Astral Projection – The cult of the vibration nonsense

When I first started out practicing these, I was new to Astral Projection or to any other approaches years back. I’ve learned all the stuff which I can find on the internet and in PDF ebooks which you can find through Google. I made a huge mistake with it.

But the thing is, that years later when I needed to drop all of that BS information overload, I figured out that most of what you can find on the internet, from books, and from speakers are just nonsense beliefs and guesses. If not, then techniques and experiences which only a few people will get and most of the others won’t ever notice. This is where the flaws are coming in. People are like sheeple when they find these. Let’s do the same, right?

People just don’t do proper researches!

What is the problem with one of this very popular aspect, with the vibrational stage or vibrations? I know it is very popular and because people following each other stupidly like sheep, they will try to force these stages of pre-projection all the time. People want to wait for that vibration to come because this is what others are telling you to wait for. Isn’t this a little bit unintelligent? But no worries, we need to start somewhere.

Those, who are now older, in their 50-60s or more, had a harder time and they didn’t have to read all of these new age BS.

Astral Projection

I don’t judge btw anybody, I’m aiming for debunking this nonsense and helping others to stop blocking themselves out. Then people can explore the non-physical on their own. And, I fell into these traps too many years ago, just to note that I had my own way too. Forget what you’ve found anywhere.

Btw I need to mention that there are some books and videos with informative stuff, telling these exact same beliefs but in big details. Your body starts to be in sleep paralysis, then the vibrations will build up from toes to head. Just don’t try to replicate these.

Astral Projection is just one approach but people tend to follow the same practices without results

As you may know other articles from my site, Astral Projection or any other labels are aiming for the same, conscious, non-physical life of yours. Most people have NO idea what they are aiming for or what is the non-physical.

So what people, in general, can find through Google, are sites and videos where people are sharing the exact same, copied theory or “truth” about how to Astral Project. They are telling you the exact same BS about how it works, what to do or wait for. This will cause fear and confusion in many people because they are new to this, have no idea what they are playing with and waiting for signposts which they may never get. Vibrations are one of them. Many won’t have any knowledge at all and they have these unintentionally and being in a huge fear. So many times research (the dumb one on the first sites as Google results) is secondary after you got these without knowing anything.

You lay there on your back (or in other positions), take a deep relax and you will encounter your fears. These are stages but not by doing them but rather they are designed automatically for us to get through. Fear barriers so to speak and we tend to go through them slowly. Step by step.

When you try to Astral Project, with a great chance, you already learned all the BS beliefs about what to expect, what will scare you, how the Astral Planes are working (no they aren’t…). I know these all, I wonder who started to spread these. These beliefs about 7 planes and 4 bodies are coming from mystical sources from thousands of years back. You “Astral Project” there like a big journey into the mystical world. And people will reinforce these beliefs because they want to believe in them.

Vibrations or vibrational stage which may never happen

After you may get the idea about the main issues of how it works in theory, let’s see where the nonsense is. Because I will tell you a secret. You may never experience any vibrations. I know many people are speaking about it in Out-of-Body Experience circles that they feel so special and like a TV show…

Astral Projection

People tend to paint the whole AP and vibrations topic as a huge experience which was frightening or awesome and they just did this and that. Sure, you CAN project with vibrations but it is rare. It is just an energetic symptom which you may never get. Robert Monroe based his initial ideas on it and later he dropped it. What people did since then? Following the exact same what he did.

You may never get any vibrations. You may get rushing sounds, mostly imagery in your mind behind your closed eyelids. The fun fact is that I know some people having conscious non-physical experiences with many techniques and they may never experience vibrations, maybe a few times in decades! For me, I have sometimes a warm or hot phase and that IS the vibration. For most, it IS Sleep Paralysis. Do you get it? You name it differently. Some may hear a buzzing sound.


You get these stages, like vibrating, hearing stuff, seeing stuff because these are parts of your process. If you pass these, you are free to roam. Not always. Guidance is watching your progress and sometimes helping too. I can’t really tell you how it is for you. If you tend to fear any of these, you know what to overcome.

Vibrations sometimes could be very frightening and violent for many people. And this symptom or stage may appear for Out-of-Body believers. For a reason. They think they leave a body. And they replicate the same belief construct. And they leave it. Amazing, isn’t it?

These people who are spreading these stuff are unaware of what they are saying or doing. And if a stage of pre-projection is there for somebody, it won’t mean that you will have the exact same symptom. We are unique and have our unique experiences. Don’t copy others or try to follow techniques.

But this is how our human thinking and nature works. We think that something is true for everybody and then here is your technique, approach or problem. Vibrations or the vibrational stage may NEVER happen to you. Don’t wait for it. Relax or use mental imagery and if it hits you, don’t focus on it ever.

I hope this helped you a lot. Support the site and thanks for reading!

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