Distance Healing Reloaded – How to do it?

I already wrote an informative article about the distance healing topic and now I would like to share, how to do it. I think I don’t need to explain that it is possible because it surely is. We just don’t have enough experience in it.

Distance healing is a little bit popular these days, mostly in spiritual practices or beliefs. Well, it is real and you can do it for your friends, family members or any loved ones. You can do it without any tools in your mind with closed eyes but the same is true for using gemstones, being obsessed with chakras and with many more. Tools for your intent.

There is only one rule from me, which you should take into account. You can’t act against the other’s free will if he/she doesn’t want to really get well. Then don’t do it. They may swear they want to heal or get well but behind the scene, they want to suffer or abuse themselves. Accept that.

Everybody has their own decisions to live with. We can’t know for sure if the other person is trying to learn something from his/her illness or disease because we are creating it. If you see the resistance, stop doing it. You see, many many people are abusing themselves because for them, this is their only way to learn from something. They can’t even explain why they are doing it. Leave them alone.

Please note that your intent and creative power will bridge you with the non-physical and you will do it by yourself. With more practice and results, you are more confident. Very same for Telekinesis which people still doubt.

distance healing

How to do Distance Healing on others?

It is pretty simple unless you try to practice with it. It is hard if you never found a useful source without religious distortions how to do it. Keep it in mind that when I talk about religious beliefs and distortions, I try to keep people away from unnecessary beliefs to rely on because you can do it without them. You don’t really need them to get along in your life. You just don’t know so much which can help you. I’m sure what I share will help!

Your task is simple. Imagine the actual person as a white figure. No details, no physical attributes, just maybe an outline and full of white light. It is a pure thing in the non-physical and we are in it right now, so there is no real separation. There is no distance neither, it is a physical construct. When you use your creative tools, you are connecting yourself with the non-physical. Maybe with guides. You can ask yours or the actual person’s for help. They may stay away but just do your job.

Imagine the regions on his/her body where the illness or disease is concentrated. Those regions are blockages and use the red or any other different color to paint them in your mind. Then imagine in any ways you want to that the damaged regions are purifying with also white light which you send there. Maybe a white vortex comes from the distance and turns red of black regions into white light. That is your job. Repeat it as long as it is comfortable. Don’t give up after some attempts. Our reality is slow.

Yes, it is easy to do but we need to do it many times to take a final effect

With repeated effort over time (days, weeks, months), you can see results. You can do it in your own body too. We are simply just unfamiliar with this whole NP thing. You would be surprised about what is actually possible.

You may never notice but maybe non-physical entities also will help you after your pure intent. Well, you want to help another being, you will be rewarded. Some people being able to experience reality overlays can even notice NP entities helping in it. They will call them angels but that is a belief construct and you can learn more about these on this site.

Share your results if you are successful and let me know. Share this site and support it if you would like to. Enjoy!

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