How to hydrate yourself properly – Drink more clean mineral water!

This article is just about a general issue, hydrating yourself properly, mostly around summer with mineral water. There are many scientific suggestions, medical ones about how to drink more or hydrate ourselves properly through the summer. Or in general. It is hot outside, we need to build back all the minerals which we tend to sweat out automatically.

Actually, a very few people know that there is a simple indicator which will tell you exactly if you are properly hydrated or not. Guess, what it is? Your urine’s color. I won’t speak so much here and this whole issue about drinking enough clear water is a simple thing to handle. Of course, I know that it is very hard for elder people to maintain because they tend to feel less urge to drink water. For kids, it is not a big issue.

Which “water” to choose?

From personal experiences, I can suggest what works for me. But in general, it will be the same solution for everybody else. This is not a BS talk or selling you anything because I don’t want to and I can’t haha. Simple solution, you know.

mineral water

What you need is clear water with all the necessary minerals just like: calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. You need all of these and it can be that those amounts are not enough. My Vitamin C solution can help with building back all the good stuff.

What you DO NOT need are: fluoride, chlorine, and anything around which are harmful normally. Same for toothpaste. Just don’t select a clear mineral or spring water which contains these. Some natural sources will contain these but I wouldn’t buy them.

You don’t need to rotate your mineral water brands. Just don’t get caught up with this myth. Your body will use the minerals up faster in summer. They won’t really accumulate even normally if you live a normal life.

Tap water is not so good in the long run. If you live in the USA, fluoride is in the tap water as far as I know. There are many countries where tap water is really bad. I wouldn’t drink it. I don’t even drink our own tap water which stinks from iron and chlorine. You won’t have any harm from normal mineral water. You don’t even need fizzy ones with all the bubbles. Who knows what it does in the long run with all the carbonated bubbles? If you need fizzy or bubbly stuff, drink some soft drinks sometimes.

How much do you need? This is the indicator!

You need the amount which you experimented out. Just try it for yourself. For me, maybe it is around 2 liters a day or less. Maybe a 1,5-liter bottle is too much and I’m a fit person. NOT 3-4-5 liters geez! Of course, it depends on your lifestyle. A sporting somebody may need more with more minerals in it. A normal person won’t need so much.

Do you know from what indicator do you know if you are being properly hydrated? Your urine’s color. It needs to be almost colorless. NOT white, colorless. It becomes colorless after having all the clear water in your system and you won’t even see it yellowish. That is the goal for you.

mineral water

Drinking sugary stuff or artificially sweetened stuff, eating salty and spicy foods will all dehydrate you. Keep it in mind. More clear water needs to be there in your system to flush out all the toxins and waster products.

There could be a thing with this and don’t worry. At night, you are not digesting like daytime and you don’t drink. You can still sip some from near your bed each night but you will pee more. That is normal. Peeing more is normal, you can do it even 5-6 times a day or more! Don’t worry. And don’t worry if you are having yellowish one each morning. Start to drink when you feel the need for it and it will become colorless again, flushing out all the stuff from your bladder. It is about dilution.

Don’t overdo it, we don’t need to drink all day long. Use common sense. You may feel the urge to drink but you are perfectly hydrated. It happens to me mostly around the evenings. Your stomach will wobble from fluids lol.

I hope it helped. Share the site and thank you for supporting it and keeping alive!

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