Nightmares – Why do we wake up so suddenly?

In this topic, I could write a lot and I already shared solutions and many more about nightmares. But in this case, I try to explain why do we wake up from nightmares so suddenly. If you know my articles already where I teach you a lot, you will understand my point pretty fast.

First of all, nightmares are fear tests in the non-physical world where we are dreaming and from where we are coming from into physical realities. Physical worlds or Universes are made by us to learn limited stuff which we normally can’t. This is the life game. What our civilization or society notices from it is a very very narrow, limited inch of the whole stuff. Most of our society simply don’t want to learn a thing about it.


One thing which I try to explain once more again is that we are running on emotions without realizing it and you are the same in the non-physical world or whenever you are asleep. Our daily physical life is a tiny little facade about why we are here in this reality frame. Emotions are the non-physical energy which we create even instantly and causing all the nice and all the trouble. The physical body is a filter which sponges them up!

On my side, once I understood this whole thing and started my conscious journey in the non-physical via my sleep life, I’ve learned a lot and today I know that these are all very important stuff to learn. We have the opportunity to work on these.

Your physical body is your saving belt when you get nightmares

So while you have a physical body for your consciousness to allow you to experience physical life, in the NP, you don’t have. Your expectations that you have a body will create one each time automatically. You were never in a physical body but your senses are telling you that in this physical Universe or reality. No wonder with Out-of-Body practitioners, this “get out of body” nonsense still stays for a long while.

You simply got used to the body idea from your infant years and this is why you still experience it. You can dissolve it and become formless too with effort in the NP. This is also a life test to see that you are immortal and you are existing in countless worlds right now. What people do fear is their ego-death and the death of their created personality.

Each time, you get a fear test from the Wider Reality in your unconscious or fully aware sleep life, you will have the chance to “start all over” and you can wake up. You simply end up in your own emotional loop and you can’t stop fueling it. You are in an instant, thought responsive world at that time. While you live your daily physical life, you have “time” to stop it. We have the same emotions here but in the NP, they are endlessly stronger if you can’t stop them.

The effects of emotions when you get a non-physical loop

Just imagine that you need to laugh in the NP. I like it really. You start it and now you feel that your whole body can’t stop it which you have there automatically. It hurts, you are rushing with emotions, then you end up in your bed. Just an example. I can manage it but it takes years of dedication. Imagine this with crying. You can’t stop it and it becomes stronger and stronger. You simply feel that you will explode. Maybe from anger.

You can do the same in the physical world and you can realize it after a while. We are in a slower environment and with a body filter. So when you get a nightmare and you couldn’t stop releasing your emotions, you simply break the whole thing and the safety belt is on. You wake up. You can bet how many people will try to even understand this and do researches.


The main result: you simply phase back to the physical reality. What you only notice is, an unpleasant “dream” was happening, a monster chased you or somebody hostile, etc. Then you finally woke up in scream, sweat or confusion with emotional disturbance. You caused it to yourself. I  repeat it, you are doing it to yourself. The world is not outside of you there. It is a projection.

What you see or experience in the non-physical is created by you and projected out instantly. It takes up to years of decades of conscious observation to even notice this. Do you even know the real world? See?

Why this whole multidimensional game is designed like that?

Indeed, this is a game but not from our perspective. We need to face our fears because the number 1 thing we need to manage in this case is our emotions. If we don’t learn to stay passive and control them, we are in trouble. I didn’t tell you why but here you go!

Because while you can inhabit a physical focus (the body but you are not in it, it is a biomechanical robotic suit so to speak) after you finished this life, you won’t have a body. It acts like a filter, no wonder why suppressed emotions are causing cancer and all sorts of diseases. It is about you, how can you learn successfully to manage your thinking. It is a filter. Your whole life was partly about this issue.

We are multidimensional in nature and our current life and physical focus is just one from countless ones.

When we are non-physical again, even in our sleep life or via conscious projection, we don’t have this filter. We will be in trouble and that emotional loop won’t end so soon if we can’t escape to a body. This is one strong reason why we have the chance to manage our emotions while we can live a physical life.

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