Dream Diary – A little help for my Readers!

Okay, everybody, I decided to give some tips and hints of leading a dream diary the way I tend to do it. Your non-physical experiences (dreams) are maybe too much to handle if you are like me, having countless ones and you need to take them into some sort of order. If you are already familiar with the Focus Model of Consciousness from my site, you will have an easy job.

You will have an easy job to make categories for yourself where you were, what you did or experienced. It helps to see if you were at existing places or in simulations for example. As usual, be careful what you believe and test them out many times! Beliefs have no place in your development of growing up.

And you may be noticed that whenever I mention the label “dreams”, it is always in the Astral Projection category. Call it projection, phasing, OBE, they are all the same with various approaches. Your dream journal is the key to keep up your intention and track your records about what you are doing in your multidimensional life. You will remember more and keep your experiences for longer periods in your mind to recall. The Wider Reality knows your intention and helps you.

Dream journal, the way to structure your non-physical, multidimensional experiences

My journal is a personal thing but I will share some tips and hints about my practice. Use Times New Roman or Calibri in a DOC file (MS Word), or whatever you have on your Operating System or device. I use title text size as 16 points (header for each day to the left) and 12 point size text below. Simple and easy. Use at least 4 colors for font texts to help you differentiate the nature of your experiences. Use vibrant colors for very big ones.

dream journal

Some will be mind noises, some are reaction tests with challenges. Many are Focus 2 experiences or Focus 3 experiences at existing non-physical places. If you had hundreds of these, you will know which are which one. Take notes maybe into another file where you note yourself what is what and what category for you.


After years, you will see what was what. Even if you ask me. One thing is that I may tell you everything and what you experience from first-hand. I can’t live your life but I can lead you if you ask me.

The dream journal in itself will reinforce your goal and intent in your non-physical mind that you want to remember your experiences which I tell everybody who asks me for help. This is how life works: what you WANT? Take copies of your diary to prevent losing it. I think that’s all for now. Enjoy your experiences and remember, you have a job to do there! But you can have fun all the time.

Remember, share this site, my work and Support me if you can. Thank You!

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