Why I always have nightmares? Is that normal?

Many people roam over forums and trying to wrap their minds around why are they always have nightmares. Some are completely the opposite, they find that it can’t be normal if they never have. Well, it makes me smile. What won’t make me, is that people never search for given answers about nightmares. Or about anything. Because there are all the answers, people just don’t give a damn about it. Like me, shall I give all the answers for free, right and people don’t even comprehend what I say?

So to put joking aside, let’s see these two in a nutshell. Why do people always have nightmares and why others won’t. I have a feeling that everybody has them, the other group just don’t remember. Or they are not recognizing a fear test.

Same true for dreams, we all have non-physical experiences, the most just don’t remember and don’t want to remember or be aware of them. They can’t put them anywhere what they are. So what the most don’t understand, they will wash it off. They can only deal with physical life.

Before anybody would start to think that nightmares are some sort of starting point, they are end results of your mindstate and emotional projection. You can’t deny this because you are in an instant, thought responsive environment.

Why you always have nightmares? Is that normal?

Yes, it is normal. Well, to a certain degree. Nobody wants to experience fear tests all the time from their non-physical self or alone. If you know the drill and saw other articles from me, you know what I’m talking about. You have tests to overcome for a good reason.

always have nightmares

So, if you tend to avoid facing your fears, they will repeat. If not one after another, maybe years can come without them, then bam, you are facing them again. I’m not kidding, there could be a decade of gap for many people and they come again.

The non-physical world is not working on the scale of time as we are. Time is non-existent but your value of thinking is the same with a good chance. You need to work on your fears to become better in self-control. This is needed to be “more advanced” and learn from your emotional state. You are causing all your nightmares. Your emotional control is the key and our civilization is running on it. Everything comes down from emotions, everything. This is another big life lesson. Almost nobody wants to control theirs, they are addicted to emotions.

If they are coming all the time, you tend to run away or deny them. The NP logic is simple in this sense. You don’t pay attention, they will repeat the same “message” in various forms and sceneries. You just need to implement the idea before falling asleep to stop running away. Let it happen. Be passive. Manage your emotions. These are steps towards your personal development.

What to do if you have no nightmares? Should you be worried?

It is very unlikely that somebody never has any because we are running on emotions and we all have hidden fears. You simply just never remember or you tend to think that those experiences are unfrightening. Your mindset simply doesn’t recognize these events as threats. But they are still there. It is not necessarily about being in great fear. It is enough to do something which you shouldn’t and the emotional imprint stays with you each day.

I think people simply deny the whole thing. But if somebody truly doesn’t have any nightmares, it is a good thing of a huge life test and being successful facing those fears. If there is any. So it could be with a bigger chance, you tend to face all of them automatically. For me, I do it automatically too so I don’t normally fear a thing at all. This carries you to bigger experiences and opens up new doors. These are all dependent on the actual person.

And just to add some notes on the constant nightmare thing here. It has nothing to do with biological body stuff, medicines, and drugs, these are just distorting something which is you, part of you. You are your own mindset in this case and nothing saves you, only your mindset and thinking. It is inside you (in your mind) what you have as nightmares or any other experiences.

2 thoughts on “Why I always have nightmares? Is that normal?”

  1. I have always had nightmare since I was a child(you can see that in my blog),my friend said I was fragile.Is that a mental illness?Or just like my friend said, I was lack of love?

    1. We have nightmares or so-called “fear tests” as You can check it on my site in many forms, because we need to face our fears. This is for our personal growth and to control our emotional reactions too. Nobody is fragile, we just have different thinking, emotional baggage or just basic nature. There is NO mental illness just emotional instability and behavior stuff, that is totally misinterpreted by science and the medical industry. And it also doesn’t depend on love. Maybe it is clear now. You need to face your fears because you need to develop, this is why you use a physical body in a limited system. Just one reason. Most of the people around you will never face their fears. For the most, the general thinking is the same in their waking life, they will protect themselves and run away. You are doing the same with the same mindset and emotions and you are creating your own fears in a thought responsive world around you and it is inside of you. These stages like normal dreaming or these ones are the basics steps to start your personal journey into yourself, who you are, why are you in this world etc.

      To make it simpler: you are watched by your own non-physical friends and teachers and you need to go through these tests. These are all needed to check your reaction because we are all trying to develop (okay, maybe some of us only) to a higher level of self-awareness. The most don’t have it if you see people around you each day. So you need to learn emotional passivity by checking your thoughts too. Some fear tests will reappear in other forms even after decades because there is no time from where we are coming from. Many won’t face their fears even at elder age and dying without learning a basic thing about all of these and they have a hard time adjusting back there with the mindset and emotional baggage which they had here. Nothing changes, only that you are without a body which filters off your emotions. Here, you can still run back to it (waking up) and it will sponge your emotions. ANother life lesson from this that we have a body is that the most are making themselves sick enough to manifest cancer and all sorts of “diseases”. Science only notices the end-result and can’t catch the cause.

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