What Dreams are?

We all have dreams all the time, even if we don’t remember them. I want to make a “short” article with this issue and of course tell people again what dreams are. I would like to make people realize that dreams are not just some sort of hallucinations, brain play or subconscious stuff at all. We live in an age of information overload and people surfing on the web don’t even find the right sources to learn from.

And of course, there is too much nonsense, misleading stuff on the web which won’t even answer a thing about your non-physical experiences. Dream symbolism will answer a tiny fraction of your experiences. Most people simply just don’t know a thing about them. Lucid Dreamers are also far from the big picture, they are only trying out some tricks to check the reality there. This post is about the same old issue, trying to open up some eyes.

What Dreams are? Do you really know a thing about them?

Dreams are your non-physical experiences in a subjective, thought responsive world. This is what I and many other people – being proficient in non-physical exploration – (conscious sleep life) try to share and most of the people questioning this or rushing into this issue don’t even listen. Most people are trying to find an actual belief which will fit into their belief system. I can’t help with it and it is a big debate on public and private forums.


In general, not so many people want to know real things about this. This is the actual situation in our society. It is too fearful and odd. So this is their own block and they need to face their fears the hard way.

So you have your non-physical side and life each time you are asleep. You don’t need to even fall asleep and you can connect to the non-physical world because it is there where you are. We are multidimensional in our basic nature and we can test this out each time. With persistence and effort. This two lacks from the most.

Dreams and the non-physical world?

You simply don’t tune into it and don’t know how to do it. Some may try to force open a third eye which is the interface for this but not the way it is told you for money. Of course for the money! All of these nonsense mystical and mediumistic ideas are there to grab your wallet. Past lives, karma, reincarnation, dream symbolism. Should I continue? I expressed the real issues on these already. I know for sure that many people can’t digest them, the real thing is hard to digest.

When you practice Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, Phasing, Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming and many more, you are entering the same, endless and timeless non-physical world. We are coming from there to live limited life and use limited perception but we are not in a body at all. Another thing which people can’t wrap their mind over.

We are using its created primary focus of attention. Your body is your daily focus of attention to operate with. When you die, it dies off because you don’t need it, like a robotic suit for consciousness. So when you have dreams, they are personal because they are subjective. You have tasks to handle, lessons to learn from guides and you are developing your personality which you normally can’t without a physical life. Your only hope to learn in the non-physical is your body focus. In a limitless world, we think and act differently so we try out physical lives to develop.

Dream personality

Most people in our world are the exact same in their non-physical or dream life. It is hard to make it equal because they are controlling their emotions the same way which is below enough. You release it and you will make it an endless loop of chaos and nightmare. They know they are not the same from their reactions but they are.

It is hard to explain fast but the rulesets are not physical there. What you are doing will be reinforced pretty fast. Your emotions are making a very strong blast of sceneries too in no time. You are the same but you don’t have time to handle all of these so you will run “back” to your body focus. Then you wake up in sweat.


You are the same there as here because you don’t know that there are different ground rules. It is thought responsive many times. Not each time because you can be transported to stable places on-demand or automatically. So the most will have nightmares and nonsense scenarios all the time from their fears and emotional responses.

The whole idea of dreaming is about keeping contact with your non-physical “family” so to speak and you are learning. If you don’t want to, you have time to take on because this game is endless. But we are in physical life for a reason. To learn to control our mindset and manage our emotions. And to note this, most of us are bad in this, regular people. This is a primary function of physical realities like our Universe.

What you see from dreams without knowing the mechanics

What the most are experiencing from all of these are just dreams with some adventures or horrible experiences and they don’t want to know a thing from it. Yes, it varies highly from person to person with all the sceneries, objective forms and many more. Our society doesn’t know a little bit about it because all of those books, websites, and other resources are not answering a thing. Actually not so much.

Even Lucid Dreamers won’t get further with their tricks because that is just one baby step in their development. Most of them don’t even know what they are trying to go for in the end. Once you broke through your own emotional interplay because your dreams are those, you will be able to contact with entities, roam in non-physical places and trace back your own non-physical roots. That is the big deal.

What I see on public forums is that most people don’t want to know even a slight thing about dreams. I’m no way near to somebody who can answer all and I don’t want to. People are scared. I don’t judge anybody but they don’t even know what they are doing each night and they don’t want to do a thing with their dream problems either. The “don’t want to know” is what I’m talking about. Look at public forums on the internet. Endless cries and posts about dreams and problems and no real solutions.

And You? You can learn a lot from this site. Read what you can here, share the site and please support me too! Thank You and have a nice read.

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