Rope technique and Astral Projection – Why it isn’t working?

This is not a really extensive topic to discuss the rope technique and why people try to force it to happen for Astral Projection. Despite the fact that Astral Projection is a mystical term with many misunderstood concepts, I tend to use it for a reason to let more people find my articles with good SEO. But this is just one main problem, which people try to replicate without any success. And we don’t need it.

Actually, beginners can’t understand why it doesn’t work. It only works for a few people who are a perfect fit for this objectified method. I mean their thinking and mind. So it CAN work but for a few. Maybe for those who are promoting it.

Robert Bruce was a source problem when he was on the AstralPulse and moderators didn’t like how he spread fear in the subforums. I’m not kidding this happened and this method is well-known from his work. There, I just rushed into this issue when his name sometimes came back. I don’t want to hurt anybody but I’m sharing facts. Some may have a big help from him, I don’t know. I’m okay with him.

astral projection

The first problem comes from the misunderstanding that people need a technique for this practice. Later many people realized, that they don’t. Robert A. Monroe and others walked this path before.

Astral Projection and the rope technique

The rope technique is a method which some people started to advertise because it worked for them, it will for everybody else. Wrong! This is the main fallacy in this and many people talked this out on the AstralPulse too. The whole “you need a technique” is a big BS. It CAN work for some people but many will become discouraged and move onto other methods. Techniques are focusing your attention.

From where the main problem is coming? From this misleading stuff which people will find on the internet and in books. People are copying and parroting each other, many times not with even a slight first-hand experience. Seriously.

The newbies are trying to grab a non-existent rope to project. The promoters are swearing they need to do this and that and it is already there. Just grab it with your “etheric hands”. I’m not kidding, I knew these too and needed to forget a long time ago. Not the technique itself but how many BS stuff I’ve read for nothing. Because somebody TOLD them that they will see it, it is there… Just grab it when they have the vibrations which is also not needed. Most people won’t even have vibrations. Do you see the nonsense here?

The whole rope technique has one purpose only but nobody tells this to beginners. You “project” your conscious awareness to this movement thing. You are using your imagination which is the bridge to the non-physical. Which people never knew in our society. The non-physical is there, you never learned to tune into it. We suppress imagination to live in this slavery system.

This “may” cause the so-called projection reflex. The rope itself and the climbing is making your mind to switch its channel to the non-physical. It can happen to some people but the most are doing it for nothing. People don’t get even the basic idea of what they are doing. Same for Lucid Dreaming techniques which people mix with Astral Projection or OBEs. They don’t know what they are doing and will be freaked out or confused.

astral projection

The rope technique is just a way to “Astral Project”

So the thing is, that you could use a ladder to climb up and down. Or anything else to do the same. What it does is, you are actively engaging in imagination which may cause projection reflex. Then you are “out”. Of course, you are never out of anything. This is the basis of the Out-of-Body belief for body fixated people. Or for people being in fear and religious beliefs. But it can still happen because people strongly believe that they are in a body. Not so easy to wrap your mind around.

So, climbing or just imagining an elevator’s movement are all the same. You try to tell your mind to go somewhere. Forget the brain and body nonsense, you are non-physical, using a body focus right now. As soon as the projection is successful, you are in another reality, the non-physical world. You simply switched there. You are simply doing this via falling asleep too but have no awareness. No techniques are really needed, people just can’t let go of the physical reality and their body. From fear or from limiting themselves, it goes for personal issues.

So, you know, people are just trying and trying and nothing happens and they are confused, sad and give up. I don’t think that these people are intelligent if they can’t figure out that they try to follow what others said. Sorry but this is the case here. I tried these and I know what I’m talking about. Well, actually the whole site is made with this issue. Don’t get my words as a personal attack but if somebody tries to replicate other’s technique, it won’t work for the most.

astral projection

Too many people try to still replicate Monroe’s rolling out stuff, which was working for him and for some few only. Tom Campbell laughs at this nonsense, I’m sure. I was there, I tried this too as a beginner. But I never believed that I’m in a body.


I know this should be the first lesson to teach in schools but don’t follow others. There are enough religions in our world already but I won’t expand on it, not my job. Test it and move on, it is not clearly for you, right? Or if you are new to all of this, try to just be creative and don’t focus on your body. Rule No. 1.

Astral Projection is a mystical term for the same thing and place, the non-physical world. Techniques are for focusing your intent and for nothing more. I wonder who mentions this?

In the end, the last problem is that people are literally trying to grab a rope or something else to pull themselves out. I repeat it, for some it can happen, otherwise, people are fooling themselves with something which won’t clearly ever happen.

The biggest boundary is that people try to force it or overdoing it. Just a slight imagination is needed to phase into the non-physical world. With a certain mindset and body tiredness. Long story and I can teach some approaches. Years or a decade can pass by until some enthusiasts are finding this out on their own.

If you liked this article, look around the site and you can learn a lot. Please, support and share the site with your friends, serious people will want to learn more and real things. Enjoy reading here.

The first time I had my full-blown conscious Astral Projection

Here is the story of my very first experience in the non-physical world which I categorized as Astral Projection. Very first in the sense of fully aware, walking and observing style, not the “first one”. These categories are meaningless after a while, trust me.

At that time I still didn’t know the differences or similarities between one non-physical experience and another one and what is what. I guess my guidance initiated this experience to just show me the “wow” part of all of this. Here, I need to note that all my experiences are happening via sleep, this is not the strict Astral Projection which people try to force and make it happen. I wouldn’t chase that practice so strictly.

So why I titled it as Astral Projection? Well, because it was very real, it was like you are physically awake. I won’t keep these stories long, at least I will try it lol. How I achieved is simply by falling asleep with my intent but at that time, years back, I played it a little bit differently. You don’t need anything, plant an intent and wait for it to happen later. Just fall asleep normally. This is what I share.

The realness of your experiences is up to you. If your awareness is high, close to your daily life or above, you will see the difference. And yes, it can be much higher because you are no longer defined by physical laws. Actually, Focus 3 places are more real. I can’t prove it to anybody, they need to do the homework. We are not physical beings but I can’t convince others if they don’t take the effort.

Astral Projection in an exact copy of my family house

Okay, I know many people are very interested in my experiences, so this one will help to see, I’m not kidding with my site and knowledge. I can call this full-blown Lucid Dream, an Out-of-Body Experience, I don’t follow those, all my experiences are phasings. I will later talk about what is phasing and it is strongly related to the whole Focus Model and our multidimensional nature. You simply switch “there”.

You don’t need any of these practices to be there. But there is too much nonsense on the Internet, in books and vids, and what people are sharing you need to do.

astral projection

So what happened is, I just gained full awareness (maybe much bigger than the physical one) in the copy of my family house. At that time in the physical, it was night time, no rising sun. I knew that I was sleeping in my bed originally. Now I will debunk the whole body in bed, OBE and mirror image nonsense in one sitting. It could be the Real Time Zone or a simulation, it doesn’t matter. At this time I was way ahead of just knowing about the non-physical or LDs.

I was at the door of my room, it was daytime, nobody is in my bed, the blanket is partly away and I was just walking a little bit around. Everything was the same according to the physical world setup. There is the bathroom nearby, so I visited it too and I didn’t have a mirror image nearby. I’m not kidding and it didn’t surprise me. It was funny.

I need to note that I’m not always seeing myself in the mirror or not always seeing my current physical body and face with the current age. The fun comes when in a different place you see yourself as a parallel self but that is another story. This is when people don’t get the main idea that the person who looks back is another version of them living its own life “elsewhere”. NOT a past life or whatever BS people call it.

