Can we really map out the non-physical world?

After I shared a lot about the non-physical world or Astral world, Afterlife, whatever term you prefer, I knew that the time will come to take a note on something important to understand. The non-physical world is a highly subjective “place” and it is not really that simple to roam around or map it out.

You may already saw the Focus Model articles and I need to admit that those are giving you a foundation only and they are not giving you a whole satellite map about what is in our original home. I tried to express this issue many times but it seems like I can’t really find the correct explanation to correct even myself.

This is not about following a strict model, this is about a foundation. You can do the rest and find it out for yourself and I support this method. I don’t share any beliefs or religions and I don’t support them. The foundation is only for the sake to start somewhere. I found it enough clear to use as a tool to build on. Today, for me, it is not what it was years ago. This is why we share a lot on forums but we have totally different experiences. We simply can’t say that there are X levels or reality frames because we can’t measure them. Right now you are still in the non-physical world being wide awake, you just don’t notice it. Do you see my point? We NEVER left the NP, we are focusing our primary attention here, right now


The non-physical world is highly subjective and infinite

The problem comes from our human-like thinking. We are in a limited reality, we have limits to think and to know about, we are not made to understand our original circumstances fully. We can get snippets and glimpses of it, even if we know since decades of conscious exploration. Some are doing this art since 40-50-60 years. It can be via Astral Projection or OBE techniques, via conscious normal sleep or whatever is natural to you. You don’t know it for sure until you are there directly. You need to test it, allow experiences to happen and learn a lot if you want this.

The translation is automatic into your objective terms. This means that we are automatically seeing and experiencing everything with our own, unique, personal filter. This is why one person can’t figure out another’s “dreams” or non-physical experiences. Or maybe one will meet an angel and the other one will meet an energy being. One person visits a famous Afterlife place, seeing it as a huge library and another one will see it as a big hall of holographic stuff.

What about our physical reality?

Do you know why our physical world, our civilization is mostly 99% accurate to everybody? Because we are all and still creating this consensus reality to keep it up. We grow up in the same world and we learn the same stuff to agree on as rules.

The highly subjective part is simply about the fact that we are all unique and we have our own filters to experience the same reality frame without our physical rulesets. We experience these same rulesets just like in our physical Universe, but because we got used to them and we automatically have expectations in the NP to experience the same mechanics. These expectations are changing when you change your thinking. This is the true non-physical world. You shred down these filters and expectations, you notice more and experience more.

Another example could be that we can map out our physical Universe in space but we can’t do the same in the non-physical. Some places are stable and solid and most are not. The true subjective non-physical is formless and you can’t observe it via objective filters. It takes many experiences to get used to it.

The endless Multiverse which is infinite

Infinite means no limits. It is way different than being here and trying to even comprehend the whole thing. Many people still can’t even imagine what is infinite. We can only learn the basics with our own filter. If every potential physical reality already exists with countless versions of you right now, roaming around in physical and non-physical systems, you can bet how “big” it is. The big itself is a physical concept. Everything exists right now at the same spot you are. A personal issue but I already know some other versions of myself, they have their own life.

The true thing is that most of the post-humans from our world are not getting further than those belief systems traps of various heavens and hells and all sorts of cities and places where we still continue to do the same. This is just being a Flatlander or stagnating. In other words, welcome to the Afterlife. No after here, just our emotional baggage to get lost.


These places are existing because we CAN’T let go of our physical life so fast. Not a punishment or anything around, that is nonsense. We are doing it. I think the importance of my site is partly about realizing this issue.

If our original home is endless and we have infinite options to roam around, this is the ultimate waste of time. But not all of us want to do more or know more. This is how free will works. So when we are speaking about subjective things, this means that we all (any other races in any other star systems, galaxies, physical Universes) come and return to the same non-physical place. And we are all experiencing the same world with different filters. But we are so limited in our thinking, understanding, and capacity to digest that we can only get snippets from it and we can only share it with ourselves.


