What does it mean when you dream about somebody from your daily life?

Having a dream about somebody whom you know in your daily life is an interesting experience and NOT what people think it is. It is actually very very rare to have the same non-physical experiences with somebody else. Because most people tend to naively believe that they were “dreaming” with the same person which person still physically alive.

We want to believe in it because we don’t know the nature of dreams.

Also, you can have experiences with deceased relatives but those are another category and I already wrote a little bit about this here.

The thing is that most of the time, we are having non-physical experiences with familiar characters for the sake of our lessons to learn or tasks to handle. Most people will meet their wife, husband, children, family members and friends in their own mind noise which is the first barrier towards becoming aware of your non-physical life.

Do you have a dream about somebody from your daily life?

With a great chance, almost in 10 out of 10 cases, you are having your experiences with aspects of yourself. We have countless aspects from each person whom we met in this lifetime already. They will become us automatically and some therapists are pointing these out from our mind’s “deeper” parts sometimes. These aspects are you, you have another sister, a father, a child, etc. They are non-intelligent non-physical characters which are filling up your mind’s game at the first stages.

dream about somebody

What I’m talking about here is that these characters are there in your non-physical life automatically. You can and they can behave the same way or very differently. They are parts of your game and NOT real people.

If you are good at your multidimensional life after some years, you can leave them alone and go to more interesting experiences. Because they are keeping you up. They are there because you are familiar with them, so they will be there automatically to fill the gaps.

The communication is sometimes simple with them but if you are fully aware and will start to test them, soon it turns out, that they are just empty, dumb characters. They are real but they have no real personality on their own. Same goes for me. Many will cling to them from emotional attachment which is keeping people back.

The mind noise and your “inner” game

Actually, nothing is inside anything, it is symbolic. Like you are not in your head or brain or body at all. Just to dissolve this nonsense again.

When I speak about mind play or mind noise, I’m not talking about those nonsense scientific guesses. It is like that, you have steps to overcome and once you break through your own mind noise, you can be aware of your real non-physical life where you have the real chance to speak to real entities, visit existing places and do much more. This is a school so to speak to graduate from. You can bet how many people will tell these in this detailed manner on other sites. I know these, been there to experience.

Our society and science or therapists are seeing a tiny surface about what goes on there. They don’t get it fully how it works. We have tools like Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, Phasing and many more to figure these out for ourselves.

dream about somebody

If the person has almost the same “dreams” as you

Of course, I dropped the “dream” label a long time ago. You have a multidimensional life and you can do anything after you broke your limits. You can still have experience with another somebody, there is no rule to block you out from it. I still don’t know how or maybe guides are arranging these experiences for a reason but it is real. There are many stories about these and I tend to see them and investigate them.

Here, I can only give my insight into why it happens. I feel some test or lesson in these and it never happened to me. I guess I was almost always aware who am I multidimensionally, so I’m doing other things on my own.

Maybe there is a hidden lesson for both of you, with whoever you got the experience. Maybe the Wider Reality or guidance tries to catch your attention to realize how much more we are and what are the possibilities beyond this limited reality.

Non-physical experiences with deceased loved ones

It can happen and almost everybody will doubt the whole experience and question them. Most people will wash them off because they don’t know what dreams are, where do they take place and about the whole thing. Our society just doesn’t understand this. And don’t want to, it is scary for them.

Nobody ever dies or lives, we are focusing our primary attention here. When we “die” the body dies and we switch back our primary attention with a left-over false body image to the non-physical or others will call it the Afterlife. Religions are making a good job keeping people inf fear about this and what happens to them.

You can surely meet with loved ones all the time with countless options. Mostly, they will contact you for first. They can use up dream scenarios to help you elevate your awareness or they will just sit near your bed with a reality overlay. Everybody is there, they are just using other means of communication.

What to do?

The rest is up to you to figure it out who is who. It takes effort, intent, practice. Dreams are NOT about meanings mostly. I’m too little to tell this to everybody and help them realize the real things.

They are non-physical packages of communication or are your multidimensional life in subjective terms. Not an easy thing to describe but don’t get caught up on gossips, rumors and what you can find on the Internet and in books. People want to make a living from everything and sell their beliefs. I give tools to find it out for yourself and sharing real things.

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