Why I can’t fall asleep? Here is your solution!

While I will continue on the site again, here is an interesting and general problem about the good old question, “why I can’t fall asleep?” There are still many unwritten topics in my pocket, I hope this one also helps for many visitors.

Falling asleep is easy when you are not messing it up with your thoughts and the residue from your daily physical life. If not food or any other annoying things are doing this, normally, your own thoughts are rushing in your mind. In the non-physical layer of your being, where your memories are also stored. The problem is that with following your thoughts or mind chat, you are attaching yourself still to this physical reality. In a nutshell. You can’t let go of it like you normally do.

Science in our world just saying stupidly that you are in your head which is ridiculous after you may know that we are not our body. It is just a mechanism which allows consciousness (you or me in an energy form) to live a life in a physical world, like this one. The brain reacts to your thoughts, feelings, etc. So this is why you will alter anything you do and the brain itself will mirror it physically back. But let’s talk about falling asleep. I like science but there is too much flaw in our world.

can't fall asleep

You don’t need medications, drugs, and any mind-altering stuff to make it worse in the long run!

Please, keep it in mind that I don’t tell you what to do, I give you suggestions and solutions which will surely work. One of the main reasons why this site is highly valuable, I don’t tell lies and gossips. Your job is to test it.

So the thing is, the medical industry is only built on the fact that they need patients to suck their money out as long as they live. These people also believe what they are saying and what they learnt from the universities. All the BS. They don’t want you to get well at all and they will create all sorts of mind-altering stuff which will alter your brain’s chemistry.

If you don’t use any of these, you will be faster in getting used to the simple method. If you are addicted to pills, you will need to be more patient getting used to normal habits.

So if you can’t fall asleep at all normally, you are full of mind-noise, as I like to call it. Thoughts everywhere which you automatically download from your mind. It is a non-physical layer which you don’t see. Forget the brain and brainwaves with all the scientific nonsense.

This is the real issue here and I can bet that people visiting here won’t really find explanations like mine elsewhere. Or it will be rare. What science see on and in our body are changes on THIS side, in the physical reality.

The only thing you need to do – Stop thinking!

You will need to first stop thinking. You need to focus your primary attention on something else. This is how our multidimensional reality and nature works. Where you focus the most, that will be your world or reality. You may already heard about this. So if you are in the position of not being able to fall asleep, the chance is, you can’t stop thinking.

Normally, if you stop it each day before falling asleep, the physical vehicle will be bored and it shuts down itself. You may never noticed it and Astral Projection or Phasing with other methods are pointing out this habit. You simply blackout for a while and you are in the non-physical or in “Dreamland” as our society calls it. The hard thing is, it is hard to stop thinking. It takes practice but worths it.

can't fall asleep

So here is what you need to do. Wake up for 15-30 minutes or for an hour again, depending on your tiredness. Start to do something engaging. Read a book, play a game on your PC or phone, do something which will capture your attention to the degree that you don’t pay attention to your thought trains. Just like that. You never needed any drugs at all. You were fooled. It can happen to everybody.

Too much food and fluids can still cause the same, don’t eat so much or drink so much in the last 1-2 hours before bedtime. Eat lighter foods. Do some workout or exercise too. Then try again.

My best method is music on my back from headphones. Make a tracklist from your favorite songs and lay down at bedtime but on your back for example. Just dive into the nice songs and don’t think about anything at all. It can last for 1-2 hours maybe, but you are ready to sleep. That’s all. Go to sleep.

And finally

If you have worries, you need to know in general, that they are depending only on your perception and you don’t need to control everything in your life, let them go. Most of our worries are unfounded or stupidly over-valued.

I hope that these will help a lot for many people. Don’t forget to share the site and articles with your friends and support the site!

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