Is there Life after Death? You are not a physical being!

I touched the life after death topic a few times and I think I can still do it a few more times in different forms. Maybe some will read it, maybe not. My site looks like that eventually. But I will give it a try again. I’m aware these days that this site won’t last for too long despite my efforts.

So death, as humanity knows, is mostly false and misunderstood. I know for sure how regular people tend to think, adding science and religious beliefs which are forced on people. If not forced then we chose it to believe. The most won’t question these belief systems and it is okay. These are the blocks to learn from for the most so this is why the most have these difficulties. No wonder why our civilization is like that. I’m not kidding, certain people are like that for a higher reason.

This is a quick insight into what is happening to you after leaving this world. Because you existed before, you just can’t remember or you would ruin the whole “life” game. This is an artificial block to stop you interfering with the physical life process. We wanted this.

How to understand this “life after death” issue?

To make it short and clear, the most are in big fear and denying the whole thing because it interferes with their indoctrination and challenges their beliefs. And if somebody is challenged, two options are given. You can deny it and live in your own box-minded thinking or you can open up and change your mindset. It is up to you and this is just my insight. This physical Universe (or any other system) is a tiny little fraction, stemming from the non-physical world. We are not the center of anything, except our consciousness.

life after death

We are already existing in other, multidimensional constructs and forms. Meaning that you are a group construct (a group of individuals which you use daily, personalities). You are also already a god on the highest level and also an individual right now. And of course, we all have countless parallel lives running right now in different physical and non-physical realities. This means that you are a tiny fraction of your whole being and you are experiencing separation which is needed for the life game.

To give you a simple perspective in this, you are everything at the same time but you are focusing your primary attention to here. If you can meet another version of yourself, you are already that person in the non-physical. I think this is where people lose the tail.

We were never alive or dead at all, we are focusing into a created physical vehicle and that’s all. What we stupidly do is, we see our body image and reflection, we think we are in a body because it feels like that, then we are the center of everything and we are our body. This is where all the flaws are.

We upload ourselves and draw out upon transition. The body is created for this purpose. What we carry are our thinking, emotional charge and value of being. This alone is a sad thing for the most.

We just tend to deny the whole thing

This is why the most are lost and hardly finding their way back to their non-physical core. These people are around us, and regular people. Almost the most. This is a fact, physical life is addictive and we can totally lose ourselves, thinking, we are physical bodies or vehicles and we are denying death because we seemingly don’t know what comes next. Sure, we do.

Let’s get straight. The most are so simple, they can’t even digest what is being multidimensional. There is a certain personality and you should have many lives to realize this. I think that is the recipe, at least for me. I don’t have special ESP abilities, I work from my own cookbook. We all do according to what we have naturally.

So, it is much easier for almost everybody to push their head into the sand. Eventually, we all return back but some of us can be free faster and do whatever we want to in the non-physical world. We have this century to know more. But as I see, people are barely ready. Maybe for the surface of lies and mystical crap which don’t answer a thing. What value people are materialistic stuff and lies. Unnecessary products to make our beliefs and ego okay or bigger. Stuff which we never had and we think those are necessary. This is one point where I always think about closing my site but I won’t discuss this in details.


So, denying this whole thing will cause an effect. That people are still in fear, not knowing a thing and life after death for them is like dissolving into nothingness, ceasing to exist. But eventually, we all return back, it was just a game, a minute of joy or sadness.

We can only learn on our own and this is why these illusions which we have here and now are needed to learn as an individual. When we return, we gain back our true self and we will see that it was just a second. This is the truth and we have time to find this out.

Even if my site fades away later, we can still find our answers. Start with Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projecting or with just meditation. Those are the first steps towards more awareness.

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