Can we really map out the non-physical world?

After I shared a lot about the non-physical world or Astral world, Afterlife, whatever term you prefer, I knew that the time will come to take a note on something important to understand. The non-physical world is a highly subjective “place” and it is not really that simple to roam around or map it out.

You may already saw the Focus Model articles and I need to admit that those are giving you a foundation only and they are not giving you a whole satellite map about what is in our original home. I tried to express this issue many times but it seems like I can’t really find the correct explanation to correct even myself.

This is not about following a strict model, this is about a foundation. You can do the rest and find it out for yourself and I support this method. I don’t share any beliefs or religions and I don’t support them. The foundation is only for the sake to start somewhere. I found it enough clear to use as a tool to build on. Today, for me, it is not what it was years ago. This is why we share a lot on forums but we have totally different experiences. We simply can’t say that there are X levels or reality frames because we can’t measure them. Right now you are still in the non-physical world being wide awake, you just don’t notice it. Do you see my point? We NEVER left the NP, we are focusing our primary attention here, right now


The non-physical world is highly subjective and infinite

The problem comes from our human-like thinking. We are in a limited reality, we have limits to think and to know about, we are not made to understand our original circumstances fully. We can get snippets and glimpses of it, even if we know since decades of conscious exploration. Some are doing this art since 40-50-60 years. It can be via Astral Projection or OBE techniques, via conscious normal sleep or whatever is natural to you. You don’t know it for sure until you are there directly. You need to test it, allow experiences to happen and learn a lot if you want this.

The translation is automatic into your objective terms. This means that we are automatically seeing and experiencing everything with our own, unique, personal filter. This is why one person can’t figure out another’s “dreams” or non-physical experiences. Or maybe one will meet an angel and the other one will meet an energy being. One person visits a famous Afterlife place, seeing it as a huge library and another one will see it as a big hall of holographic stuff.

What about our physical reality?

Do you know why our physical world, our civilization is mostly 99% accurate to everybody? Because we are all and still creating this consensus reality to keep it up. We grow up in the same world and we learn the same stuff to agree on as rules.

The highly subjective part is simply about the fact that we are all unique and we have our own filters to experience the same reality frame without our physical rulesets. We experience these same rulesets just like in our physical Universe, but because we got used to them and we automatically have expectations in the NP to experience the same mechanics. These expectations are changing when you change your thinking. This is the true non-physical world. You shred down these filters and expectations, you notice more and experience more.

Another example could be that we can map out our physical Universe in space but we can’t do the same in the non-physical. Some places are stable and solid and most are not. The true subjective non-physical is formless and you can’t observe it via objective filters. It takes many experiences to get used to it.

The endless Multiverse which is infinite

Infinite means no limits. It is way different than being here and trying to even comprehend the whole thing. Many people still can’t even imagine what is infinite. We can only learn the basics with our own filter. If every potential physical reality already exists with countless versions of you right now, roaming around in physical and non-physical systems, you can bet how “big” it is. The big itself is a physical concept. Everything exists right now at the same spot you are. A personal issue but I already know some other versions of myself, they have their own life.

The true thing is that most of the post-humans from our world are not getting further than those belief systems traps of various heavens and hells and all sorts of cities and places where we still continue to do the same. This is just being a Flatlander or stagnating. In other words, welcome to the Afterlife. No after here, just our emotional baggage to get lost.


These places are existing because we CAN’T let go of our physical life so fast. Not a punishment or anything around, that is nonsense. We are doing it. I think the importance of my site is partly about realizing this issue.

If our original home is endless and we have infinite options to roam around, this is the ultimate waste of time. But not all of us want to do more or know more. This is how free will works. So when we are speaking about subjective things, this means that we all (any other races in any other star systems, galaxies, physical Universes) come and return to the same non-physical place. And we are all experiencing the same world with different filters. But we are so limited in our thinking, understanding, and capacity to digest that we can only get snippets from it and we can only share it with ourselves.


The thing is that even our civilization is not ready to scratch the surface, only some people are. This is what I noticed from my own early childhood either.  We can’t know it all. But we are interconnected in every Focus levels of existence and we are already everywhere. Human or any other physical reality-oriented “intelligent” lifeforms are there to experience physical realities, do the main tasks and return back.

We have the chance in the end to experience ourselves and the Wider Reality or Multiverse with our own, unique lenses. So we never went anywhere, we use a primary focus to experience a reality.

We can use different terms for the same thing, we can believe in religions which are all manmade but the underlying truth won’t change at all. This is perception, we are creating all of these concepts, beliefs, etc. Consciousness (we in a basic state) tries to understand itself via various tools. The place is vast and we can do whatever we would like to.

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