Do ghosts exist? Are they real? What ghosts are basically?

In our society, people can experience very strange and frightening things like seeing ghosts and other “supernatural” things. Of course, there is no supernatural, weird or paranormal around if you know what you are experiencing. This site tries to explain all of these, explaining how our perception is limited and we are not physical originally at all.

First of all, I need to explain that nobody ever dies and in this case, a ghost figure is a post-human, trapped in an in-between state of its life. Sounds very simple but I will try my best to explain what comes into my mind around this topic. People will see that there is nothing to be afraid of. Also, these ghosts or post-humans are trapped in their own lack of understanding and emotional attachments. It IS an emotional bubble or interplay. We have it also each night and we are calling it “dreams”.

So, it is real and no, they are not really harmful. And please, stop getting caught up on stupid movies about all of this stuff. Those are made to push emotions out from the watchers and sell products. Some people love to live in fear and also watch these. They are addicted from this kind of emotional release of fear. This is all about our emotional attachments.

I will try my best to include what I can, it won’t be a short one. But ghosts are simply in another reality frame and all realities are here right now, just on another channel, like a TV channel. Nobody goes anywhere in physical terms. This is our multidimensional nature.

What ghosts are basically?

We are right now as ghosts as those post-humans. We are using a physical form or vehicle to let us operate and experience in these limited worlds, called physical reality or physical Universe. We do this all the time whenever we decide to experience a physical life with certain tasks. So we need a body to allow us to do this with the birth and death illusion.

In our main core, we are consciousness, using a physical focus. Not so different from using a computer and a created character to play a game. So these people are as dead as we are. I guess now it is clear, they are simply stuck in another reality, close to this one.


The issue is simple. They didn’t notice that they passed away and returned back to the non-physical with full awareness or maybe they have great emotional attachments and can’t let go anything from their previous life. This is a big mistake, they are in their own emotional loop.

This happens with the most, as far as I know, they just go further back to Focus 3 (see the Focus Model) and they still can’t let go that character. Nobody told them they are not their body or identity, so because we got free will, we are allowed to ruin our life here or there. We are learning from these experiences. Slowly or fast.

So ghosts are many things, science tries to measure them and use up silly ideas but they are simply trapped in a non-physical dimension, close to our Universe. That’s all about it. If they give up this behavior and ask for help, guides will come and transport them away finally. This requires their thinking or mindset to be changed on their own. You can do that too with practice and walking this non-physical exploration path.

Dimensional overlays, energy grids, and certain houses, places

As I mentioned above, it is a very simple thing to understand, the most of our society simply just lack any of non-physical knowledge. Why? Because they are so attached to physical life, they can’t think outside the box. All the information are already out there, you just need to take the effort and make your own researches. In general, most people are not interested in any of these.

We are always in the non-physical and here too. We can’t exist only in one reality frame because we are multidimensional. So, we simply just never learned to tune into the non-physical consciously. So what you see or experience as otherworldly, like ghosts, they are in a dimensional overlay with our world. Everything has its place in this endless system.


Energy grids are interesting, our planet has its own. There are some resources which are stating that some strong energy grid points are causing interesting anomalies. Well, maybe it is true. Strange phenomena like ghosts can happen there.

Certain houses which are “haunted” by these unsuccessful post-humans are real but they still just can’t let go that place. If they are neutral or friendly, you can even use up Astral Projection, OBE or conscious dreaming with intent and speak to them. You can influence their thinking and help them get out by explaining that what they are doing is pointless. But there are many places, famous ones like tourist destinations.

People who can see ghosts or experience “hauntings”

It is NOT a special ability to see ghosts or other entities. Actually, there is no such thing before some people start to feel so special. You get these “abilities” via practicing them, using up your intent. We simply don’t see anything around because we tend to wash it off or tune out to rather physical related things. But some can see them or experience their presence. Some people are not washing them off. And of course, there are places where the presence is strong, you will experience something even if you don’t want to.

