Dreams about Flying – This is where websites are fooling you!

People get dreams about flying many times in their lifetime which are their non-physical experiences with many more. They will enjoy it or are terrified of them. No wonder that the first thing is, they will look up on these nonsense dream interpretation sites on the Internet and this is what is the general thing in our society. You grab out an element and see what it means.

People believe that whatever you get in your sleep life, it is just something which you can translate into objective terms. Everybody else does that, right? Wrong.

And in general, even if the evidence about being non-physical is pushed into your face, you will still question it. Why? It doesn’t fit into our limited world and thinking. Maybe the 100th time.

It is true that we are experiencing our non-physical life via objective terms but for the most, the road is ending here. They don’t get it. We have our dreams in the non-physical world where we are not limited by human conditions and physical reality rules. We just don’t know about it, we don’t know the ground rules. It takes up to years or decades if you start to understand these without help.

The information is out there, even on my site, people don’t do a slight research at all.

Dreams about flying, one thing from the many which you can experience

These days I tend to take notes on what I see on public forums or all over the web and make some drafts for later use to explain them in full details. Of course in the hope to tell people how much more they don’t know about their sleep life. If they want to learn about them.

We need to accept that the most don’t want to do a thing with these and keep on having only “dreams”. They enjoy them, playing in their non-physical life, they won’t get further at all ever. That is okay if they don’t want to know more.

You can have non-physical experiences in isolated simulations which are created for you by non-physical guides or maybe you are still in your own mind noise. Your mind is your non-physical part, the observer behind the scenes in your daytime. The physical body is just the mechanism which we as consciousness will operate but we are not in it.

dreams about flying

When you can fly in your dreams, it is not about meaning this and that. You simply don’t have physical rules and a body to be tied down with gravity. Sure, you use seemingly a physical body there too but because your expectations will create one each time you go there. Because this is what you expect, to use a body.

You would be surprised that we don’t have a body at all in general. Our normal world is the non-physical from where we are coming from. It is natural for us living there, not here with limits. But our filter of experiences are filtered down after our human perception.

You can simply just do it. If you are in existing “Afterlife” places or in non-physical cities, for example, you will be kicked out automatically many times. The locals don’t want it to see, you are simply messing up their life showing these or other superpowers. You can jump up into the air above something or fly because you can do it. Not because it is a stupid message which you need to over-objectify.

Flying is maybe about another thing

Sometimes it can be that your mind (your bigger part which our society calls “subconscious”) will show this flying thing as you are having an Out-of-Body Experience. This is the nature of the subjectivity there.

It is automatic and you will experience this that way. Or maybe via levitating above the ground. It IS a translation of your experience.

Of course, there is no “out of body” at all but still many people can create this illusion for themselves via practice. It is a belief system and the followers can simply download this concept from the non-physical. Then if they are successful, they will roll out in their bed or fly away.

It happens because you subscribed to that construct and takes time to create. But we were never in a body, fear causes it in people to create it. Fear of physical body death.

And your guidance?

It can be other times that guidance makes you fly or they are transporting you. You may never even notice their presence at all but you are just flying without conscious control. But the thing is that you have to learn and grow there all the time.

It is an objective translation which we do automatically when we are transported in the non-physical from point A to point B. Others will see grey blur or acceleration in other terms as I already wrote about this. It is normal, an objective translation of what you get.

I think these are the general cases and these will explain the whole thing. Please understand that dreams are not just some sort of fancy hallucinations and this site explains you all. If you liked my help, share the site and support it with your friends!


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