It was amazing and interesting, no guides there in physical form

So after I checked what I could, my mind wasn’t wandering anywhere and I was fully “awake”. I checked something else. I need to note that you are fully awake and aware with the proper degree of self-control, everything is real, even if it is a simulation made for you at that time. We are simply existing everywhere and this is why we are multidimensional. The physical body in this one Universe or reality is just a tool to navigate in physical life but we have the opportunity to look behind the scenes.

If you have a body to walk with and try things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in a body (again) or you have a body. It is an automatic expectation, a tool for consciousness. Sure it is real, it is there, you act with it but because you expect to have one.

My eyesight was clear (it is tired many times from sitting too much in front of a screen lol). So I asked for guides, that was my next thought, to talk to somebody. Nothing came, full stable environment, I doubted this that somebody comes. I need to note that later in the next years I was walking in the copy of my house countless times. Sometimes somebody comes, most of the times, nobody for a reason.

Then I noticed something, lamp switches don’t work many times! That is a good reality check. It doesn’t do a thing. I noticed that I switched on one and one thing happened, a little light spark appeared where the light source should appear in a light bulb. I talked to it and it followed me a little bit. Yes, a guide. At that time I didn’t know that guides are not thinking via physical terms.

My guides are not always using a physical body at all. This is because most of them are simply don’t need it for communication. And I need to admit that a very few things are surprising me, this one neither, just a good thing to see.

Then a test came

As I was gazing the place and standing on the floor, an embroidered pillow was levitating in front of me suddenly in the air and I was reading it. This style is popular in the Hungarian distant culture of our past, I’m not into it.

Reading something in the non-physical wasn’t so easy and at that time it was clear that it will fluctuate and you can’t read that directly. Language and writing are physical constructs in physical civilizations and it was just flowing away. You concentrate on it, it becomes less clear what is it there. You try to read out the alphabets and the sentence from them, it doesn’t work always. I mean it can sometimes. The more you look away and look back, the more it starts to be nonsense. Same for clocks and screens.

Do you know why? Because we only use these constructs in our physical life. The non-physical and guides can’t replicate the exact same mechanics all the time. It is because somebody needs to be physical to know it or understand it.


So here you go, a little story again. It is as real as you are there reading this but in the non-physical, your non-existent senses are clearer and it is more real. The realness defined by your average awareness level. I didn’t need to learn so much about these, I was a Lucid Dreamer in my whole life.

Most people who are still new to this are limited down by what they’ve learned in life. They can’t even define what is real or what is not. I guess most people, mostly Millenials are too distracted by Antisocial Media and what is out there. Too much misinformation is out there.

Call it Astral Projection, it is the same. You don’t have a real body but a created one for each experience. You don’t have a brain to interpret things, you are the mind. Senses are non-existent because you have them in physical Universes to interpret the outer world but you still have the expectation to do the same way there. In short, you are still thinking like human beings in a thought responsive world.

A good reality check example in a Lucid Dream

I need to admit that many times when I give these labels for the articles, I need to make them SEO friendly and this is true for the Lucid Dream category too. I can’t reach out to more people if I don’t do it because people are searching on these terms. Most of them, especially beginners who just try to grasp the idea and rush into false stuff.

Well, my efforts are slowly paying out with more visitors, this is why I ask for shares and support. Despite the fact that how much effort I took into this site and wrote a lot.

I have a quick example of my automatic reality checks. I don’t need them ever. I’m not doing them, my guides are helping. A significant difference. People believe that they need reality checks to experience a Lucid Dream and follow what others told them to do. Not even knowing where are they at that time.

There are lots of articles on my site about this issue already. Take your time. You are in a real world, we are coming from there to experience limits. The physical reality is a dumb, limited system and the most are lost in it with indoctrination.

At the beginning as a newbie, you will try them and slowly, you will just leave them out from your NP life. The whole game is not going the way, how our limited human mind thinks.

Reality checks in a Lucid Dream, it is not working like that! You are tested for a reason

So I had a situation out from countless ones even in this category of experiences that I noticed something strange, which elevated my awareness instantly. It is a reaction test by category which people in Astral Projection communities are talking about. I mean advanced people, not guessers. Of course, this happened because I fell asleep with one of my main intents to be aware. They will help if they can.

lucid dream

The part that you are being tested, doesn’t fall off and won’t become obvious until you get them thousands of times. Not for me, I’m a quick learner, I mean for the most. So this is what happened after a big chain of events where I was still running with the story. I was in my family house, standing at the door of my room. The bathroom is nearby and a family member was there. Wide awake with full awareness in the non-physical.

Some words about meeting with people whom we know. We don’t meet real, physically alive people most of the time, if not ever, just with aspects of ourselves. These are simulations for you, to learn about yourself.

Aspects are created instantly in our memory (Focus 2) as we live a certain physical life. So one family member was used up, being a little bit younger. I noticed this person, smiling at me. Guides can do it btw, using any desired form to help you. No wonder about the animal totem nonsense.

Then another version appeared and walked down slowly on the stairs in front of me. Then another one was in the bathroom, washing hands. I’m the type who just laughs at this, how “they” are thinking and helping me. So 3 person, the same one. This was just funny. It is quite a big journey most of the time, if not always btw.

What happened?

So I was laughing so hard, I entered an emotional loop. You are doing it very easily because it is a thought responsive world. But I like to laugh like hell, even if my body double hurts at that time there lol. How you experience it can be much harder and real. Everything is real, you just lack the experience.

The reality check or reaction test was that I saw the same person 3 times at the same place. You see something strange, you elevate your awareness almost instantly. It doesn’t all the time.

So here you go, this is a real reality check, you just need to notice it. Full awareness, the fun is there. I phased out and woke up because I stopped moving and concentrating my awareness there but I didn’t care. Maybe next time, I will go for my main goal, right?

The main purpose from your guides is that you may have a good day. You won’t find straight logic in their thinking ever. Maybe you understand the purpose of ONE scenery after days, weeks or a year. Things and events are not happening in a chronological order if you need to translate something.

Teaching kids about Sleep Paralysis in a non-physical school

To just start with something educational again in the new category, this experience popped into my mind about when I was educating many kids (or rather young people, if you play with it) about Sleep Paralysis and how it works. The place was a non-physical school in Focus 3. Check out the Focus Model series for more info.

So the thing is, that I guess my guidance dropped me there to do it. How you experience this, you just get a memory set which indicates you at a certain place to talk about what you know and can share. Your knowledge which you learn as a human being or human construct can be very, if not vastly useful to “people” who are not physically “incarnated”.

You have the advantage of physical knowledge right now. Do you think it will be lost after your death? Quite the opposite. Our physical world is a training ground for a limited life.

Not just Sleep Paralysis but you can share what you have!

About me, well, I don’t hesitate to tell how it works. Not just Sleep Paralysis. You are not the same person there IF you started to work on yourself. Like two different personalities but the same person. This world is much more strict and hostile, you can’t really express yourself freely. We live in a control system with a vast competition. But…

You CAN help to make understand what others don’t know about it, about anything. The life there is not as strict in physical terms and this story with I guess all the later ones will make people understand that this site alone is not just a BS talk. It is real, we are multidimensional. You CAN experience it. Otherwise, why would I take so much effort into this site?

sleep paralysis

Maybe after reading these stories, people get the main idea about why my site is priceless and people can find their place and role in this multiversal game. Regular people (billions) are just seeing an illusional surface of it full of lies, brainwashing and seeing the signs of greed and power.

Don’t escape it, we came here to learn under pressure. Many will fail, it is part of the game. But let’s talk about the topic because I don’t want to spread fear and misery.