The strongness simply depends on the overlay’s strongness or how hard the actual post-human is attaching itself to that place or people. So hauntings are just a big show in our world, mostly video material with frightening events which people don’t understand. Some may fake it from fame and money. But the best way to deal with it is to try some NP travel with intent and speak to the actual person. Or just leave that place alone. You can’t help somebody who doesn’t want to change.

Because these “ghosts” are no longer bound by our laws and morality (I guess), they won’t think about what they are doing. If it is not about morality, then they are simply in their emotional interplay and living up their own hell. Not so different from what others are doing in the Belief System Territories in the Afterlife regions. No wonder these names. They simply can’t stop it. They don’t know they are disturbing others. Not so different from normal physical life. You stay the same.

It takes a tremendous effort to stop it and move on because they are NO longer limited by a physical body which sponges up their emotions and they can’t wake up here where all of our thinking has its delayed consequences.

They didn’t learn to stop this mindset. They want revenge on somebody or visit somebody or stay with the place from a stupid attachment. And it can ruin “living” or physically focused people’s lives or a family. Well, don’t stay in these places and that’s all.


Your beliefs and perception of ghosts or dead people – does it matter?

Your perception can heavily distort (as in anything else) what you can experience. This is true for both physical and non-physical exploration. So as I mentioned earlier, you may not even notice anything if you tend to wash it off or have beliefs about these “paranormal” stuff. Of course, there is NO paranormal after you already understood these.

Dead people are not dead at all or disappearing, we simply use a physical focus for X amounts of years and we move back to try new things out. So physical realities are made by us for physical games, to try limited stuff. We normally can’t experience these in the non-physical, we don’t have these limits, nor a body. The most are ruining their experiences by attaching themselves to everything and getting caught up thinking they are the character. You see your body image, science makes you believe you are your brain, no wonder.

This is why we need healing centers and rehabilitation structures upon returning back to the Afterlife regions and of course, there is no after or before. The time-space illusion is only part of physical realities. These structures are there to help you adjust back there and forget your finished life.

Ghost are simply just stuck in this dimensional overlay state until they don’t stop this nonsense. They have the hardest time and they are called “earth-bound spirits”. A mystical label but very true. Guides try their best in the NP to help them but it is a very difficult challenge. It is a retrieval work. We tend to do it even in our sleep life but the most are unaware of this “job”.

Is it a supernatural or mystical thing?

As you may get the basic idea, there is no supernatural or alien stuff here. Just the basic understanding of our civilization is so low that we categorize everything according to what is normal in our world and what is out of ordinary. And mostly from fear of the unknown.

Mystics and mediums like to fool people with these ideas to get their share, most of them are totally unaware that what they see or experience is not what it is for them.

There are all the explanations already. It is just easy enough to label things and leave them alone. But it won’t answer a thing like following religions which are lying to people on a fear-based idea or promise or giving nice fairytales which also won’t answer a thing. But this is everybody’s individual choice what to follow.

Are they harmful to living people?

The harmfulness maybe varies according to the strongness of the actual post-humans attachment to the physical reality or to a person. They can move sometimes objects, maybe not but they don’t have a real influence on our world. This is how it is made, this system.

Everybody has their own place and they will stop this sooner or later. Especially if somebody has a basic non-physical understanding and he/she can talk to these and help them to realize their problem.


NO, not in the stupid mystical ways with rituals lol. Via REAL methods, projection, OBE, phasing, entering their reality frame and talking to them. Because it can be done and maybe guidance will also help to arrange this meetup. On the other hand, don’t force it if you want to avoid the whole thing and move on.

Being afraid of ghosts from a stupid or unknown reason

Some people try to get a piece of scientific evidence about ghosts or post-humans, entities. We need evidence but we don’t know that there are other ways to figure it out. Too much people are worshipping science, it doesn’t really answer so much. You keep denying the whole thing until one day you experience this first-hand. Okay, not you, maybe others.

