Driving dreams and their translation – This is how it really works!

Here is another explanation about the non-physical world, now about driving dreams. I will explain most of the driving dreams and why are they like that and it is pretty easy to understand them. Mostly if you know how your guidance works, how the non-physical world works, etc. It is personal and you need to work for it!

Most of what I share on this site needs time to be digested and takes years of practice. I can’t with those who are denying the whole thing and debating. You can’t just read them all like reading symbolism from dream interpretation sites and expect to answer all your dreams the first time. You get your experiences (you call them dreams maybe) and the rest is up to you to work it out. We can’t cheat. Somebody tries to teach you.

Let’s see how your multidimensional life works in these cases. Because somebody tries to teach you about yourself there and has no other options just to show these sceneries where you are the experiencer. You just think that you are doing the whole thing! And don’t let yourself get trapped into nonsense mystical explanations about symbols.

Why do you get these driving dreams and car metaphors?

Most of the time and I can tell these too from personal experiences too, you will get driving dreams and car stuff like a message. But what message or why? You may have some emotional or mental issues in your daily life. I mean in the sense of being at a crossroad in a decision or not being able to move from one life situation to the next. You may rush things in your life – that IS the typical case for these!

driving dreams

The car or any driveable vehicle is indeed a symbol or metaphor for a journey or for your mind’s metaphor. Sometimes your guidance in the NP is using it up as a comforting place. A vehicle which transports you can be your guidance in a car form.

The most common things, in my opinion, are above which I mentioned. I mean the main causes. It can be even an airplane or a boat, anything manmade vehicle. It takes for a while to even translate these experiences because the FORM is rarely important! NP entities or guides will use up these objective metaphors because we are only familiar with them. So we will get our head up and stupidly rush to interpretation sites.

These messages are quests to find out their meanings. What counts is the message and your felt emotions while you were there. Btw most people don’t have an option other than going to these sites but it is not enough if you need real answers. Most people don’t need any, they will be pleased with a simple answer and they never find out the real message. They may get more of these and will be freaked out because they thought that they got the message. You can’t just wash it off.

I will share some common examples below to see the real issues behind the scenes. Because you need to look behind and also check your emotions if they were positive or negative. Your emotions are primary there, they are fueling these experiences into a huge loop of danger.

Driving without breaks or bad breaks, not being able to stop fast, steering problems, etc.

It is simple to translate it. In your daily life, you tend to rush things, try to get over things fast. That’s all to it. You simply experience a scenery where you tap the breaks and it won’t work, you crash into other objects or you are pushing the gas like hell and trying to stop fast. It is NOT evident when you are still there.

Your guidance has no other means right now, just putting you into that seat and showing you with the proper memory sets (about what to do) how it looks like in practice. What you will experience is an automatic thing you will do just like if you had this in your physical life. And just like below in all the cases.

You will do it automatically and you can’t stop it. You have just enough awareness to do the experience until the end. To learn from your thinking. Consequences…

The problem is that we rarely make the parallel lines out with our daily crap and that wow, it was about that! Yes, you can bet. Stop rushing things in your life or forcing, just live it and be patient. Pay attention to your emotions, you may had a big load of a negative emotional loop of fear and adrenaline there, as the underlying message subjectively. Same true for more below.

I need to mention that many times not being able to steer the car with the steering wheel is also coming with this. Steering like hell to avoid collisions. Like being close to an accident.

driving dreams

Driving dreams with just not being able to find your car or any other vehicle type

This is common too and sites are rarely explaining all. Check the first paragraph about the break issue. You are simply lost in your mind or it could be funnily that you have worries about your car. Lol, it can happen. These are not literal experiences mostly.

Maybe you need to sort out your daily stuff which will cause you to lose the tail. The car represents your mind, the vehicle for a ride. Other times your own guidance is the car.

A car where you are comfortable sitting inside and it goes by itself

As the car is a transportation vehicle in our civilization, your guidance, maybe a parallel self tries to comfort you in hard times of your daily life. Maybe it is the case, maybe not but it is about letting you know that you are okay and helped if it is needed. Look at the vehicle as a guide, transporting you somewhere comfortable. Or maybe it is just a comfortable place to chill. Maybe you have good emotions while it happens. That is a good indication.

There is a favorite combination from me. When you sit at the backseat, the car is a supercar and you enjoy that it goes by itself. It can happen, that is a good thing to experience. Enjoy it.

Sitting in a car where you are driving it comfortably, sitting in the driving seat

Just a general message about that you are controlling your life and the power is in your hands. Well, if you are not a car maniac who “dreams” about these all the time lol.

In general, you are just living up a made-up scenery for you, that you are in control, even if in your daily life you think your life is hopeless. There is always this hidden message. This one is a good experience too. You have the power to control your life but you have the help if you really need it. Don’t worry so much. What we see and experience from our daily life is just a tiny little surface from the whole game. Let it flow. Let the bad happen.

driving dreams

Being in the back seat behind the driver and just watching, talking

Another example of help or losing control. Your emotional charge there (when you were there) and your current life situation can answer this.

Maybe it means that you are not controlling your life and you let others doing it. Don’t forget that your guidance tries to tell you something and the job is yours to figure it out. There is no shortcut in your multidimensional life to just solve it with symbolism. Most people are lazy kids, you can be better!

Somebody is there, maybe a family member or a friend in front of you and you are unable to do it alone. That’s okay, you need to know that you have the power to do it. Take one step back in your daily life and sum up what is wrong with what you are doing or experiencing at daytime.

Other times it is just a comfortable experience because you are talking with friends there and you enjoy it. It is just a nice experience but you can still translate it on other means. You have more of these, you will understand “their” thinking.

A flying car or any other vehicles being able to fly

Yes, cars can fly sometimes lol. Maybe it is an airplane or an airship etc. These are just the same message forms after a car metaphor. It will mean a journey from your non-physical side. It may come soon or you are just experiencing a mind traveling in the non-physical and it automatically translates into this form.

Like people having airplane experiences and they will only get caught up in the objective forms. Just don’t be that close-minded.

You may get this “dream” or experience and it falls off much later in your life. Your non-physical side just gave you a nice traveling in the non-physical but in a way which is familiar to you from your daily life. In general, nobody wants you to be totally scared of because the main message won’t get through at all.

Changing lanes or being in the wrong lane and direction and getting out (recent bonus)

This one just dived up in me, I forgot it. So it can happen that you are in a car or other vehicle in a city and you are in the wrong direction or lane. You then try to move out, push the clutch and going in reverse until you get it right.

This will mean in general that there is something in your life, which needs another approach, maybe you need to be more specific about what you want. Maybe you have a big wish or goal which you can’t accomplish. Try it via other ways or being more specific.


So here you go, maybe you will now understand that these non-physical experiences are designed for you to tell you something. What you experience is a certain emotional loop or state and that you are doing it or others are doing it. You can’t ruin the experience most of the time because your memory set won’t allow it to happen for a reason.

Let’s say one more thing. Don’t expect guides just appearing in front of you and telling you, hellooo, don’t you get the message? This is why they will repeat the same many times. You may start to wonder, right? You have lessons to learn there.

I hope it helped you in understanding your life on both ends. Share the site and support it if you can! Thank you and enjoy reading here!

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