Sleep Paralysis for non-physical kids, students

Don’t try to measure or point out my words, “people” there or “young” are metaphors or objective terms. Post-humans can still live a very physical-like life because they don’t know other ways to do it after death. Okay, I think I don’t need to explain this furthermore, use the site for this.

If I would use one example, kids who have sudden death in an accident will stay kids for a “while” in a kindergarten where guides will help them shred down this block.

Sleep Paralysis is very new and frightening for people in our society. You can’t imagine how stupid questions about SP are diving up each day on public forums and how people have no idea about it. I just can’t stop hugging my face.

There are some articles already on my site, explaining the whole thing. People are just stupidly lazy to do researches. Or pretty simple to never get their answers. It is normal.

The school

So how it happened is, I was put down into a school in one of my conscious experience. You are doing this and that, then you are transported when you are ready mentally. Imagine a huge hallway on a given level, marble-like or stone-like, curved stairway behind me. It curves itself upwards to my left to the next level. I was sitting there.

The whole situation initiates itself. I got the memory to do my task and I was talking to around 40-50 youngsters about Sleep Paralysis. I can’t recall all the details and please note that I had thousands of conscious experiences over the years.

Some started to drop me questions and I was answering all the questions one by one. How it works, why we have it, why is it so scary, what process is it, etc. Many were amazed about the whole process, they didn’t know, listening carefully. I wonder how because it is always there.

Of course, you don’t remember your physical life and that you are asleep at that time or you would instantly kill the whole experience. The thought about a body acts as a command which people can’t comprehend even in Lucid Dreaming communities. So you program yourself to forget about it or you get memory sets from guides. Or both.

You don’t see your guides, they give these memories to do your job. Seeing is a physical habit, I mean vision. This is one thing which people don’t or never will understand in our society. Nor Lucid Dreamers.

Real places in the non-physical or Focus 3

Call it how you prefer personally, it can be Belief System Territories but people or entities are living their life just like we do. They are still Flatlanders because they don’t know more to life other than what they “previously” experienced as a human construct. I will try to keep these stories or experiences short and informative.

So, to get back to the main issue. I was there, done that, not the first time. You have something which you can share, the chance is big that you will do it. Not because somebody forces you, you are doing it on your own. Even if guides are carrying you anywhere, some of them are YOU in a multidimensional manner or perspective.

If you are like me, you try to share what you have and help others in understanding what they don’t know. You can do it or you move on to other things.

sleep paralysis

And I was glad and happy that I could share my stuff with them. It was around an hour of talk, I was sitting on the first 4-5 steps on the stone stairway and youngsters all around me, in front of me on the corridor or hallway. It is actually an achievement when you do this stuff. I’m doing this automatically, same for retrievals.

It is not happening each night but you always get new opportunities if something comes. You just need to let decide your NP side, what comes and be open. They are giving these tasks for you to develop and let also others to learn.

Who we are, what we are doing

This is the real purpose of living together, even on our planet, letting others to grow up and think from the heart. Growing up as their being, not physically. There are many teachers, schools, and buildings for this purpose in Focus 3 but everybody does what interests them. Even Robert Monroe does this as a kid or young somebody as I heard about him.

Don’t get caught up on metaphors and objective terms, who is young, what is a non-physical school. Just go with the experience if you have one. Do your best if you have a task. This is the main case, you have a task, they want to see how well you handle it.

Is Sleep Paralysis really a scary thing? Well, one thing that I teach non-physical entities about what I’ve learned as a “human being” construct and added to my knowledge. But another thing is that people just don’t take the effort to do researches or experience it by themselves, other than going to Google and Youtube and finding the first results where people are telling all the same, parroted BS, mystical stuff and spreading fear.

And people think they are intelligent after this behavior.

I’m opening up eyes, on the other hand, with many alike people around the world. We are luckily living in an age where we can do it. At least we can still do it lol. I’m just sharing it because I can. We like to share what we have. This has the value, not a car or a golden luxury stuff or a phone. Physical objects are parts of the game, they have no value, we are giving them value because we can sell them. Bah, enough of this lol.


I’m talking about a school and kids here. Don’t take it literally. If you had the same experience, you may talk to little humanoid aliens on a space ship. Maybe you teach others how to swim. I was already on these missions too, on space stations, marvelous. What if they weren’t just kids and I was interpreting something in my own way? Well, I don’t care, the real thing is what you are doing and are you doing it from your heart?

Forms after forms, it doesn’t matter. This is true for all of your conscious experiences. Who cares if you saw and experienced something a certain way, it is just experience and your unique one. It is a big journey and this life is a drop from this. Most people can’t even comprehend in our world that there is the non-physical and their physical daily perception and world are not the only one.

And non-physical places are there. You can deny it, it is still there. All the heavens and hells too. These cities are like you just can’t measure how many are there or how big they are. Our life is not enough to explore it all. You don’t have a map because it needs space and time which is non-existent.

Maybe an eternity either when we have a primary focus there. The realness and believing that you are really doing it takes effort, many experiences and dropping limiting beliefs. I was “Lucid Dreamer” in my whole life, I think I had a much easier job to do with myself in this. And you?

Why can’t you see anything in your Dreams or Lucid Dreams?

I think the next thing on my list with Lucid Dreams which people can surely encounter and have no idea what they are experiencing is that they lose their sight. We don’t have eyes there but the expectations to have them. What you can experience is blackness or greyness and it is also related to something which people don’t understand. I already share the fact about this one here.

I’m still watching over some public forums and seeing these issues but I already knew about these. But not in the sense how many people still don’t get the basic idea about how the non-physical world works. And it is not based on physical rules which we have for physical life. What we can experience are the effects of our physical thinking. Our expectations are playing a big role there. This is why some people having their first AP, OBE, NDE or just having one from hallucinogens or DMT will live up their self-fulfilling prophecies. We are tricking ourselves literally.

I will share what can happen with this sight issue and what to do with them in Lucid Dreams. If it is not about what to do but rather it is about what are you experiencing. And if you roamed around my site, you already know that Dreams or Lucid Dreams are not what people think they are. They are parts of our multidimensional path and development. I know that regular people can’t digest this and will never able to.

To just understand the basics about Dreams and Lucid Dreams, again…

To just note, I have no idea how many times I repeated these lol. I can’t help it, I’m not a bookselling guy or being a famous speaker. I made a site for this purpose, maybe one of the few ones without BS talk and religious stuff.

We live in a society today where people are so misled and bombarded with misinformation from websites, books, and videos (Youtube), that they are totally lost about the non-physical side of our multidimensional life. Nobody mentions it in a pure, trustable form. People start to play with Lucid Dreams and they don’t understand the whole thing. Some clearly believe they do! Many are teenagers in this current world and they escape into it.

lucid dreams

I don’t know if enough people will ever reach out to my site and learn about these because you can learn a lot here without any BS talk. Just my thoughts. I don’t need to prove anything. You can do it.

I can’t help with what some people, defending scientific views. We are not our brains, we are not in a body at all, limited thinkers just can’t detach from this. Our physical life’s illusion is an intense facade and it JUST seems to be that we are in a body. The more people believe it, the higher the chance that their first, conscious non-physical experiences will be about an Out-of-Body Experience. We live in a system where most of us won’t ever grow up or at least very slowly. Not physically.

And nobody can escape from their own thinking. This whole multiversal game with endless physical realities is designed for this structured, educational purpose. To learn from these from a limited perspective. The most are unfortunately incapable to do that. You are maybe open to the whole of this. We are not equal, we are unique. Consciousness.

