You have an Old Soul – This is where psychics will rip you off!

This is an interesting thing which people tend to believe from naivety and from lack of understanding about if they have an old soul. The basic word that you have a soul is ridiculous after you may understand later that we are not in a body and it is an objectified mystical term. Nobody has an old soul or nobody is old or young, that is just nonsense and I will tell you why.

As usual, you can find this out for yourself alone if you take the effort and become aware of your non-physical life. You can learn about these on my site and I share real knowledge. Real because you can test it and I won’t lie to you ever. It is a relative term what is real for people, the most will follow a belief system and call it real. I won’t play with these here, this site is opening up people.

So let’s dissolve this “old soul” belief with which mystics, psychics and mediums are scamming people. I need to make exceptions here again that not all of these people are doing it. At least not intentionally. Some are just there to help because they can. Even if what they say are hundreds of years old beliefs.

Pretty interesting that my site is not a debunking place to come basically but I tend to always find any of these to dissolve the lies and to help people know more about what they normally can’t. Most of the times when I see these scams, I don’t feel that it is fair to play with people. I mean what they believe to be true but we all have our free will to live in our own illusions.

old soul

Another thing that many people are so naive that they will fall into these traps and I think we all deserve this if we don’t have personal experiences from the non-physical or we don’t do researches deeply. Yes, we deserve this If we fall into these traps and if we don’t know what we are dealing with. Don’t believe what others are saying you, test it. Most people don’t know how to do it.

Nobody is old or young, we don’t “have” an old soul at all

This is a common thing which I noticed in the external daily life here and there. Also, I noticed this that it comes back too frequently all over the internet, on sites and public forums. People are NOT smart at all if they for first will believe these, then ask about these as facts. I don’t get this but some people need to start somewhere to start questioning these. Most people are simple-minded, they will believe these. No problem.

We are timeless in our basic nature without a form. We come from the non-physical world to play these characters with the personalities and traits which we construct from our first years. Our value of consciousness and our driving force so to speak are the only things which are there to work with. This is why our society is like that in our world because most are underdeveloped in their basic nature. The few power-hungry people can control them.

We are in the non-physical right now too and when we have dreams via sleeping. We just don’t tune into it like well-advanced Astral Projectors for example because our primary attention is here and our mind is limited. But we don’t have these limits there. So about this old and young nonsense, we live all our lives right now and we have countless other versions. I know most people unable to digest this fact and they can prove this to themselves over some years or decades of conscious sleeping too. Just one way form many.

Many people still try to hold strongly this soul concept in their beliefs and little universe because they need this specialty. They want to feel special. Well, we all are. These things are coming from hard life experiences.

Do these people really know a thing about any of these “facts”?

How many from these psychics, mediums and mystics did that for themselves? They don’t even penetrate their own “subconscious” to pass their own belief constructs. This old soul nonsense is coming from the same place as reincarnation.

They fail to realize that we are NOT living our other lives by ourselves and not in a sequential manner. It is not how it goes. They tend to think in physical terms because the linear space and time physical law is existing only in physical realities.

You can jump into any given timeline to live a life! Do you see how limited these people are? Also regular people? Most people in our world have no chance to even avoid these traps. Everybody tries to get by from others and we can’t help this issue in the world of money and power.

old soul

About the scam that we have a soul

This is a hard thing too. These ideas are coming from the same place that we leave a body and we enter a body or we are inhabiting one right now. This is a fear-based, centuries-old concept which is there because you need to guard your soul, like in religions or it will burn in hell or whatever comes. There are many rituals, theories, “truths” about the soul thing and actually, our society still believes in it. Same true for the nonsense extraterrestrial soul religion these days.

If somebody grows up in a country and society where everything is about their religion, comes from their parents, it flows out of the tap, it is hard to just stop believing in it. It takes a certain personality to overcome. It is not easy for people living in a country full of beliefs and religions to get lost of these. Most people will follow others. All countries have their own or the basic ones in our world. But I don’t want to hurt others, this is just a fact and I don’t touch religions for a reason.

This soul thing for these people who are believing it is just something which is so fearful that something can get it or hurt it or it can dissolve into nothingness after their death. Really? We are dying all the time in this sense each day after we fall asleep and we are resurrecting or “reincarnating” upon waking up. You may get this by now.

People having successful or unintentional Out-of-Body Experiences or Astral Projections are relatively copying their body image and creating this long-lasting belief about who they are. They believed in their whole life that they were in a body and they have a soul. Then they will reinforce this belief the first time from fear. If you don’t expect to have a soul or be in a body, then with a great chance, you are simply here or there without limits. I mean in your non-physical life. The body is a tool for physical life with a controller.

Having an old soul is also a metaphor about being wise in life

That’s my favorite part of this. This is you if you are getting this metaphor back from others. You are maybe a wise type of person with all of your bads and goods. So, you are still learning as we all do in life and you have insights and you can be a wise somebody to others. You may look through things which the most can’t. For me, some may tell me and already told this but not in a mystical sense. I just learn fast in life and I know what value I have in my non-physical part. About me, many will see me wise and “old” but I don’t play with it.

Look at it this way. We are all using our other personalities which are creating your current one. This is what people studying or judging schizophrenia and can’t understand. We are those characters too. So if you are made from good valued personalities with all the wiseness, you are labeled as an old soul very easily. People around you are just seeing the illusional surface about you.

We are a group personality in the first place. And we are connected with many many other versions of ourselves. We just think that we are alone. No wonder the past life nonsense is diving up here. We are not our other versions but we are connected.


That’s all to this old soul nonsense. It is not about being old or having a soul if you get these ideas. These people who are spreading these often try to label people because they want the other person to feel so special or advanced according to others that they will have a bigger ego and they found a source to give their money to learn more about their bigger egotism lol.

Please, people, just use common sense. Somehow our society doesn’t have it. You can learn a lot about much more from this site.

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