Is the physical body possession real? That is a mystical nonsense!

To keep it short, in our world this is possession nonsense is just one thing which is known in general and based on fear. I just wanted to mention this and dissolve this nonsense about the so-called possession scam and how mystics and psychics, also religious people are up to this. As I tend to repeat myself, not all of these people have bad intentions and many of them are actually helping people. Sort of. So no debates.

On my part, it is about dissolving the nonsense about this and help people diminish fear from it. In short, NOBODY, no entity can possess your body in normal cases. I mean, don’t cling onto this idea. If there are real cases (and I’m sure there are), it is NOT possession in this manner. It is not like that. I’m explaining the possession itself and how it is totally unreal. If some people can experience it, I mean, they deserve it. It needs a certain level of stupidity.

Real stuff can happen sometimes to very weak people who are so stupid to allow non-physical entities to ruin their lives. They have the power to stop that, end of the story. I don’t spread fear and I hate that others are doing it. And naive people will fall into these traps. Stay with me.

Your physical body is made for You, by You from the non-physical world!

Each time you try out a physical life in a physical Universe or reality, you need to control a body. It is needed to allow your consciousness with a limited band of thinking faculty to jump into physical life. In short, the physical body is made from the womb and each time an entity like you or me will take it over with our unique signature. This is how we come and go. We use a body focus, we are not in it. Despite the nonsense that science searches for consciousness in the brain which is a device.


We all have a unique energetic signature, like a fingerprint so to speak and we can only use it alone. Nobody else can. Look at it as your aura with colors. We simply use our bodies like a robotic vehicle. You reintegrate with it also each time you fall asleep, have non-physical experiences (dreams) and you return back. No, not in a physical movement sense. You don’t notice it but you simply reintegrate with it from your perspective. People who are familiar with Astral Projection or Out-of-Body Experience practices can experience this sometimes.

You can experience all the energetic sensations via deep meditation when you try to enter the non-physical consciously. Most people don’t know a thing about this and if they experience these, they are in great fear. It is there, it was there but you didn’t know, like Sleep Paralysis. So the problem only comes when people are trying to open up these doors to the actual mechanics but they can’t digest it.

The truth is that you are using your body as your primary focus in your physical life and nobody else can without you. And people who believe in all the religious nonsense demonic stuff can still remember that it is the way it works. I don’t discuss worst-case scenarios because in general, people at least have some common sense to not believe those fear-spreading stuff. Okay, unfortunately too many people believe all these stuff. They want to.

Fear from not being able to return back to your body via OBE or AP

This is a common misconception in these communities and between people who learned the same BS overload from the internet, from books, and from public speakers. There is a belief that you are in a body, so with these practices, you can reinforce this belief instantly. People try to force themselves out of a body. They were never in it.

So what happens after a while? They will be successful. But not because they were in it. This is how our Wider Reality works in the non-physical. Your beliefs and expectations are being reinforced so what you wanted will be your experience. In other words, you “manifested” this outcome or reality. It stays with you until you stop believing in it. This is free will.

Then the fear comes when you think you can’t get back to your body. It mostly comes out when people are seeing their copied body, sleeping in their bed or wherever they left it. Some may believe that somebody is inhabiting their body lol. You don’t see the actual physical world but a copy of it. It is created for you, for this purpose. Unless you don’t face your fears with this one too, you will have problems. And as I mentioned, nobody can take over your body at all. Even if you allow guides to use it for good purposes, you have the full power to use it.


The body is made for you and you are controlling it. People should just understand the basic nature of our multidimensionality.

Mystics and psychics, about possession

I completely understand that these people (respect to the exceptions as always!) learned the same BS which also their mentors did centuries ago. Same nonsense beliefs. But what we are dealing with here is that they are making a business about keeping people in fear and they can give you their stupid solution to undo the non-existent possession. Same for past lives, addictions, love connections, karma, etc. Naive people will fall into these traps and they don’t do researches to get out.

And the joke is that these people who are selling fear mostly don’t even know that they are selling their beliefs in this. If your beliefs are strong enough, they will become real over time. Very same for all the heavens and hells, people are creating them and they are in the non-physical. Or that guides are standing next to you. Nobody forces them to do it. This is human nature basically, based on fear.

So in the end, don’t let yourself get caught up in these practices and services. Make your own researches! Do your homework. Step one step back if you are vulnerable and emotionally low and be skeptical. Where is common sense these days, right?

I hope I could help many people even with this article. If you find my site useful, please share it and support my work. Thank You and enjoy your stay here where you can learn a lot about real stuff and how our multidimensional nature works.

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