You need to learn for first that you don’t have physical senses there, you are expecting a body and your physical senses to work there. Your expectations are doing it. You surely have a body but an automatically generated one. With practice, you can use other forms too. I will expand on this soon.

Blackness and its “meaning” in Lucid Dreams

People are always rushing onto websites and nonsense dream interpretation pages to understand this better. Sure, some metaphors can help sometimes but they won’t reveal the whole story. I already expanded the real thing about this here. This is like you play with Lego and you don’t get the idea why one piece needs to fit here or there.

There are many missing pieces for beginners and for those who had conscious sleep life in their whole life (the rare cases, like me) but they are not ready to see through the whole thing. One of the missing steps is knowing that we are in the non-physical world at that time. Okay, I’m sure if you are not lazy, you will roam on this site to know it better. Most visitors are reading a few articles and move on. Ridiculous.

The blackness itself many times means “lack of information”. Same for dropping you into an endless pond as a fish and not knowing where to navigate. So it is not really about meaning, it is an automatic interpretation. Like in our world: light and dark – daily life and switching out our body with sleep.

lucid dreams

But many times the blackness itself can be two main things. One is that you lost your awareness level in the physical world or in the non-physical in Lucid Dreams (if you favor this label). The process is not so easy to understand for first. You can lose your “sight” when your guidance transports you to another non-physical location with a new memory set. Then you will do other tasks. People have no idea about this or that they are not in control. We have our multidimensional life to do.

And there can be the second big case when you simply end up in the 3D blackness or void. It is the raw non-physical, your mind’s area so to speak. No, not the materialistic or scientific way. Not even close. It is an endless, non-physical layer of you and we all have one to physical life to work with. Some will believe it is their “subconscious”. So you can use this as a launchpad to go elsewhere and many Astral Projection or OBE practitioners try to do that. You can even access it via practicing deep meditation.

You lose your sight, it is about losing your primary focus of attention

As I already expanded the basics on this, you simply lose that “sight” which you have because you lost your focus of attention. The non-physical world reacts almost instantly to that as a subjective, thought responsive world. This is one aspect from many which we need to learn because we are coming from there. Physical life gives a chance to be better at how we think and react. Billions are not knowing a thing about this and they just live a daily life.

Actually, there, you are the mind, the observer so you are seeing with it. We don’t have and don’t need a body (nor a brain) anymore there, it is needed only for physical reality lives. So the next question comes, but Phil, I have a body there all the time. Alright, me too : )

This only means that we have a human expectation to operate with one, so you will have one. That is that simple, expectations are instant there. You can be a Third Person character too watching a movie or become formless too, it takes effort and awareness to work that out. Some can gain 360-degree vision too.

But there is a basic rule there, NEVER think about your body! The instant you do that, the “time” is ticking and you will wake up in the physical world soon. Just don’t do that stupidity, I can’t count how many times I fell into this trap. It happens because our primary attention goes back to our body. Call it like a Lucid Dream or Projection or OBE, they are all the same things. People can’t let go of these labels because they are differentiating their awareness level and approach. And others told them to use them. In our world, people believe what others told them to do so.

Blacking out or seeing grey overlay in your non-physical visual field

I guess I tend to share all the details as usual so I’m not finished yet lol. Well, I’m not sparing with my energy. The greyish visual thing which you may see (if it is not black or dark) is almost the same phenomenon. You are transported elsewhere according to where you were. Yes, guides are doing it. It is a real thing but you may already know it from my sight. People don’t believe in guides, they think they are doing everything on their own. Many have a big-time to learn from this.

lucid dreams

The greyness is an interesting thing, I experience it a lot. It is a personal translation of speed. That’s all to it, check the article about it here. You are traveling with non-existent “vast speed”.

Other times, when you lose control like in this case across the whole article, you will also notice blur or greyness. It is because you have so poor self-control or awareness level that you keep fluctuating here and there and you won’t stop. Until you stop thinking and stay passive. It doesn’t fall off maybe ever that you are in a thought reactive world. You try to understand it with your physical thinking.

You can’t help it until you start to concentrate on only one thing. I can’t count how many times I saw this with beginners, having this issue and nobody tells them what is this. All the guesses are there but you won’t learn a thing. People are not smart taking deep researches to get their answers. Public forums are the easiest, lazy way with all the guesses and BS talk from beliefs.

What to do with losing your sight?

And finally, what to do with this whole thing. The only option is learning to concentrate on one thing. No other way. In our current society, this is very hard for many and will be labeled as ADHD people, which is pure nonsense because we all have it. Even if there is a missing brain part in your skull, it is up to your willpower. We are consciousness, the brain can rewire itself with enough intent. We just don’t know that we can do it. The preconceived beliefs about what is real or possible are kicking it out.

So what you need to do or make yourself aware each time you fall asleep that you will concentrate on the surroundings which you have. Call it a reality check if you favor that. This way you will prevent yourself from falling out as I already shared this issue about Lucid Dreams. If you are good at this, you will have more aware experiences in existing places. But if you have poor self-control, you are rarely allowed to roam in real places. You will mostly live up scenarios (simulations) made for you to train you. I mean your guides. For years or decades, maybe in your whole life. We are in no hurry.

This is a real thing and people deny it or don’t even notice that they are NOT creating these alone. Not even the characters in Lucid Dreams. Some idiots are spreading these that you are meeting with characters or you can summon some. I think most people think they are controlling everything despite the fact that they can’t even control their daily life and where it goes. Pretty strange, isn’t it? Seeing the obvious and denying it.

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Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Out-of-Body Experience – Are you in your head?

Many people experience at least one Lucid Dream, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) in their life. Maybe some experience some sort of reality overlays with our physical dimension thinking that something is there and still don’t know that whenever they enter the non-physical world, we are not in our heads. Yes, this article is about this being in our head misunderstanding.

I already noted this issue with the whole body construct but I wrote so much about everything already over the years that I lost the tail lol. OBE practitioners are meeting with their expectations about inhabiting a body, first-hand because their belief will become a construct and become real. This is why some will experience leaving a body. Maybe most people.

The problem with our world – are Astral Projection or “dreams” really played out in your head?

We live in a civilization where we clearly believe that we are in a body. It is part of the illusion. Think about what would happen if all people on our globe realize that they are using a body focus to try out physical lives?

But it is almost the same belief that you are in your head. Why should it be in another way? You were in your head in your whole life because it seems to be. Your expectations are much real when you are in that thought responsive world.

It is our home and training ground to stop doing this. Nobody forces you about that, it is all about your self-realization. People can’t let the physical body go because they are in fear, addicted to beliefs and physical life, etc. Or just their religion (yes, science too) told them with all the “evidence” that it is like that and don’t question it. Like those theories about X numbers of dimensions.

astral projection

And I’m using the Astral Projection main category here because we are talking about dreams and conscious non-physical experiences. They are all the same. You are projecting right now too, if you get the meaning of this label.

The non-physical is endless with all the non-physical places you can or can’t even imagine.

Astral Projection, when you will believe that you leave a body, same for OBEs!

Our daily life is full of guesses, theories, personal truths but mostly indoctrination. We need this indoctrination part to function in this society. We chose this world, timeline, and race to do our job. BUT! You need to hear all the usual sayings and gossips about how others are “in their head” or “it is just in your head”.

It happens from our childhood and we carry on these as hard facts. Because others told that. Not so smart. We will also pull up beliefs which are supporting this “truth”. Most people are not open to drop these. No wonder how conspiracy theories are happening but I don’t talk about them. This site is made for educational purposes without guesses.