The thing is that even our civilization is not ready to scratch the surface, only some people are. This is what I noticed from my own early childhood either.  We can’t know it all. But we are interconnected in every Focus levels of existence and we are already everywhere. Human or any other physical reality-oriented “intelligent” lifeforms are there to experience physical realities, do the main tasks and return back.

We have the chance in the end to experience ourselves and the Wider Reality or Multiverse with our own, unique lenses. So we never went anywhere, we use a primary focus to experience a reality.

We can use different terms for the same thing, we can believe in religions which are all manmade but the underlying truth won’t change at all. This is perception, we are creating all of these concepts, beliefs, etc. Consciousness (we in a basic state) tries to understand itself via various tools. The place is vast and we can do whatever we would like to.

The best and natural relief for headaches!

Here, I can share you a quick fix or relief for headaches which is not artificial. Okay, not in a medical sense. This is my only personal solution which I need and I mostly get headaches from weather changes. I’m sure that it will help others too because the solution in itself is natural and you can buy it in any food shops and supermarkets.

Are you ready? It is filtered green tea! An easy thing to buy, you only need a box of it. You can try the product as dried leaves too. I don’t know why but I don’t react to painkillers and it turned out for me that they have no use at all. I don’t even believe in them. Furthermore, I don’t even recommend using medical crap to anybody. We shouldn’t swallow anything manmade from this industry.

I’m still surprised after many years that a simple green tea filter can solve an annoying problem what other stuff can’t. And believe me, that you don’t need to go to a doctor. Not just in this case but if you know the stuff from my site, you will get my point. We are brainwashed to believe that we need the medical industry. We are their money makers. So let’s see the real thing below.

relief for headaches

How can a natural relief for headaches, like green tea help you?

So this solution – if you do some searches on the web – is simply reducing inflammation which is happening when you are feeling pressure changes in the weather. You may have blood vessel dilation and shrinking. Well, we all have. Pretty interesting that it gets the slim and tall type of people. You simply have inflammation issues and some of us will feel it at the back of our neck, head or in the whole head alone. You can feel it in other body parts too and you can try the solution also for them.

Falling asleep is not an easy thing to do and until the first few sleep cycles, it won’t stop. So the solution is, stop swallowing anything artificial from pharmacies and do this. The pain itself is coming from the inflammation and it won’t go away just like that. You need something into the liver which will start a free radical-like cleaning fast.

Inflammation is not just about pain in the upper regions or wherever you feel it. It can take other effects, like visible red blood vessels through the skin, red eyes, any other swollen parts in your body.

Think about that, if you swallow toxic pills with all the side effects on Earth, it won’t help at all. The liver needs to eliminate them too! You have a natural toxic waste cleaning system and you need to help it a lot. L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and some sulfur-based (onions) stuff can help a lot in this job too. Mostly at night. Pills and drugs are destroying your physical body and you need it for a long while with optimal functioning.

I don’t think so that in the long past, people used drugs and pills with dangerous side-effects when they lived relatively closer to nature. Just common sense.

How to make it

Make some hot water (when you start to see bubbles, turn it off) for around 2 cups for one filter of green tea. If it has various caffeine amounts, you are free to experiment with it. If the hot water is ready, get one filter of green tea and put it in. You can experiment with how long you are soaking it in the hot water. Maybe for 5-10 minutes and you are free to be yourself again.

If you drink too much of it, you can get some diarrhea from the caffeine. Be careful.

relief for headaches

Pour it in a cup or mug and drink it slowly, sip by sip. It is hot and give yourself some time. If you are lucky, the neck and headache are instantly gone in 5 minutes. Sometimes in 10 minutes or takes up to half an hour. It takes time. Then you can sleep well. If it helps, keep it near your bed and sip it slowly even through the night. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, it will work.

Some benefits

Green tea alone can give you natural blood pressure levels and if you have a terrible stomach upset, it will surely help, drinking it slowly. Never drink it fast and in one sitting!

The green tea in itself is not something which we can drink all day long, eat wisely and use it only when it is needed. Some people don’t have common sense and they drink tea until they get into the hospital from stupidness. The warning is below.