Being afraid of this won’t give anything useful to understand this but I guess this article made it clear. The stupid reasons for fearing this is all around us in our world and society. All the gossips, stupid guessing and ideas, urban legends and religious or mystical BS are there about all the non-existent “evil” and paranormal. Just don’t accept what is told you, you can experience it first-hand. You can prove it how it works, for yourself.

You are a ghost too right now, you just simply still has a body-filter to deal with physical life. Once it is “dead”, you simply return back to the non-physical with a full focus of your attention. You will still keep your body image at a certain biological age because this is part of you.

The degree of how aware you are of this fact only depends on your emotional baggage and mindset. If you learn to keep your emotions in check, staying passive and you tend to observe things in your life, you are done with some very important life lessons.

Why dream interpretation and sites don’t work for you?

It is a common thing with beginners (almost everybody?) that they rush onto sites, public forums to get the idea about dream interpretation. People would like to understand some of their dreams, their non-physical experiences. The biggest stumbling block with this is that people, in general, have no idea about what dreams are.

The first problem comes when people get into the first block, the nature of dreams. They are afraid to get deeper into this. Right, some dreams are understood then it is over. Actually, not so many people want to know it better.

I’m sure, if you want to learn, there are all the tools even on my site to start with the basics. I try to expand on the main idea about why it is relatively useless to cling to dream interpretation sites and myths about symbolism. I will try to make it clear to let even beginners to understand the main two issues.

Why dream interpretation doesn’t work for you and why sites are not always useful?

Let’s be clear, dream interpretation is up to the individual. You can’t rush to a site and translate a non-physical experience with symbolism because it is just a tiny fraction of the surface. I’m sure, if you roamed on this site and saw what you can read even about “dreams”, you will get my point. You have subjective experiences which you automatically translate into objective terms because this is familiar to you as living a human life right now.

Using symbolism is so limited like you try to understand a personal computer by clicking here and there without knowing what you are doing.

dream interpretation

You fall asleep and at some point in “time” (which doesn’t exist there) start to be aware even a little bit about what you are doing. Your own emotional interplay and thinking are causing all the sceneries mostly around you, it is not outside of you. This is how it works, emotions are creating all of those. Nightmares are the best example, you are scaring yourself.

What the most try to grasp is just some objective representations of a whole scenery. Believe me, it doesn’t work like that. Maybe sometimes. If your guidance tries to tell you something, they can only use up objective tools, which you get as scenes one by one. Your job is to translate it according to your emotional state. Guess how many people will do that! Almost nobody.

These sites are only useful with symbolism if those are getting you closer to the whole picture about the message or emotional interplay. You think emotions are generated inside these scenes and are staying with you for days or weeks. But NO, completely the opposite. You created those instantly in a thought responsive world and you then made them stronger. It takes years or decades of conscious experiences to even notice how instantly your emotional release is creating everything around you. That you were fighting with your own monsters for years and you created them without knowing the ground rules!

Symbolism is not giving you so many answers

Symbolism is another dead-end street. You can’t translate a whole non-physical experience to objective terms, it won’t answer the whole thing. And it takes years and thousands of experiences to learn to differentiate between mind-noise stuff and noticing experiencing real Focus 3 places. So you can live up your own baggage or just stop doing it by doing anything else. Normal dreams are the gateway to endlessly more.

Symbolism is a very limited understanding of our non-physical experiences. Because people are simply not even ready to know them better. But we need to start somewhere. This is an educational system on a Multiversal scale. You want more, work for it.

The most? I would bet, they are always in their own emotional interplay and this is why our civilization is not getting further in this. Our society works on emotions and nothing more! They don’t know they can or what is “beyond” this primary step. Same for Afterlife, the most are now experiencing their emotional interplay and mindset first-hand in an ever-lasting loop of sceneries. While you had time to stop this and run back to a body, now you can’t. Guides’ help come handy after all of these.


Your guidance or non-physical self can send you messages with symbolism because you don’t listen to other tools so well. If it is repeating itself, you don’t pay attention. But it is just a tool to know yourself better and not an “only” tool.