We come to physical life to experience our main goals. Maybe we came to just experience our limited perspective to understand our non-physical nature. Well, we are all doing it but a few of us, consciously. The physical body’s role is simple. It allows us (consciousness) to focus our primary attention into a chosen physical system. Otherwise, we can’t function in it. We can’t manipulate energy or grab a physical object without it. Here, we are manipulating our thoughts through a body and the brain is the device to allow us to do it through the nervous system. We as a race tend to overthink the whole thing and over-objectify the whole body construct.

But what about the head issue? Your primary focus is on or behind the eyes, you feel your head, body, you look downwards and also you look back from a mirror and pictures. It is evident for most people in our world that they are their body and they are in a head or brain. I will tell you something later, maybe you can try it out too.

astral projection

I can’t count how many times (over the years of seeing the actual situation worldwide) saw, mostly teenagers are completely believing that they are in their head and their brain does those tricks in Lucid Dreams or Astral Projections. Furthermore, they believe that the brain and mind are the same and that everything is outside of them. No, not just them, almost everybody else but they are holding onto this scientific stuff.

I can’t help with it, for many, if they want to learn about even the basics of our multidimensional existence, they will sweat blood until they understand that their beliefs or indoctrination is the block. They can’t let it go. They will never grow up in this, poor thing to see. If you check the Flatland movie, you will understand their thinking. This is how it goes for billions or more in the Afterlife regions.

And it comes to a bigger block when they experience their non-physical life first-hand. You see guides interacting with you, you try out all the tricks, try reality checks because others told that. And it just doesn’t fall off. No matter what happens, people will completely believe it is in their head or brain and they are just hallucinating. It is weird stuff, subconscious, etc, all the nonsense.

And all the confusion dives up on public forums where people never learn a useful thing because everybody goes there with the same lack of understanding. People are sharing all the stories, nightmares and confusion without learning anything.

Your perception will tell you what you can experience! Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid Dreams or others are tools for the same endless world

Whenever you go somewhere, sit in a car, a train, riding a bike, do you really go anywhere? Your perception – if you can change it to passive mode – can show you that space comes to you under your body. How this relates to the head issue? Well, your daily, primary focus for human life is there. It can’t be in your legs or hands or neck, right? The eyes are receiving the electromagnetic signals, which the brain interprets. This body is made for physical exploration and energy manipulation.

astral projection

The linear timeframe with space is needed for our structured experiences. You are simply focusing your primary attention like a magnet each day on your body in first-person perspective. But you can do the same in the non-physical too. You can experience third-person sight too. Maybe later I will write about it too.

When you fall asleep and try to still hold onto a body construct

Okay. But whenever you fall asleep, you defocus your eyes, letting them fall asleep. It is an automatic process. You are already defocusing yourself. In your conscious sleep life then, you will be free FROM a body construct. You are still experiencing one from your expectations! But you can still blink with non-existent eyelids, same for vocal cords despite the fact that the communication is telepathic.

You don’t need a body there, we don’t need it in the non-physical world. I guess you start to get it. What this strong physical illusion in our world does is making people believe that they are in a body or they are their body. It is needed for this “life game”.

Actually, if you had hundreds of conscious experiences, you can still believe the whole thing. Nobody will tell you in the face directly that hey, wait a minute, do you still believe that you are in a body? Nobody will. Not even guides do this for a reason. We need to learn that we are not inhabiting a body, we are inhabiting a body focus. A huge difference. Just check the Focus Model articles on the site to understand this.

People who are proficient in this like me already proved to ourselves that it is the case. I didn’t have any belief to support the body and brain nonsense too. And I’m saying this growing out from knowing science.

The main problem with our perception is that there can be common grounds or agreements in our world. But in the non-physical, each individual will distort and experience the uniqueness of their experiences according to their limited perception. If you don’t allow to open up to yourself and let go of everything you’ve learnt in your life, the results will stay the same mundane and human-like. Even if you had hundreds of LDs, Astral Projections, OBEs, and others. It won’t change because you still didn’t change in your thinking. The underlying principles, rules and the NP didn’t reveal itself yet and can’t. Even guides can’t do so much.

When you still believe that everything plays out in your head

It is very typical and at least a few people will find it out on their own that wait a minute, it is not in my head. The main problem comes from science again. These stupid misunderstandings when people try to scientifically prove that we are in a body and people who also believe these will accept it and defend this worldview. It can’t be otherwise for them. There are the materialistic pieces of evidence, right? So if somebody tells another thing, he/she is wrong and lying. Not so different from wars from religions. And it is childish.

The problem is that the approach of how our world tries to measure things is failing at the beginning of trying to understand consciousness. It can’t be measured. Those double-slit experiments and catching the behavior of elemental particles are just the after-effects of us, consciousness, noticing the changes. We try to over-objectify the whole nature of this reality too.

astral projection

I’m saying that nobody can prove this that the body and brain are end-results of the whole thing if people don’t become open to the fact that we just believed what others said. The evidence is in your face whenever you are in a full-blown non-physical experience. But still, there are many young people who are just reinforcing their beliefs. I don’t get this. You are freely acting in another reality and you still think you are in a body. Ah, of course! It seems to be that way, but why? And that everything is “physical”. Yes, it seems to be rock solid and physical because you make it that way. I know this from thousands of times experiencing it (if I want to).

The main problem in our world and with people’s capability to think outside of the box

I will tell you that. Your own expectations are creating that body image instantly. It can be your copy (current one) or a very different one too. You can use animal forms or other forms too (no wonder the nonsense animal totem belief).

The lesson in this is that because you grew up in a world where you need to use a biological vehicle, you will think and act like the same there. Why should you suddenly believe that you don’t have a body?

If you are well-practiced, you can break free from a held body image! Yes, you will dissolve the whole body construct and you can have even 360-degree vision too. We don’t have a form. You can experience third-person perspective too. The problem with our materialistic world is that people, mostly younger generations are so caught up on all the logical stuff, theories and social media that they can’t even understand what is real or critical thinking starts to disappear with common sense. They are so lost (which is easy to do unfortunately in this world) that they need to defend their ego. Normal people are doing the same but without science.

If people don’t let science go, they can’t understand even the basics of this. It has its own place in our world and helps us in physical world-related understanding but not in the whole picture. The physical world and what we perceive is a tiny surface, the end result of consciousness. It is the place for the game. Not science is the problem with this before some people will misunderstand the whole point. The usage of science on non-physical things.

Where most of humanity messes up their perception with the body image and with science

As I already expanded on this and won’t expand furthermore, we grow up in a system where we have scientific measurements. Science is a great thing and I like many subcategories of it. But I don’t like the way they measure things and make up theories as proofs.

For example, they can’t measure Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection, will deny the whole thing being “real” then that’s all to it. “Nobody can prove it” – if you say it enough times, you will believe it. Maybe some measurements with brain scans and electric stuff will make it, trying to catch consciousness in the body.

They will prove that because there are those fire-ups and visual changes, there it is. No wonder why people believe they are in their body and all the soul and spirit beliefs about it. Sure, sure, something hurts our body we will feel it. Or maybe manifest diseases for ourselves, have a broken body part or any other cases, we will feel it with our five senses. But we are experiencing the vehicle which we are focusing into each day. When we are asleep we don’t.

astral projection

Well, most of humanity doesn’t even have conscious sleep life or won’t notice a slight dream at all, so they can clearly believe this body construct thing. And most people are simple. They fall asleep, sometimes wake up at night but just sleeping. That’s all to their conscious awareness. Nobody forces us to do it, it is a habit and the most have a low consciousness level. All the answers are out there, people just can’t think critically with common sense and take in the effort to debunk these beliefs for themselves. And you?