My warning for drinking more green tea!

Be careful. This remedy is natural but also very dangerous. Not at once but there are stupid people who will think that if they drink it all day long, they will be invincible and superhumans. Just don’t. You are overloading your liver. The liver itself is a natural toxic waste eliminator and works all day long in your whole life. If you digest this stuff all the time, you will overload it and will cause serious damage to your organ! Don’t be silly.

Why? Because if a strong stuff makes contact with a toxic waste eliminator organ, it won’t do so much good at all in the long run. As I repeat, some people don’t have common sense at all and they will think that if something is doing so much “good”, more good will be much better. Like digesting more vitamin pills (toxic waste).

Drink it only when you have some digestion or pain problems and it can help. I hope it helps you a lot.

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Higher Self – Explaining the misunderstood concept

Since a long while, I planned to write about the Higher Self topic and I wanted to make it clear what it is. I think most of the visitors even reading this article are familiar with the mystical distortion about the higher self topic and also the angel topic dives up pretty fast with this. My intention with this again is only to make you clear what it is and I will dissolve the beliefs and lies about the whole thing.

Because in my opinion as you may went through many of my articles, it won’t have any use if people are parroting the same, hundreds of years old ideas about something which people clearly never understood. Very similar to the linear timeframe with non-existent past lives.

We only need to take one step back and observe our physical reality and how it works. It has rulesets which are ONLY existing here in this reality frame and not in the non-physical world from where we are coming to live physical lives. The very old mystical and mediumistic beliefs are deeply ingrained in our society and they are still shared because people have no first-hand experiences in these.

higher self

Most of the people don’t want to know about them. It is much easier to believe a belief and hold on to it. People will be special from it. You will notice that it turns out again, you are your own higher self. Surely, you can trust a higher self but you are in the end will trust yourself. This is not egotism or self-loving stuff, this is a real issue and you can prove it to yourself over time.

Be aware that these years or decades, the HS issue is there for the money-making reason. Just like past life nonsense, starseed stuff, and others. Some people try to sell lies and false hopes. Same for manifestation fairy tales. These people need these beliefs to get by in their life. But we don’t need all of these. I share real things which you can figure out too alone.

Do you really have a “higher self” in the non-physical world?

These lives are happening simultaneously. You are a created character for your main tasks. You may have 1 million other versions of your “higher self”. The higher self is a concept or theory which people can cling on because it is very similar to a god figure. I don’t want to judge anybody, I’m just explaining it. Even the god concept is only existing in the believers’ mind because they created it. This is our civilization’s habit.

The higher self is any other version of you in Focus 3 or in the Afterlife regions. You are one representation of you. The Focus 4 version of you may be the true higher self but it is still a subjective representation of the sum of all of you. I mean all versions of you. Meaning, you have many “higher selves” roaming around everywhere.

These versions are roaming in Focus 3 (the non-physical world) or maybe many are living physical lives. Right now. They can be a human, an alien-like figure, an angel, a guide, etc. Anything objective or subjective. This is the magic of the non-existent time and space thing there. It only exists in physical realities, as part of the life game. We need to agree on this ruleset to experience a limited perception.

So when you may refer to your higher self, you are referring to your non-physical self. A bigger version of you and you are connected to your NP self. The HS is an objective representation of your full version. Your NP self is teaching you, giving hints, trying to help in your plans but you have a job to do. It is very confusing to understand at first for many people, I know. What I share on this site is mostly something which you need to digest.

higher self

There is no higher or lower in consciousness

The false thing with the higher self is that there is no lower or higher in our multiversal system. You are you and other versions of you are them. When you meet any of your other versions or with a pure energy being, you may experience it as a god-like figure. This is happening because you experience its primary energy radiation and many believer type people can clearly believe in a god without knowing why it is like that. As I mentioned, most of humanity is simply got used to this habit.

