The best and natural relief for headaches!

Here, I can share you a quick fix or relief for headaches which is not artificial. Okay, not in a medical sense. This is my only personal solution which I need and I mostly get headaches from weather changes. I’m sure that it will help others too because the solution in itself is natural and you can buy it in any food shops and supermarkets.

Are you ready? It is filtered green tea! An easy thing to buy, you only need a box of it. You can try the product as dried leaves too. I don’t know why but I don’t react to painkillers and it turned out for me that they have no use at all. I don’t even believe in them. Furthermore, I don’t even recommend using medical crap to anybody. We shouldn’t swallow anything manmade from this industry.

I’m still surprised after many years that a simple green tea filter can solve an annoying problem what other stuff can’t. And believe me, that you don’t need to go to a doctor. Not just in this case but if you know the stuff from my site, you will get my point. We are brainwashed to believe that we need the medical industry. We are their money makers. So let’s see the real thing below.

relief for headaches

How can a natural relief for headaches, like green tea help you?

So this solution – if you do some searches on the web – is simply reducing inflammation which is happening when you are feeling pressure changes in the weather. You may have blood vessel dilation and shrinking. Well, we all have. Pretty interesting that it gets the slim and tall type of people. You simply have inflammation issues and some of us will feel it at the back of our neck, head or in the whole head alone. You can feel it in other body parts too and you can try the solution also for them.

Falling asleep is not an easy thing to do and until the first few sleep cycles, it won’t stop. So the solution is, stop swallowing anything artificial from pharmacies and do this. The pain itself is coming from the inflammation and it won’t go away just like that. You need something into the liver which will start a free radical-like cleaning fast.

Inflammation is not just about pain in the upper regions or wherever you feel it. It can take other effects, like visible red blood vessels through the skin, red eyes, any other swollen parts in your body.

Think about that, if you swallow toxic pills with all the side effects on Earth, it won’t help at all. The liver needs to eliminate them too! You have a natural toxic waste cleaning system and you need to help it a lot. L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and some sulfur-based (onions) stuff can help a lot in this job too. Mostly at night. Pills and drugs are destroying your physical body and you need it for a long while with optimal functioning.

I don’t think so that in the long past, people used drugs and pills with dangerous side-effects when they lived relatively closer to nature. Just common sense.

How to make it

Make some hot water (when you start to see bubbles, turn it off) for around 2 cups for one filter of green tea. If it has various caffeine amounts, you are free to experiment with it. If the hot water is ready, get one filter of green tea and put it in. You can experiment with how long you are soaking it in the hot water. Maybe for 5-10 minutes and you are free to be yourself again.

If you drink too much of it, you can get some diarrhea from the caffeine. Be careful.

relief for headaches

Pour it in a cup or mug and drink it slowly, sip by sip. It is hot and give yourself some time. If you are lucky, the neck and headache are instantly gone in 5 minutes. Sometimes in 10 minutes or takes up to half an hour. It takes time. Then you can sleep well. If it helps, keep it near your bed and sip it slowly even through the night. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, it will work.

Some benefits

Green tea alone can give you natural blood pressure levels and if you have a terrible stomach upset, it will surely help, drinking it slowly. Never drink it fast and in one sitting!

The green tea in itself is not something which we can drink all day long, eat wisely and use it only when it is needed. Some people don’t have common sense and they drink tea until they get into the hospital from stupidness. The warning is below.

My warning for drinking more green tea!

Be careful. This remedy is natural but also very dangerous. Not at once but there are stupid people who will think that if they drink it all day long, they will be invincible and superhumans. Just don’t. You are overloading your liver. The liver itself is a natural toxic waste eliminator and works all day long in your whole life. If you digest this stuff all the time, you will overload it and will cause serious damage to your organ! Don’t be silly.

Why? Because if a strong stuff makes contact with a toxic waste eliminator organ, it won’t do so much good at all in the long run. As I repeat, some people don’t have common sense at all and they will think that if something is doing so much “good”, more good will be much better. Like digesting more vitamin pills (toxic waste).

Drink it only when you have some digestion or pain problems and it can help. I hope it helps you a lot.

If you like what I share, please share the site too with your friends and support it if you can. I’m sure that you will find other interesting things to read about on this site. Thank You for reading!

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