You can try this out. Lay down on your back and practice any of these approaches. Try to focus your attention on an image in your mind, a built-up scenario, anything creative. The feeling of having a body will dissolve and disappear later. It will become senseless if you focus your attention elsewhere. This is how conscious projection works. And it takes for years because we try to get break free from bad habits.

People who are stuck in a damaged body (so to speak), being in coma, unable to move the arms and/or legs in a wheelchair are all telling people that they are in a head or body but it is part of the inability to use the physical body the proper way. It is not as easy to understand this whole thing over one day and many people need to have hundreds of thousands conscious experiences before they change their thinking finally. We are not even humans at all, it is part of our “human” experience having a body in this civilization.

I don’t want to change anybody, that is not my job. Nobody should change if they don’t want to. I just share real things and people can test it out. No religions, no BS talk, no mystical stuff.

Look around and roam on this site because there are all the pieces to our multidimensional nature. I can’t help materialistic people who are blind from their own faith and beliefs but you can maybe get break free. Maybe you are a free thinker with the nature of questioning things. It is the best to start with.

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Snake dreams and their meanings are about your fears!

Snake dreams are mostly happening to people in certain societies and countries where they are very popular in appearance. So mostly they will have a bigger chance encountering this fear issue in the non-physical world in their dreams. Let’s be straight, if you live in a country or place where they can appear with a greater chance, you may have the fear from them, attacking you. In the non-physical, you are the same person but your emotional reaction will cause problems instantly.

When we are dreaming, we will surely need to face our fears. Why? Because we live in a multidimensional educational system where we need to just grow up and know ourselves better. One of the main reasons we may try out physical lives. Not just for having fun or doing nothing.

If somebody has this capability, his/her guides will surely toss him/her into that path to do it. Nobody forces you, you want it but you don’t get the main idea on the other hand. So the thing is that if you have these snake dreams, they are mostly about one issue which I will share below pretty fast.

You don’t need to even hate them or anything around, it is just enough to be afraid of them in general. You may never were close to any in your life. This is just one tool which the Wider Reality uses up to train our maturity and face our fears if we have the chance to deal with them. We have the chance while we live in a limited perspective and it is effective.

snake dreams

Snake dreams are about one thing, facing your fears

Sure, sure, it is. But what about most of the people still getting it and never facing it? Nothing. The chance is there. It will repeat many times. Maybe not. It is an individual thing. If you run away or just never know what to do with this, you will get easier challenges. This is just one metaphor or form to deal with.

Even if you don’t live in a country or geographical place where they will appear out of nowhere or somebody has one and you hate it, it can still happen. It is just enough if you hate snakes or you are afraid of them as just a personal trait. It can happen.

The whole purpose of this symbol is the same in each case, facing your fears. Snake dreams are happening in many scenarios but mostly it appears like snakes are biting people, biting your leg, you are trying to pull it out from somewhere. These are very common and for the same reason. Because this is human nature, many people are afraid of them for the same reasons.

Rarely the snake dream part is related to a bigger scenario but you will only know about it if you had thousands of conscious experiences. Some may call these Lucid Dreams.

So these metaphors or symbols are not about over-objectified stuff which people will surely find on the internet but about this main issue. I mean these are over-analyzed so badly that nobody gets their answers. Sure, if you like snakes then it is not a fear test or nightmare. Actually, if you didn’t have a negative emotional reaction.

I think there is not so much else to this experience because all of these are happening in the same place and for the same reason, just like nightmares.

I hope this one will solve some people’s problems too. Enjoy reading here and don’t forget to share and support the site.

Reincarnation – Why is it NOT working like that?

Reincarnation is a very popular term which people tend to believe and also use in daily discussions. But actually, a very few people know that it is not how we live physical lives, not in a chronological order. The real world behind the scene is not human-like or limited. Actually, this term is in our world since the beginning of humanity or since mystics and psychics throughout thousands of years of human civilization made these up. Not intentionally but we simply just misunderstood how linear time works ONLY in physical realities. The easier thing to understand these if we create these simple explanations. But it doesn’t explain so much.

These terms are created without first-hand pieces of evidence. But how is it possible to find out anything real about them instead of just believing in these terms these days? I mean people have no idea about that dreams are their non-physical experiences in a subjective, thought responsive world without time and space. Most of humanity has no idea about having a multidimensional nature. Well, this way, it is hard to even tell people how it works. All the first-hand pieces of evidence could be found out personally with intent and plans in the non-physical. On other words, via conscious sleeping.

The main problem with this is that the most never even work their way out in their “dreams”. They don’t even know the basics about that limitless world. We carry out limits and mindset there.

Reincarnation is not what people believe it is, in general. Mostly religious people. Because it fits into their worldview and others told them that it works like that. I don’t think people believing what is told, is an intelligent thing. But we need to start somewhere and I don’t want to hurt anybody.


No problem at all with it btw but it is not a fact even if people only believe in something. I already wrote about this issue here but I will try my best to explain it again. Maybe more people will rush into this topic on my site to learn from it. Be very careful with these “facts” if you want to know how it works for real. I share what is real and you can do it too alone. We all have that capability. If not via Astral Projection, maybe with dreams. Many will just deny the whole thing, stuck to scientific views and that’s all to their self-realization.

Reincarnation flaw 1: we are NOT living these lives one after another in a chronological order!

For first, people should understand that time and space is only existing in physical realities or Universes like in ours. We are living in an end result of consciousness. Does ever anybody ask him/herself about from where we are coming from before we just appear in a womb here?

It is a must element which is needed for physical experiences. You select a body, a civilization, a timeline and enter into it. You enter to a body focus but not into a body. It just seems like it is. Everything is part of the physical life game. These are the rules. You need to believe that you are the character. And for billions, it is a successful thing. It is a life test alone if you figure it out by yourself!

Before you enter into a physical system, you accept these rules. You can’t just rush into this system for example as a non-physical entity in general and you say, ah, I try it for a little while. No, you just can’t. Robert Monroe talked about this already, if you need a popular somebody in this. You need to use a body to dumb down your perception. We are all doing it. He had even his confusion about how is it possible that his other versions are already him?

Our physical brain acts as a device on this end of the connection and filters out our mind and capabilities. The brain is in the middle of scientific truths. It structures our experiences with the time and space construct. So we grow up with all of these. Actually, a very few like me or you will question the whole thing. What a simple-minded somebody thinks is that this illusion is all that is to it. Some will reinforce this belief with scientific truths to avoid getting hurt in their ego.

These lives are not happening one after another. You already exist in all of these potential lives with another character, created for that purpose. People who are spreading these mystical misunderstandings and selling past life regressions are totally scamming people with these. No matter if this somebody is lost in life, emotionally vulnerable or have no idea about these.

Those, who don’t know anything about these will clearly believe that they are that character. Thus they will or were living that life. Not really. I already explained this whole thing in a previous post here about past lives. One thing is the potential winner in this, we can blame our problems with these lives. People who believe these deserve it. If they would learn more about it or take researches in Astral Projection topics, they would already know it better. Guess how many will do it? They are going to forums to ask and tell the same nonsense and reinforcing each others’ beliefs. People need groups to discuss these. No problem at all, others have their own, slow path and we are not in a rush.

Reincarnation flaw 2: we are NOT coming “back” from some punishment or to heal something!

This is another thing which is misleading people. I mean those who are spreading these beliefs. And most people are not looking after these beliefs if they are real. Same for the karma nonsense and fearing gods. Our society is good at this since the beginning of humanity. The main problem with our current society that people are not taking their time and effort to even research after a thing. They don’t know they can because they don’t even know what a dream is. They believe they do. The basic thing is coming from the foundations of our civilization which are full of flaws and beliefs.