So, complete other personalities. But you are coming from the same source and this source can be called also as a higher self. Mystics and mediums found this term to give a god-like figure to emotionally vulnerable people or to believers because you can pray to this non-physical entity. It will guard you and all the fairy tale, right? Well, you can. But you are simply contacting with your bigger version. It is not higher or anything around, we just have another, limited perspective about ourselves. They may be less advanced if I talk about guides. You can only figure this out.

This is the uniqueness of living a physical life. You have limits and you can now understand yourself from this perspective. Just one magical thing from our world. Your higher self is not higher really, it is way different in existence and you can’t really describe it by physical terms. And as you may know from my other articles, we are multidimensional.


This means that we are existing everywhere right now, where we have plans to accomplish. You exist right now in the non-physical too with countless other versions. Actually, you may simply never learned to tune into them.

This is why others who unintentionally tune into their other versions will think and believe that those were past lives. You simply just merged with another you. Those are different versions from the same source. You have common roots like a big family. Easy to understand huh? : )

You are simply your own higher self, there is no higher or lower in consciousness. So, you are consciousness, a pure, formless energy being, who are seeing opportunities and making plans and characters to try out physical lives. You are still not less from your own core. We simply just experience other versions of us in objective terms and we need to limit down our current version. In the purest non-physical levels, there are no observable forms and this leads you to Focus 4 where the confusion-magic begins.

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Edited on 27th of July in 2019.

Distance Healing Reloaded – How to do it?

I already wrote an informative article about the distance healing topic and now I would like to share, how to do it. I think I don’t need to explain that it is possible because it surely is. We just don’t have enough experience in it.

Distance healing is a little bit popular these days, mostly in spiritual practices or beliefs. Well, it is real and you can do it for your friends, family members or any loved ones. You can do it without any tools in your mind with closed eyes but the same is true for using gemstones, being obsessed with chakras and with many more. Tools for your intent.

There is only one rule from me, which you should take into account. You can’t act against the other’s free will if he/she doesn’t want to really get well. Then don’t do it. They may swear they want to heal or get well but behind the scene, they want to suffer or abuse themselves. Accept that.

Everybody has their own decisions to live with. We can’t know for sure if the other person is trying to learn something from his/her illness or disease because we are creating it. If you see the resistance, stop doing it. You see, many many people are abusing themselves because for them, this is their only way to learn from something. They can’t even explain why they are doing it. Leave them alone.

Please note that your intent and creative power will bridge you with the non-physical and you will do it by yourself. With more practice and results, you are more confident. Very same for Telekinesis which people still doubt.

distance healing

How to do Distance Healing on others?

It is pretty simple unless you try to practice with it. It is hard if you never found a useful source without religious distortions how to do it. Keep it in mind that when I talk about religious beliefs and distortions, I try to keep people away from unnecessary beliefs to rely on because you can do it without them. You don’t really need them to get along in your life. You just don’t know so much which can help you. I’m sure what I share will help!

Your task is simple. Imagine the actual person as a white figure. No details, no physical attributes, just maybe an outline and full of white light. It is a pure thing in the non-physical and we are in it right now, so there is no real separation. There is no distance neither, it is a physical construct. When you use your creative tools, you are connecting yourself with the non-physical. Maybe with guides. You can ask yours or the actual person’s for help. They may stay away but just do your job.

Imagine the regions on his/her body where the illness or disease is concentrated. Those regions are blockages and use the red or any other different color to paint them in your mind. Then imagine in any ways you want to that the damaged regions are purifying with also white light which you send there. Maybe a white vortex comes from the distance and turns red of black regions into white light. That is your job. Repeat it as long as it is comfortable. Don’t give up after some attempts. Our reality is slow.

Yes, it is easy to do but we need to do it many times to take a final effect

With repeated effort over time (days, weeks, months), you can see results. You can do it in your own body too. We are simply just unfamiliar with this whole NP thing. You would be surprised about what is actually possible.

You may never notice but maybe non-physical entities also will help you after your pure intent. Well, you want to help another being, you will be rewarded. Some people being able to experience reality overlays can even notice NP entities helping in it. They will call them angels but that is a belief construct and you can learn more about these on this site.

