like seeing colors. You have no idea how many colors are there which we don’t even find on the color spectrum in the physical Universe.

These experiences are mostly given to you for a reason

Most of the time in my opinion and according to my vast amounts of experiences, you can have these “dreams” because your guidance tests you with this. What is the test? Maybe nothing or maybe just giving you some enjoyment.

It could be about letting you know that it can be much more real than physical food. Maybe you need to wake up to the fact that the world which you knew to be the real one, is not really as that real. Dreams are only dreams until you start to get the main point.

And the non-physical world is much more real if you have enough experiences in your pocket. Dreams are not just dreams anymore after a while but you are waking up rather falling asleep. It is your multidimensional life. Enjoy it. Taste some other stuff!

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