Status report from May of 2019.

I think it is time to write about something again, which I tried to postpone for a long while. Closing the site. I tried to make sure if anything changes in the last half year but other than the regular traffic on the site each day, I won’t continue this anymore. Yes, many people are finding my articles and reading a lot. So I hope that many people could actually learn even a slight thing from what I share and maybe there will be a void in some people after the site will be gone, maybe it won’t be noticed, I don’t know. I’m saying this about this regular thing when somebody passes away for example and there is an unrecognized void which was there but no appreciation was there either.

But life moves on and people will need to make deep researches on the web even for the basics which I did on this site, saving years or decades for lazy people, learning about more to life, about dreams, projection, non-physical stuff. In my personal life, this site was a coming and going struggle. Each time I got inspiration or friendly help when I felt it is over, it lasted for a little while, some people bought the ebooks which is great (from the start). I’m very grateful about that and if somebody learned a thing from them. I had the opportunity to talk and meet hundreds of people mostly from public sites in private form. I don’t say others what to do, they need to figure it out, I’m doing it on my own. I have my own life too and it seems that this path is a lonely stuff and actually a few handful people can talk this out only.

Just to catch the end of this story – even if many people just disappeared and didn’t give a damn about further learning on their side (they wanted to learn but had no real intent) – I would like to thank all and wish a successful life. This site and what I shared were a good experiment to see that our humanity is not ready for this at all. Maybe decades or hundreds of years later. Who knows. The most just sipping into this stuff about our real nature and that we are not our physical body, letting in some information and denying the most from selective belief blocks which aren’t resonating with them. Our human race can’t let go of religions, belief systems, egotism and that’s all to this story. Most of us come here into physical life for simple tasks and from emotional attachment. Most of us have a long path. And we can’t tell the other one what to think, believe or do, right? I don’t want to at all.

That is okay but my role is ending here and this is not an easy decision to make but I don’t want to be attached to something which doesn’t meet my expectations. Because if we do something unique, we are doing it with some goals about what to achieve. And only naive people would think that everything is for free or for smiles.

The final date will be around the 1st of June until this site will go. I don’t really plan anything more, despite the fact that there were still 60-70 unwritten drafts in my collection. I just can’t continue anymore. I really tried.

Thank You for all, reading and learning what is here and on public sites and visit or any other similar sites (which are pretty rare by now) if you want to make your own researches.