ADHD – Why you have it and why it is relatively unreal!

Many people “suffer” these days from ADHD or from attention deficit and the medical industry will categorize them like that. It is for the sake of making money out of their useless treatments and sell toxic chemicals. Some other people will get their job from treating them personally without telling a useful thing about this. And as usual, common sense is non-existent in our society. I will explain why you never had any condition and that everybody has this nonsense ADHD. Just take one step back and read it.

The truth is that we can’t keep our attention on one target at one time in our daily life. We are bombarded with technological stuff, news, fear-spreading, games to play, antisocial media sites, false pieces of information, etc. We can’t pay attention to only one thing at the same time for too long. This is an attention deficit. Some may try to help it with meditation and it surely helps. You are FULL of civilizational stuff each day and you can’t concentrate. It starts at school where you can’t race with other “normal” people. And you are normal too with your own limits!

So in short, there are NO real disorders or conditions, these industries are making them up with scientific “evidence” and with group results to fund these nonsense, money-making problems. If somebody falls into these as a prey, it is not easy to get out. Most people need to believe in these because they believe in science and don’t do a slight research at all. But mostly, we don’t know in general what we are, what our mind is capable of. There is too much information-overload out there with mostly distorted “truths”.


Before defensive people would like to read this, just think before you say a thing. I share my help and solutions for people here. ADHD is as real if you believe it is or you have that “condition”. It is so simple to solve this problem but it takes effort to do so. Stay with me.

How these nonsense mental condition categories are existing in our world, like ADHD?

We live in a world where if some people are out of the normal statistics or social behavior with their mental faculties starting from birth or elementary school, for example, they will be labeled and categorized. These mental conditions are non-existent basically and were created to control you with toxic pills and treatments which you don’t need.

I used to speak with some ADHD people on public forums in the past and they soon told me that they can’t concentrate on one thing. Here you go, ADHD. We tend to even discuss these nonsense conditions on non-physical forums where people know for sure that people just want to believe what is told. You can’t face somebody with the fact that they have no problems if they don’t want to change their thinking. “Hm, maybe he is right, I just can’t pay attention to one thing…”

These made-up conditions are very popular among US citizens for example. Therapists will take advantage of these people and give them treatments which may help, or may not.

Our whole current system is designed to spot out these people with difficulties and group them up to institutions and treatments because they are our of the sheeple normality.

Btw in our current society, most people don’t have so much attention time for things. This is why for example, videos on Youtube are short in length, people can’t pay attention. Or articles on the Internet, people can’t read them as a whole. Maybe kids in school, they can’t concentrate so much on one thing, it is boring.

People with brain deformations, having ADHD maybe from birth

This is a quick group to discuss. I know that there are some people who are dealing with this from their infant ages or from birth. You can point out the brain areas where maybe there is that connection on an MRI. But wait a minute. If you roam on my site and read what you can, you will soon understand that the brain is a device which holds the necessary connections on THIS side of our multidimensional life. You do some modification via your repeated thoughts, it will change after that. You are not your brain!


So when – even from birth – you have a deformation or anything around, the brain can rewire itself according to your willpower and you will function normally. There are countless stories about this with children, even from my niece with left-hand coordination problems. People just don’t know about it what is possible or what is the limit. You need the willpower to achieve your goals, even physical ones which you can heal. Of course, lost body parts won’t grow back. Use common sense.

A girl on the internet was famous about losing control from a missing brain part in her hands. What she did? She used her intent and she can move her hand again. The brain is a device which you as consciousness controls all the time. I’m sharing you these issues to notice how unreal these conditions are. Like religions – people will believe that you can’t do a thing, you are ill and you are caught. That’s so simple.

Many will defend their disease or disability because they have nothing special in their life and they don’t want to change. They need this disability to suffer. Good luck to them. Really. You can’t help the most. People need to realize on their own how limited their thinking is. And there are countless stories about people, healing from diseases. They are real. We create diseases for ourselves and we can reverse them too.

Why some people born with ADHD?

I could mention any of these nonsense diseases and disability categories but the truth is simple. We are coming into physical lives with a probable body setup and for our lessons. If you get a disease or condition almost from the start of your life, it was for a reason. You chose it to deal with it as best as you can. You may reprogram your mind and you can heal yourself over some years.

It is up to us and this is not a mystical BS, we can do it. And it is real, even for infants with cancer because they have emotional issues non-physically.


It takes tremendous willpower, effort, persistence, and mostly intent. Your intent will be the driving force and it affects your body all the time. We just don’t notice it. For ADHD, you will simply learn to concentrate on one thing for as long as you can. Then you are “healed”. You just need to convince yourself that you are okay. But the job is yours. We all have attention deficit in this world!

We have information-overload everywhere. Even if your brain device which allows you, consciousness, to control your body through the brain is damaged somehow, you can repair it with your thoughts. Just trust yourself. This is one primary reason why you live a physical life if you don’t have other big challenges. You don’t take the effort to solve these problems in your life, why are you here?

How to solve this ADHD nonsense and become “disability” free

As I mentioned, there are no real disabilities, even if you born with any. Or you are in a wheelchair but you can’t grow back a lost leg surely. We are making these difficulties up for a reason for ourselves. You have these limits for a reason, you chose them. You have time to deal with them. Even if you have a child in a wheelchair, it is a two-fold game. Seemingly horrible but it is much simpler. One will help from love and one will try to deal with the problem.

The best thing is to find a way each day to pay all of your attention to that target. A song which you hear, a distant sound, a candle flame to stare into gently. Mostly, learning to meditate will help a lot. You need to stop focusing into this world and stop your mind’s chat. Stop thinking. And you will see how it really helps to eliminate this problem. Your mind is everywhere, I can bet on it.

You will understand that we are simply just bombarded with so much stuff that we are unable to focus our attention. And it starts from elementary school where you need to match yourself with others. Or to a teacher who also doesn’t know a thing about life other than what is told to him/her.

Here is your solution. It may take up to months and years and you will make it. Ask one question from yourself. Do I really have to believe what is told about this before, or do I want to change this?! It takes effort. Your intent does the job if it is strong enough. Like everything in life. Find a target, concentrate on it as long as you can. Longer and longer each time.

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