Share your results if you are successful and let me know. Share this site and support it if you would like to. Enjoy!

Nightmares – Why do we wake up so suddenly?

In this topic, I could write a lot and I already shared solutions and many more about nightmares. But in this case, I try to explain why do we wake up from nightmares so suddenly. If you know my articles already where I teach you a lot, you will understand my point pretty fast.

First of all, nightmares are fear tests in the non-physical world where we are dreaming and from where we are coming from into physical realities. Physical worlds or Universes are made by us to learn limited stuff which we normally can’t. This is the life game. What our civilization or society notices from it is a very very narrow, limited inch of the whole stuff. Most of our society simply don’t want to learn a thing about it.


One thing which I try to explain once more again is that we are running on emotions without realizing it and you are the same in the non-physical world or whenever you are asleep. Our daily physical life is a tiny little facade about why we are here in this reality frame. Emotions are the non-physical energy which we create even instantly and causing all the nice and all the trouble. The physical body is a filter which sponges them up!

On my side, once I understood this whole thing and started my conscious journey in the non-physical via my sleep life, I’ve learned a lot and today I know that these are all very important stuff to learn. We have the opportunity to work on these.

Your physical body is your saving belt when you get nightmares

So while you have a physical body for your consciousness to allow you to experience physical life, in the NP, you don’t have. Your expectations that you have a body will create one each time automatically. You were never in a physical body but your senses are telling you that in this physical Universe or reality. No wonder with Out-of-Body practitioners, this “get out of body” nonsense still stays for a long while.

You simply got used to the body idea from your infant years and this is why you still experience it. You can dissolve it and become formless too with effort in the NP. This is also a life test to see that you are immortal and you are existing in countless worlds right now. What people do fear is their ego-death and the death of their created personality.

Each time, you get a fear test from the Wider Reality in your unconscious or fully aware sleep life, you will have the chance to “start all over” and you can wake up. You simply end up in your own emotional loop and you can’t stop fueling it. You are in an instant, thought responsive world at that time. While you live your daily physical life, you have “time” to stop it. We have the same emotions here but in the NP, they are endlessly stronger if you can’t stop them.

The effects of emotions when you get a non-physical loop

Just imagine that you need to laugh in the NP. I like it really. You start it and now you feel that your whole body can’t stop it which you have there automatically. It hurts, you are rushing with emotions, then you end up in your bed. Just an example. I can manage it but it takes years of dedication. Imagine this with crying. You can’t stop it and it becomes stronger and stronger. You simply feel that you will explode. Maybe from anger.

You can do the same in the physical world and you can realize it after a while. We are in a slower environment and with a body filter. So when you get a nightmare and you couldn’t stop releasing your emotions, you simply break the whole thing and the safety belt is on. You wake up. You can bet how many people will try to even understand this and do researches.


The main result: you simply phase back to the physical reality. What you only notice is, an unpleasant “dream” was happening, a monster chased you or somebody hostile, etc. Then you finally woke up in scream, sweat or confusion with emotional disturbance. You caused it to yourself. I  repeat it, you are doing it to yourself. The world is not outside of you there. It is a projection.

What you see or experience in the non-physical is created by you and projected out instantly. It takes up to years of decades of conscious observation to even notice this. Do you even know the real world? See?

Why this whole multidimensional game is designed like that?

Indeed, this is a game but not from our perspective. We need to face our fears because the number 1 thing we need to manage in this case is our emotions. If we don’t learn to stay passive and control them, we are in trouble. I didn’t tell you why but here you go!

Because while you can inhabit a physical focus (the body but you are not in it, it is a biomechanical robotic suit so to speak) after you finished this life, you won’t have a body. It acts like a filter, no wonder why suppressed emotions are causing cancer and all sorts of diseases. It is about you, how can you learn successfully to manage your thinking. It is a filter. Your whole life was partly about this issue.

We are multidimensional in nature and our current life and physical focus is just one from countless ones.

