Is life a Dream? You will be shocked!

We have many sources about the big question, that is our life a dream or is it even real? If not a question, then there are theories. What if I tell you from personal, first-hand knowledge that it is true? Would you believe me? Because you can prove it to yourself too if you want to. As many others which you find on this site.

Of course, basically, most people won’t really investigate it because it is much easier to just believe whatever is fit into their personal reality. But we all can experience it each moment, daytime or in our sleep life.

One thing what I share here and another thing is that I see many people reading the articles and they may don’t even get the basic ideas about non-physical stuff. And the beauty is that we can prove it to ourselves and practice anything around. And very few people will do it. The most will stop at the entrance and turn around, believe what they want to. That is okay, I think this is something which is there for only a handful of people. We don’t just suddenly walk a path of multidimensional self-realization.

But we can experience the basics. It is enough to get a full-blown non-physical experience via sleep, called “lucid dream”. You will seriously doubt what is real. Like your whole sense of “reality” turns around.

For first, let’s define the word “dream” and is life a dream?

I’m not using up nonsense lexical stuff, just a simple explanation. When we are sleeping, we have dreams. Or not. It depends on your path and intent to even experience dreams. When you are fully aware in the non-physical world, it is no longer dreaming. Others will call it conscious sleeping. The thing is, that you realize your multidimensional nature.

To note it, I dropped the “dream” label soon after I realized my non-physical life. I was always a lucid dreamer and I didn’t need to learn so much to go furthermore. This is not true for the most. This whole know-the-non-physical thing kicks in for you for a reason. There are no accidents. Maybe guides are trying to get the chance and wake you up to your real nature. Yes, you wanted it. Yes, you are doing it to yourself from a different viewpoint.


So in this sense, our own physical, daily life is a dream too. You would be shocked with practice and proving it to yourself how much more real the non-physical could be. Well, we are coming from there to experience a limited life with a physical body which we normally don’t have. Our advantage of living a physical life is that we can experience our natural circumstances from this viewpoint. The most won’t ever do that or even realize what is going on in their sleep life. They would be shocked or in huge fear, confusion.

So to break it down what is a dream, you are dreaming right now, reading this. When you are in the non-physical or “Astral” world, your physical life is a dream too and fades away while you are paying attention to that world. This is just a label and defines an activity other than our daily life. Because our human race thinks like that in objective terms. We can’t help it so much.

Is our daily physical life a dream? Is life a dream for real?

So going further in this issue, yes, our daily life is a dream too. We can call it a test, life simulation, game, etc. But we are heavily filtered by our 5 senses (normally) and this is why this physical reality compared to the non-physical with full awareness is really dream-like. When you are there, you no longer have a body BUT you are still interpreting everything automatically like you had 5 senses until you stop doing it. This is why it is still human-like many times.

We come here or into any physical Universes to do our job, learn, try things which we can’t normally in a limitless world without the space-time illusion. So our daily life is also a dream because we are consciousness. Consciousness makes these Universes and concentrates its primary attention into tiny pieces like You are Me, to try these systems out. We can call any of these experiences like a dream.

Our main source is in a purely subjective environment and we are there too right now. This is the so-called, falsely labeled Higher Self state. We simply don’t focus our primary attention there. Like TV channels.


This is our multidimensional nature, we are already existing in countless constructs and forms. We simply just got used to the idea that we are ourselves as a physical being. How can it be? Well, our body image, reflection, other people, everything outside of us. We don’t really learn a useful thing in life when the subject comes into deeper questions about life and our origins.

These are giving all the false assumptions about what is going on. Our race simply just falls into the trap of objectivity and indoctrination from our childhood. Maybe not just our human race but maybe countless civilizations are thinking the same way and worshipping gods and objectivity.

Why should the most even question their daily life if they were told to believe this or that? This is something which is not obvious for the most. Many don’t even remember their non-physical life or “dreams” which happen each night.

Then why should they even be aware of their daily life? They have the same attitude in the non-physical too. This is also true for Afterlife behavior. The dream-nature fades away if somebody starts to be more aware of their own true nature and what’s going on inside of them.

The solution to know it better is simple. You have the intention to be aware, you will be. That’s all. And then, you need the effort to take it into your daily routine. I think everything even in our daily life is the same.

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