These fear-spreading businesses are all over the place. Mostly intertwined with religious ideas. You will be punished or were punished and this is why you live this life in poor conditions. Maybe you have bad luck all the time or people hurt you, you have a disease, etc. Then the business comes, you are punished and this is why. Who believes this deserves it, as usual. You have your own life path to do or overcome struggles.


Or maybe you “need” to heal something or you had a “past life” which caused this life. I just hug my face by seeing these. People should reach out for deeper researches after non-physical stuff, facing their fears for first. It would be the best if more people are trying to understand their dreams because they are the launchpads for their multidimensional nature. Our tragedy is that people-DON’T-know about these. Maybe it will be forever and it is part of the life game. I mean this game designed to not allow the most to realize this. Maybe.

We don’t need to heal or suffer from or about anything. We make our character with the needed characteristics to live that life. The most, in my opinion, are just jumping into a life without proper planning with a proper timeline for a proper plan. This is what I see from this. Even Monroe talked about this, the most is coming “back” to physical lives from addiction. Physical systems are addictive, you are sucked in quickly if you do them.

People with all the diseases or genetic stuff are suffering not even knowing that maybe they chose to have these from their birth! We think it is a tragedy but from the non-physical perspective, we can grow from these difficulties and learn to deal with them. It is a totally different game view.

If you do it too many times, it will suck you in and you totally forget who you are in the Wider Reality. I can only guess that the most are just immature to realize their true nature. Some of us are helping them. Guides are doing the same there.

The same misunderstanding comes from this too. Time is non-existent “outside” of physical systems. But we can’t think outside of the box in general. Nobody taught people, we didn’t learn about these. And our world is religious in general. For a reason. We work with beliefs. We all have our own belief systems. Most of us can’t function without a central god-figure in this world.

Do people understand even a thing about TIME?

The time topic is strongly related to this. So after we talked out this reincarnation misunderstanding, let’s talk about time, again. I already talked about this in my very first post and expressing how little we know about it here.

One thing people will surely learn from my site that understanding our multidimensional nature and our non-physical life is not as easy. Even how guides are thinking is not so strict to understand. We have our own thinking in objective terms but it is not enough there. It takes effort, even to start with our dreams. Reincarnation is s dumbed down “truth” about what is actually happening. People can’t think outside of limits.


I will share something. We CAN choose from all the timelines when we try out a physical life and yes, this Earth life system has countless variations. You can even try many out via your sleep life too! I also had some short conversations with guides about alternate timelines too. It is natural to them but not for us.

Look at reincarnation if you still like the term just like “you do it all at the same time” thing. If you have life “A” around the early 1900s USA and one right now as “B”, you can play with it. “A” could clearly believe that you are his/her future version. You can believe the same in the opposite manner. But both of you are existing in another timeline and age of this planet and reality. There are countless of these. You may have billions of non-human lives too right now. Our numbering system is failing this to understand.

You can’t even imagine how many lives you can have right now. And they are independent “people”. Not just as a human being. You can be anything. Look at it as a game character in today’s terms. You are looking into another character and another one, switching them over and over. You focus your primary attention to them and you can try them out but they are doing it alone too. If you know my favorite, the Sims simulation games, it is very similar. You switch to one, give commands but in general, it will go on its own.


Time is a necessary element of physical systems to help us structure our experiences. Mostly under pressure and life events. That’s all to it. We are not actually suffering (only on this side), we are working under pressure to gain from life events.

Our physical vehicle is the must tool for it, otherwise, you don’t have that suit for consciousness (for us) to do it. Reincarnation is NOT happening that way, in a linear fashion. You can prove it too over years or decades of dedication.

I need to add a bonus here. Guides (those who are not in physical lives) can visit any timelines and versions of us. We are doing it all the time. Some of us. It is very true that everything exists now.

I used to mention a few times already that even non-physical entities have no idea about time. Simple ones. You need to live a physical life to understand it because you are experiencing its illusion and limits first-hand. You can’t know it otherwise. Highly developed entities will surely tell you how it works, if you work for it. What our society does, dumbing down the whole thing according to our worldview of this reality.

Each of your potential and parallel lives are already going on right now. You can meet some too, they can be your guides, being interested in your progress. Same goes for you too. You can be also a guide for others. Other versions of you will think the same, that you are a probability.

As can also meet with them and this proves that you are already them in a much wider sense. You are both created from the same core of your being. This is why you feel you are the other one or have that connection. But you are both individuals in lesser-bigger limits.

I hope I could explain this issue well too. Help me to keep this site alive, share it and support my work if you can! Thank you and enjoy learning here.

Why is that dream characters can speak to you intelligently?

I tend to notice this general misunderstanding all the time on public forums, where people have no idea that dream characters can speak to them or they are intelligent. The basic problem with this whole issue is that for example, Lucid Dreaming practitioners have no idea about being in the non-physical world and trying out their tricks and reality checks. They think it is in their mind or in some sort of “subconscious”. Furthermore, they are messing this up with science.

These people learn all about Lucid Dreaming, what they can find on the Internet and from various other sources but they rarely learn even the basics about “where” they are playing with their stuff. I can’t really help this issue personally, maybe sometimes I try to open up some eyes if I see that the person is ready for more to learn. But I just share real things where I can, mostly here. Maybe the person is open to more. Otherwise, I tend to stay away. Everybody is free to do their life.

Before you begin reading this, you need to know that I try to open up some eyes and what I always share is real and everybody can test it. No debates, no personal threats to anybody. Just knowledge sharing. Even if somebody defends his/her ego and don’t want to let go beliefs, the challenges are always there.

Dream characters issue

But what is the main problem with this “dream characters” issue? Well, the problem is that not all of them are parts of the actual simulation. Maybe many are watching too many movies and reading books, I don’t know.

People just don’t have the slightest idea that non-physical guides are teaching them. What Lucid Dreaming practitioners are learning about the main topic is simply not enough. And the fun is over soon, like little kids who can’t do whatever they want to.

They get their tests and real experiences in a full-blown setup, the facts are in their face and they still don’t get the main idea about what is this all about?

Dream characters are not always parts of the simulation or game! It is not always a place where you can do whatever is in your mind. We are learning about everything all the time in these sceneries. If we are allowed to do whatever we want to, it is also for the main reason to realize this whole stuff and place.

But Lucid Dreaming practitioners are missing all the basics about dreams and where are they taking place. I already wrote about this here.

Lucid Dreamers are just playing everywhere, believing in a “subconscious” and meeting with dream characters to have fun with

I can’t repeat the same thing about the non-physical world the 200th time and what it is. My site gives you all the answers about it. Sorry, I just need to take a break from it lol.

dream characters

So, the thing is that there is this general misunderstanding among people trying to get their first Lucid Dreams or non-physical experiences. They have no idea about it, other than what they’ve read. And they will learn these reality checks for example about dream characters. I don’t get this nonsense what is going on but there is a practice about summoning characters.

Okay, it is nice and cool for the first few times to see what can people do there. I would do the same if I would be a complete starter. But I had almost conscious non-physical experiences in my entire life. The fun is over very soon after they can’t control a thing. Then they are sad and feeling stuck. For a reason.

So these intelligent dream characters are your guidance. You may know about non-physical guides already, even from my site. This is not a joke, they are there all the time, you just don’t notice their presence. They are not limited by physical rules and they can become anything.

So if you speak to a “character”, it can be still a dumb local resident in an existing Focus 3 city. Maybe it is a guide and they are trying to teach something to these kids. You will have the idea about these if you experienced similar cases maybe a hundred times.