When we are non-physical again, even in our sleep life or via conscious projection, we don’t have this filter. We will be in trouble and that emotional loop won’t end so soon if we can’t escape to a body. This is one strong reason why we have the chance to manage our emotions while we can live a physical life.

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Why I can’t fall asleep? Here is your solution!

While I will continue on the site again, here is an interesting and general problem about the good old question, “why I can’t fall asleep?” There are still many unwritten topics in my pocket, I hope this one also helps for many visitors.

Falling asleep is easy when you are not messing it up with your thoughts and the residue from your daily physical life. If not food or any other annoying things are doing this, normally, your own thoughts are rushing in your mind. In the non-physical layer of your being, where your memories are also stored. The problem is that with following your thoughts or mind chat, you are attaching yourself still to this physical reality. In a nutshell. You can’t let go of it like you normally do.

Science in our world just saying stupidly that you are in your head which is ridiculous after you may know that we are not our body. It is just a mechanism which allows consciousness (you or me in an energy form) to live a life in a physical world, like this one. The brain reacts to your thoughts, feelings, etc. So this is why you will alter anything you do and the brain itself will mirror it physically back. But let’s talk about falling asleep. I like science but there is too much flaw in our world.

can't fall asleep

You don’t need medications, drugs, and any mind-altering stuff to make it worse in the long run!

Please, keep it in mind that I don’t tell you what to do, I give you suggestions and solutions which will surely work. One of the main reasons why this site is highly valuable, I don’t tell lies and gossips. Your job is to test it.

So the thing is, the medical industry is only built on the fact that they need patients to suck their money out as long as they live. These people also believe what they are saying and what they learnt from the universities. All the BS. They don’t want you to get well at all and they will create all sorts of mind-altering stuff which will alter your brain’s chemistry.

If you don’t use any of these, you will be faster in getting used to the simple method. If you are addicted to pills, you will need to be more patient getting used to normal habits.

So if you can’t fall asleep at all normally, you are full of mind-noise, as I like to call it. Thoughts everywhere which you automatically download from your mind. It is a non-physical layer which you don’t see. Forget the brain and brainwaves with all the scientific nonsense.

This is the real issue here and I can bet that people visiting here won’t really find explanations like mine elsewhere. Or it will be rare. What science see on and in our body are changes on THIS side, in the physical reality.

The only thing you need to do – Stop thinking!

You will need to first stop thinking. You need to focus your primary attention on something else. This is how our multidimensional reality and nature works. Where you focus the most, that will be your world or reality. You may already heard about this. So if you are in the position of not being able to fall asleep, the chance is, you can’t stop thinking.

Normally, if you stop it each day before falling asleep, the physical vehicle will be bored and it shuts down itself. You may never noticed it and Astral Projection or Phasing with other methods are pointing out this habit. You simply blackout for a while and you are in the non-physical or in “Dreamland” as our society calls it. The hard thing is, it is hard to stop thinking. It takes practice but worths it.

can't fall asleep

So here is what you need to do. Wake up for 15-30 minutes or for an hour again, depending on your tiredness. Start to do something engaging. Read a book, play a game on your PC or phone, do something which will capture your attention to the degree that you don’t pay attention to your thought trains. Just like that. You never needed any drugs at all. You were fooled. It can happen to everybody.

Too much food and fluids can still cause the same, don’t eat so much or drink so much in the last 1-2 hours before bedtime. Eat lighter foods. Do some workout or exercise too. Then try again.

My best method is music on my back from headphones. Make a tracklist from your favorite songs and lay down at bedtime but on your back for example. Just dive into the nice songs and don’t think about anything at all. It can last for 1-2 hours maybe, but you are ready to sleep. That’s all. Go to sleep.

And finally

If you have worries, you need to know in general, that they are depending only on your perception and you don’t need to control everything in your life, let them go. Most of our worries are unfounded or stupidly over-valued.

I hope that these will help a lot for many people. Don’t forget to share the site and articles with your friends and support the site!