Why dream interpretation and sites don’t work for you?

It is a common thing with beginners (almost everybody?) that they rush onto sites, public forums to get the idea about dream interpretation. People would like to understand some of their dreams, their non-physical experiences. The biggest stumbling block with this is that people, in general, have no idea about what dreams are.

The first problem comes when people get into the first block, the nature of dreams. They are afraid to get deeper into this. Right, some dreams are understood then it is over. Actually, not so many people want to know it better.

I’m sure, if you want to learn, there are all the tools even on my site to start with the basics. I try to expand on the main idea about why it is relatively useless to cling to dream interpretation sites and myths about symbolism. I will try to make it clear to let even beginners to understand the main two issues.

Why dream interpretation doesn’t work for you and why sites are not always useful?

Let’s be clear, dream interpretation is up to the individual. You can’t rush to a site and translate a non-physical experience with symbolism because it is just a tiny fraction of the surface. I’m sure, if you roamed on this site and saw what you can read even about “dreams”, you will get my point. You have subjective experiences which you automatically translate into objective terms because this is familiar to you as living a human life right now.

Using symbolism is so limited like you try to understand a personal computer by clicking here and there without knowing what you are doing.

dream interpretation

You fall asleep and at some point in “time” (which doesn’t exist there) start to be aware even a little bit about what you are doing. Your own emotional interplay and thinking are causing all the sceneries mostly around you, it is not outside of you. This is how it works, emotions are creating all of those. Nightmares are the best example, you are scaring yourself.

What the most try to grasp is just some objective representations of a whole scenery. Believe me, it doesn’t work like that. Maybe sometimes. If your guidance tries to tell you something, they can only use up objective tools, which you get as scenes one by one. Your job is to translate it according to your emotional state. Guess how many people will do that! Almost nobody.

These sites are only useful with symbolism if those are getting you closer to the whole picture about the message or emotional interplay. You think emotions are generated inside these scenes and are staying with you for days or weeks. But NO, completely the opposite. You created those instantly in a thought responsive world and you then made them stronger. It takes years or decades of conscious experiences to even notice how instantly your emotional release is creating everything around you. That you were fighting with your own monsters for years and you created them without knowing the ground rules!

Symbolism is not giving you so many answers

Symbolism is another dead-end street. You can’t translate a whole non-physical experience to objective terms, it won’t answer the whole thing. And it takes years and thousands of experiences to learn to differentiate between mind-noise stuff and noticing experiencing real Focus 3 places. So you can live up your own baggage or just stop doing it by doing anything else. Normal dreams are the gateway to endlessly more.

Symbolism is a very limited understanding of our non-physical experiences. Because people are simply not even ready to know them better. But we need to start somewhere. This is an educational system on a Multiversal scale. You want more, work for it.

The most? I would bet, they are always in their own emotional interplay and this is why our civilization is not getting further in this. Our society works on emotions and nothing more! They don’t know they can or what is “beyond” this primary step. Same for Afterlife, the most are now experiencing their emotional interplay and mindset first-hand in an ever-lasting loop of sceneries. While you had time to stop this and run back to a body, now you can’t. Guides’ help come handy after all of these.


Your guidance or non-physical self can send you messages with symbolism because you don’t listen to other tools so well. If it is repeating itself, you don’t pay attention. But it is just a tool to know yourself better and not an “only” tool.

All of these sites and books are fooling people into thinking that the world beyond physical realities are working on the human thinking basics. Because we are just one race and we have our certain perception. There is endlessly more to this game.

You have your own thinking, mindset and you grew up with these. You will see the world basically as a beginner the same way in the non-physical as you are doing it here. This is an automatic thing and symbols are parts of this game. And this is why two different people won’t see a non-physical experience the same way, it is not appearing in front of you the same way.

Try to use these symbolic translations BUT only to help you to realize your experiences and what are they all about. Some symbols are there to get the whole picture but everything else is a big learning curve.

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