People, who are parts of these (I can’t find better words) religious groups where they follow science as their base perception, will try to navigate there according to this subconscious thing. It is not subconscious or unconscious, we are just unaware of what goes on in the non-physical.

I think most people think they can control everything even in their daily life and they will try the same there. Maybe this is some sort of egoistic thinking.

Intelligent dream characters are mostly guides to teach you something, even if you never pay attention

Whenever you notice that a certain “dream character” is not part of your game or it is intelligent, the game is over. It was for a reason, to give you the kickstart to elevate your awareness level.

You can learn from them and what this whole “game” is about. We are doing this in our daily life with a much slower pace and there, just instantly. We need to learn and this is why we live a physical life. Most people are like Flatlanders if you checked the movie from my site. Unable to think beyond their limited perception and mindset. That’s okay btw, we are not doing this at the same speed.

The main problem with these people is that they are so blinded with their beliefs about what they know about LDs or what they are experiencing is that nobody can get break through to them, I mean guides, to start their lessons. They can’t do so much but sometimes appear in front of you. Okay, you are maybe much more advanced than these people. And they will do things which will make you question your thinking.

You will simply don’t get the whole idea about lucid dreams and will be confused because you can’t play. You can’t fly, punch others or destroy. And many won’t get the idea what’s wrong. They thought they can do anything in their “mind”.

dream characters

This is not about you or anybody else personally but this is a general problem in our society. People don’t get it and don’t want to get it. It is in their face. Let’s say you had hundreds of these and you still don’t get the main thing why you can’t do whatever was promised by those people, sites and techniques? We need to start somewhere but this is why just a handful of people will get furthermore.

Intelligent dream characters are actually guides to teach you

So maybe you are good at it and you take the lessons and challenges. Especially after you know what I share and it IS real. The main goal of being “lucid” in dreams is that you will learn about yourself, the Multiverse, where are we coming from, what is our real nature, etc. People need to let go of their indoctrination about what is real or actually there.

Others will approach the same route with Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, Phasing, Remote Viewing, NDE or via any other methods. Same world, varied awareness. The belief blocks are just keeping the most away.

But I need to admit that it is good to see that many people are actually trying to even open up this door. Even if they don’t get it ever where it goes. What guides can do is give the lessons and metaphoric experiences if their student maybe learns a thing. This is not for everybody and the most will never wake up to this real world from where we are coming to live physical lives. They are unable to digest it.

Sure, you can meet aspects of yourself who are associated with our subconscious mind in our society but it is not really like that. People who are full of fears and suppressed stuff HAVE a subconscious. It is not so easy to just understand it so well.

We try to understand an endless, subjective world with our limited thinking. This is an educational system. If somebody thinks like a kid, they will not get so much further.


So in short, these guides are there all the time but sometimes they will just act to make you question about the whole experience or what you are doing. They will not scare (mostly) anybody because it won’t serve the learning curve but they will do things which will make people wonder what the heck was that.

And it won’t work for many because they are not getting the main idea about Lucid Dreaming. It is just a practice or approach to become aware of your non-physical life.

If people don’t want to go furthermore because they have no idea about where to go or what else they can do, then they won’t. But these guides will try their best to wake their student up, no matter what. We have a job to do.

I hope I could help in dissolving some misunderstanding. If you liked it, support the site and share it with your friends! Thank you!

How lying to others works in the non-physical world or in Dreamland?

Let’s be straight, we can lie to others, even to ourselves all the time in the physical world but what about doing the same in the non-physical world or on a regular term, in Dreamland? On my part, I hate lies and I never lie to myself or to others -at least I don’t like to do it. It would be like you lie to yourself in both cases. Okay, this is about us, in general.

While we live a physical life with limited perception, we can do this as many times as we can and people will get away with it. Well, they never develop in their personality mostly. But because we have a physical body which we are controlling daytime, we can hide our intentions.

In the NP or Dreamland, there is no body-barrier which will hold everything we think and feel! The body we have there is an illusional, automatically generated one because we tend to hold onto a body to exist with.

Why is this possible here and why we can’t do the same in the non-physical world? The key here is that you control a physical vehicle which is a filter towards the external world. I tried to express a similar issue already in this article here. Don’t take anything I say as a personal threat, as usual. I write for educational purposes and to help people realize the mechanics behind everything.

Telepathy, the primary communication in the non-physical or Dreamland

In the non-physical the communication is telepathic, even if you see a guide, a made-up character for a simulation or just an entity moving its mouth or speaking verbally, it is still telepathic. Mind to mind. In our physical reality or in any other, we can’t do this same, it is a very weak thing. But some people can tap into telepathic speaking and there are some examples from individuals. Most people just don’t believe anything about it.


I tend to always put these words together like Dreams, Dreamland or non-physical because people need to understand that it is the same, subjective, thought responsive place where our physical rules are not working anymore. We can still interpret with 5 non-existent sense but because we expect to be that way.

When you roam in Dreamland or even have conscious non-physical experiences in your multidimensional life, you can try this or experience this. You can’t lie there because anybody else (I mean residents) can instantly read out your mind (the non-physical part of you) and your intentions, and you are in trouble.

It takes maybe many years of practice to close yourself out, like Robert Monroe practiced this. I’m not so good at it, time will tell. But I don’t need it also for this purpose because I’m friendly and helpful without any dark intentions.

Telepathy allows guides to read you all the time and give you those sceneries and experiences which you always need. They know your next moves too and can instantly respond you.

Can or is it usual that another entity will lie to you? It is not working like that, they can’t hide anything if you learn to read them. If you still hear a lie, maybe it has a hidden purpose for you to figure it out. Remember, that world is not so limited.

Why lying is so easy in the physical Universe and why people can get away with it?

Well, we have a system to fit into, police and other forces too, if some people can’t get into the system so well. We are not similar but coming from the same non-physical place to learn.

Because you are controlling a body like a robotic, biomechanical suit for yourself as consciousness, you won’t show much of your thoughts to the outside world. There are mimicking residues and facial expressions, body movements to tell the other one if you are not straight. But the fact is that you can lie.


You can hide your intentions towards others or to solve your selfish needs. Many people are pretty good at it and become con artists or speakers too. I guess you see my humor in this.

The same reason is there for all the diseases and illnesses we are unconsciously manifesting through our body with our thoughts and suppressed emotions. Nobody else does those to us, we are. Except if somebody is in a hazardous place or something bad happens physically or chemically. Maybe radiation. Anything can happen but mostly we are doing this to ourselves. Free will.


When you finish this lifetime, you don’t have a body filter anymore as your primary focus and you are not safe from this attitude. I’m of course not talking about you, but about us in general! Because in Dreamland we don’t have a real body but an automatically generated one, we can’t hide our intentions so well. And your guidance knows you much better.

I hope this helps some people realize how much more is there to life on both ends of this multidimensional game. We only will see the illusional surface and guard ourselves with our beliefs to stay away from ego-death and being hurt in our little world. Well, we need to start somewhere, right? We are learning on our own way.

Free will allows us to do whatever we would like to. But everything has its lessons to learn and the consequences. Some people will fear karma which is just a common sense thing in life.

If people would start to choose love and kindness and the right path, this would be a way different world. Being kind and helpful to each other and being the same to themselves. There wouldn’t be so much negativity, selfishness and many more. But the most are just underdeveloped in their main non-physical core and this is why our world is like that. You can’t trust people for the same reason. Be careful out there and have nice non-physical experiences!

I hope you liked this explanation. Support and share the site if you can and enjoy staying here!