Why do you hear music in your head? It is non-physical communication!

This is an interesting issue about hearing an impression of music in your head which popped into my mind to share and explain it. I know for sure that everybody can experience it and it is a non-physical communication tool, just one from the many. What it means or what to do with it? Is it annoying?

The basic thing which you need to understand about this music in your head idea is that it is NOT in your head, it is a physical shell for the brain. You are your mind and you are already in the non-physical even at daytime, being awake. It is a communication thing when you hear that. Just to dissolve some misconceptions from our scientific worldview.

As usual on my site, I give you the answers for the big questions. You will test them out if you are deeply into this.

You are not so separate from the non-physical world but it seems to be

So, music in your head is about communication and I will share two basic examples about what it is about or what to do with it. But before that, let’s explain the basic idea. The thing is that we simply tend to block out any non-physical communication channels which don’t fit into our daily life. We just got used to it like falling asleep each night into the unconscious state.

music in your head

We are our minds which is not in a brain. The brain is a device which interprets the external world and keeps the body functioning while we are using our daily primary focus or focus of attention in this world. We have our tasks here but when we are asleep, we switch into the non-physical. Okay, this is a basic thing, it is all over this site, explained many times.

This basic idea which you may saw on my site in the Focus Model is that we are multidimensional and we are already existing in countless forms and characters in the non-physical too. So simply if you switch off your physical focus which you have each day, you simply switch to your non-physical focus.

We are simply unaware that the non-physical world is there around us. And we can still receive information or communication and we can send too. This is where you know, the “subconscious” nonsense fails a little bit because we are the ones who are unaware of our “bigger” part.

Our non-physical mind, guidance and many more from an infinite world. This physical reality or Universe is a tiny part of it and there are endless ones in numbers. Look at it as a huge infinite system where there are infinite numbers of worlds. We work with limits and our mind can’t interpret so much.

You hear these impressions because somebody wants to tell you something

Somebody really wants you to listen to your favorite song but as an impression. Impression means that you don’t hear or see things mostly, you will have the residue of that experience. It may repeats in the refrains, maybe a specific melody part or some sentences. It can repeat itself a hundred times, maybe for hours. You don’t realize it until you keep thinking about it for a while. And then… wait a minute, I can’t stop this.

The purpose, in this case, is that you should pay attention and catch the phrases. If you get it, my best method is to go to Youtube and search up for a lyrics version of that song. Well, I’m not English so maybe I don’t get some words if I don’t see them written down lol.

The message is there, you may didn’t pay attention. You may got other types of messages which are subjective but you didn’t “listen”. It can be that you need an answer from your guidance or you have a horrible life situation, you had a bad day, etc. And here is your solution or message. Maybe you will get the solution for something or anything around.

If you don’t get it, ask for clarifications many times until you get something new. Not verbally, in your mind. Don’t hesitate to ask but the job is only yours.

music in your head

You hear the music in your head because somebody is interested in you

This is the most interesting part and many NP travelers like me know about it. While in this “dimension”, we can hear an impression of a song or sound, in the non-physical (or in your dreams) you can hear full-blown songs and sounds like you heard them with your own ears. You can hear melodies which don’t even exist in our civilization. It is very different when you are conscious of your multidimensional life.

The thing is, that there could be one or just many entities who are watching over you. They may follow your life progress or you just met them in some experiences via sleep and they got their “head” on you. In these cases, there is no message but the impression itself. Some may repeat songs because they like them and they can’t talk to you in other terms.

Don’t forget, we are thinking in objective, human terms and the non-physical is not like that. But they can still find a medium or channel like these to talk to you. You will simply just miss the whole point of this if you try to cling on the words.

There could be one or more entities there who are simply interested in music or they are musical. They may would like to hear more from you because you hear your songs and they will too because you are broadcasting it.

In an infinite system without space and time, there could be just anybody and anything which you can’t even imagine. And I know these from first-hand experiences, as usual. Some may simply enjoy when you listen to any music or melody. You start to vibrate from it if you can feel the emotions from it in your whole being, aka being emphatic. This will cause that somebody or more entities may gravitate towards you and they will enjoy it with you.


In the end, this whole idea about the music in the head is very magical and opens up many doors if you are open to other ways of communications. Somebody may try to open up your eyes, to help or just to enjoy your company. Our society is just washing this off and no wonder, we learned to act this way. I didn’t know that this is how it is years back.

These impressions are weak for many of us. Maybe some people who are pretty good in creativity and music are more tuned for these. We simply wash these experiences off because they are weak. And we don’t know what to do with them. Or they are annoying. The non-physical side then can’t do much more for you just repeating the same thing, like dreams and nightmares until you pay attention.

The primary problem usually comes when regular people think they simply just have some mind noise in their “head”. As normal people tend to think. Most people don’t know anything about the non-physical or what is “real”. We tend to believe that everything is physical.

I hope this helped you. Remember to share the site and support it. Thank you for reading!

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