Status report from May of 2019.

My fresh thoughts are here about this whole issue as an update: I was thinking for a long while what to do instead of shutting down a great site with a big information base about real stuff, letting others to learn about existing issues and knowledge and I tried to avoid locking down the whole site. So the “only” option now is the Donation option on the frontpage.

Please take it into consideration that this site was existing for free and nobody helped me to keep it alive. I try to still “believe” that there are real people out there who try to guard what can be found on this site, taking it as a great value as I am and they like it more than believing all the lies which can be found all over the web, in books and I don’t count other sources in.

Furthermore, they want to share it with others and learn on their own. I can’t help with people’s attitude who asked me for help, to learn and gave up one by one after a while. I can only help privately for those, who want to learn, know their answers, etc. What I can give you are real things and I see that our society slowly accepts what is not “usual”. What I see from the reader statistics up to this date is shocking. Many people are finding this site each day, learning and reading for hours and that is all. I don’t give entertainment or selling useless, materialistic stuff which will fill in the void in others hearts.

What you find on this site is real, tested, you can test it too, you can learn them and you will be much more aware as a person because this physical life is just a game or facade. I’m still shocked as a second one that people, in general, are only finding useless stuff about all of these on the internet or they can’t find a reliable source. I saw it countless times on public forums, people are asking for help without doing a thing to solve their own problems. I think I could write a lot about all of these but all the articles will speak for themselves. It is NOT about me, it is about us as consciousness, exploring itself. This site was always about others, not me. But somebody needs to write down these and share them with his own perception and experiences to give a personal take on these.

So why this site is so unique? I guess I don’t need to even explain this question a bit. Please consider Donating to keep this site alive. I made the mistake for almost 2 years not really mentioning this issue.

Edited on 13th of June in 2019.

The original post is below and still a reminder for visitors!

I think it is time to write about something again, which I tried to postpone for a long while. Closing the site. I tried to make sure if anything changes in the last half year but other than the regular traffic on the site each day, I won’t continue this anymore. Yes, many people are finding my articles and reading a lot. So I hope that many people could actually learn even a slight thing from what I share and maybe there will be a void in some people after the site will be gone, maybe it won’t be noticed, I don’t know. I’m saying this about this regular thing when somebody passes away for example and there is an unrecognized void which was there but no appreciation was there either.

But life moves on and people will need to make deep researches on the web even for the basics which I did on this site, saving years or decades for lazy people, learning about more to life, about dreams, projection, non-physical stuff. In my personal life, this site was a coming and going struggle. Each time I got inspiration or friendly help when I felt it is over, it lasted for a little while, some people bought the ebooks which is great (from the start). I’m very grateful about that and if somebody learned a thing from them. I had the opportunity to talk and meet hundreds of people mostly from public sites in private form. I don’t say others what to do, they need to figure it out, I’m doing it on my own. I have my own life too and it seems that this path is a lonely stuff and actually a few handful people can talk this out only.

Just to catch the end of this story – even if many people just disappeared and didn’t give a damn about further learning on their side (they wanted to learn but had no real intent) – I would like to thank all and wish a successful life. This site and what I shared were a good experiment to see that our humanity is not ready for this at all. Maybe decades or hundreds of years later. Who knows. The most just sipping into this stuff about our real nature and that we are not our physical body, letting in some information and denying the most from selective belief blocks which aren’t resonating with them. Our human race can’t let go of religions, belief systems, egotism and that’s all to this story. Most of us come here into physical life for simple tasks and from emotional attachment. Most of us have a long path. And we can’t tell the other one what to think, believe or do, right? I don’t want to at all.

That is okay but my role is ending here and this is not an easy decision to make but I don’t want to be attached to something which doesn’t meet my expectations. Because if we do something unique, we are doing it with some goals about what to achieve. And only naive people would think that everything is for free or for smiles.

The final date will be around the 1st of June until this site will go. I don’t really plan anything more, despite the fact that there were still 60-70 unwritten drafts in my collection. I just can’t continue anymore. I really tried.

Thank You for all, reading and learning what is here and on public sites and visit or any other similar sites (which are pretty rare by now) if you want to make your own researches.

2 thoughts on “Status report from May of 2019.”

  1. I came across your website a couple of weeks ago and I do enjoy it. A few reasons why: I resonate with a lot of information you provide. Much of your information provokes my thinking. And, there are many interesting topics.

    Question- you said that you reason for ending your role here is because it doesn’t meet your expectations. Why doesn’t it? What do you want to achieve?

    1. Hi there. I think it doesn’t matter so much anymore. The site went and existed for free, there are some ebooks to buy but I never got any support around which lowered my enthusiams and this site didn’t start this week. When you try to keep it up alone and write a lot, help people understand what they have no chance from other sources because I don’t share religious beliefs and lies, this whole thing starts to be annoying, especially when you see how many people are reading your stuff each day. I tried my best on public sites like Reddit (4 times) and on Quora (still active) and my impression is that most people are not searching for real answers, only for resonating beliefs which makes me wonder in today’s world that the most want a dramatic show and most blogs are like that: if you stop writing te show is over. I don’t do it. People don’t really value what my type do and maybe this is why only a few of us dare to make a site for this stuff to share where people can learn from it. There is a pal of mine from Astralpulse, he admitted that he never received a donation at all since the beginning of his site and he just gave up, the site is for free. I tried to make something very unique with this site but all the impressions are that there is that daily 50-100 visitors and people just can’t comprehend what is here because it challenges them. Those who asked me about anything privately gave up too one by one, lied to me about everything or just disappeared. So the Workshop menu turned out to be a mistake too. My original expectation and plan were to make a business as I share what I have, there are some ebooks too, a good service but people still think in our world that useless stuff which you can buy on the internet and religious materials have the value instead of this unique site. SO my type fails at this point and I saw it from others too. If you always see that people are lying to you, you start to be more energetic, write again, you lose your momentum, you stop, then this repeats all around, why should you continue? My expectation is not so far-fetched in this case. And I helped out hundreds of people for free. It can be life-saver or changer. Maybe you get my point.

      People want a stupid, emotional show, a self-promoting leader to follow, a material to buy and to own, there is nothing new. And those who start to be enthusiasts will give up all the time. Why should I continue with this attitude? My last thoughts before this post were to leave this site alone to run for a while and I don’t care anymore because it is painful to continue. I still don’t know for sure but the traffic is elevated since I wrote it. People feel the loss.

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