Why do I have back pain? Here is your potential solution!

I would guess with this article that many people who will find this one will be interested in alternative solutions for back pain after they didn’t find a useful cure. Many people will potentially take pills and go to a doctor which is not needed in most cases in my opinion. The other group will try to do something physical, like some workout, yoga, jogging and other stuff like going to a chiropractor. There are some ways to do something.

But in many cases, they are useless in the long run. In the short run, you will be free of pain and other effect and then… it comes back. And it hurts or you can’t live a normal life, go to sleep, etc. But why?

IN some cases your back muscles are simply weak like hell. Do something and do some workouts, use dumbbells or a gym. Do something and you will bear with daily physical movements. But in many other cases, you simply caused it. You will see how and keep an open mind.

back pain

The thing is, you are doing it to yourself mentally! That’s the key. Surprising how most people don’t want to face their own mental and emotional issues which are causing these physical problems. Let’s see in this case, how it works. As usual, I want to open up people’s eyes and help them with my thoughts.

The real thing is that you are keeping up a body posture which is a perfect fit to your own mindset, emotional baggage and anything you think or feel each day. You may saw people being elevated from “emotional pain” when they were done by a chiropractor. It is the other way around but it seems like the opposite. Mindset and emotions first, body next.

Back pain and spine issues – you are carrying too much weight on yourself!

Why do we do this to our body? Look at your physical vehicle as the primary barrier towards the external and subjective physical reality. Because it is. Your own interpretation and expectations are doing many things in your life. This is what most of us never learn or notice as human beings.

When you start to feel the pressure in your life and you can’t hold that pressure or weight on your shoulders anymore, this will happen. You can still feel it on your shoulders too! But how is this possible? Your own body is full of metaphors, no wonder about chakras or the third eye. Your spine or back are the supports of your life. And surprised you have the evidence that you can’t do it anymore like that.

As I said, your body is not just a filter or primary barrier which sponges up everything you think or hold like emotions and your mindset but it will accumulate it. Just like becoming fat (emotional issues) or any other. We have space and time illusion which means that over time, your body will accumulate all the stuff you thought, felt and your own mindset too. We simply don’t believe this because we never learned a useful thing in school. It is all about fitting into a slavery system without thinking.

back pain

Not just back pain but many other physical issues are caused by us!

You can bet that any other illnesses, physical injuries, and diseases are created by us. Cancer, Alzheimer, any other are end-results of our thinking. Accumulating emotions at certain parts of our body, closing out the external world or being in anger… It is not happening fast but it is a manifestation of our free will and thinking.

If not external chemicals and other nasty stuff are the cause. In most cases, we are. Our bigger, non-physical part then searches for opportunities in our current timeline to manifest our thinking. That’s it. Did you even know about this?

If I take an example here, you have a job which you hate or you don’t feel your way out. Maybe too much task to handle or too many things to keep in mind? Too much responsibility? You may experience too much pressure and you are accumulating it in your body. Your thoughts, emotions need to go somewhere! Right? It stays there.

You will keep your body posture like somebody bowing all day long, maybe turning your spine left or right all the time, etc. You will make a potential back or any pain issue in your body. This is one of the biggest life lessons which we should learn in my opinion from many. We simply don’t know that this is the way, how it goes. And then you need surgery if you still didn’t stop that mindset.

Let’s be straight, actually, the medical industry and doctors won’t help you, they want you to stay on toxic chemicals. There are some other people who are very enthusiastic and they want to help you. Even mentally. Very rare and actually only a few people believe in this part. We simply don’t learn the real mechanics of our reality and our true nature. You can learn a lot from my site. We don’t need to know everything but some parts can help our life to live much better and easier.

Face your issues and the pain will be gone!

Before you think I blame others, I’m not. This is all about accepting the responsibilities over your thoughts, emotions, what you are doing to yourself. I’m very cautious about how I feel or think many times and I’m doing it in the non-physical world too each night. If I don’t forget to do it lol.

back pain

You should love yourself even when others will hurt you or if you just can’t handle your tasks. Switch to another one, because there are many opportunities. Don’t follow the route of the most, where you just break down like hell after some years or decades.

The solution

To solve this problem, you need to take a daily routine, like meditation or take walks in nature where you can be yourself. Think about your daily thoughts, emotions, suppressed anger, any other stuff. They are surely degrading your physical body. It is there and you don’t even want to notice them. They need to go somewhere and the first barrier is your body. The physical world outside of you and our body image are parts of the same game of illusion.

And it can only do what commands you are giving to it. Life shouldn’t be about suffering. You have options to do or accept. That is my opinion, this situation can happen to anybody else. We can do something about it, right? You don’t need to believe me, catch your emotions and thoughts and change them. Many times you need to change your place in that situation too to help it. Family issues, job, any other are like that.

Once you can manage to handle your new thoughts and realize that you were too serious about something which only exists in your mind, you can move on and you will be surprised how your body follows you. You are the only captain in your ship. Don’t let external life, work or others tell you how to feel or live. Don’t let others control you. You can do it in other ways. We shouldn’t be people pleasers, that is the worst thing to do.

I hope I could help. Please share the site and support it if you can. Have a nice read on the site!

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