All of these sites and books are fooling people into thinking that the world beyond physical realities are working on the human thinking basics. Because we are just one race and we have our certain perception. There is endlessly more to this game.

You have your own thinking, mindset and you grew up with these. You will see the world basically as a beginner the same way in the non-physical as you are doing it here. This is an automatic thing and symbols are parts of this game. And this is why two different people won’t see a non-physical experience the same way, it is not appearing in front of you the same way.

Try to use these symbolic translations BUT only to help you to realize your experiences and what are they all about. Some symbols are there to get the whole picture but everything else is a big learning curve.

Why I always have nightmares? Is that normal?

Many people roam over forums and trying to wrap their minds around why are they always have nightmares. Some are completely the opposite, they find that it can’t be normal if they never have. Well, it makes me smile. What won’t make me, is that people never search for given answers about nightmares. Or about anything. Because there are all the answers, people just don’t give a damn about it. Like me, shall I give all the answers for free, right and people don’t even comprehend what I say?

So to put joking aside, let’s see these two in a nutshell. Why do people always have nightmares and why others won’t. I have a feeling that everybody has them, the other group just don’t remember. Or they are not recognizing a fear test.

Same true for dreams, we all have non-physical experiences, the most just don’t remember and don’t want to remember or be aware of them. They can’t put them anywhere what they are. So what the most don’t understand, they will wash it off. They can only deal with physical life.

Before anybody would start to think that nightmares are some sort of starting point, they are end results of your mindstate and emotional projection. You can’t deny this because you are in an instant, thought responsive environment.

Why you always have nightmares? Is that normal?

Yes, it is normal. Well, to a certain degree. Nobody wants to experience fear tests all the time from their non-physical self or alone. If you know the drill and saw other articles from me, you know what I’m talking about. You have tests to overcome for a good reason.

always have nightmares

So, if you tend to avoid facing your fears, they will repeat. If not one after another, maybe years can come without them, then bam, you are facing them again. I’m not kidding, there could be a decade of gap for many people and they come again.

The non-physical world is not working on the scale of time as we are. Time is non-existent but your value of thinking is the same with a good chance. You need to work on your fears to become better in self-control. This is needed to be “more advanced” and learn from your emotional state. You are causing all your nightmares. Your emotional control is the key and our civilization is running on it. Everything comes down from emotions, everything. This is another big life lesson. Almost nobody wants to control theirs, they are addicted to emotions.

If they are coming all the time, you tend to run away or deny them. The NP logic is simple in this sense. You don’t pay attention, they will repeat the same “message” in various forms and sceneries. You just need to implement the idea before falling asleep to stop running away. Let it happen. Be passive. Manage your emotions. These are steps towards your personal development.

What to do if you have no nightmares? Should you be worried?

It is very unlikely that somebody never has any because we are running on emotions and we all have hidden fears. You simply just never remember or you tend to think that those experiences are unfrightening. Your mindset simply doesn’t recognize these events as threats. But they are still there. It is not necessarily about being in great fear. It is enough to do something which you shouldn’t and the emotional imprint stays with you each day.

I think people simply deny the whole thing. But if somebody truly doesn’t have any nightmares, it is a good thing of a huge life test and being successful facing those fears. If there is any. So it could be with a bigger chance, you tend to face all of them automatically. For me, I do it automatically too so I don’t normally fear a thing at all. This carries you to bigger experiences and opens up new doors. These are all dependent on the actual person.

And just to add some notes on the constant nightmare thing here. It has nothing to do with biological body stuff, medicines, and drugs, these are just distorting something which is you, part of you. You are your own mindset in this case and nothing saves you, only your mindset and thinking. It is inside you (in your mind) what you have as nightmares or any other experiences.

Do animals have souls? Do you have a soul?

This topic is a very popular one (okay, what is not?) in our civilization about do animals have souls? I already wrote about animals and their simpler life in the physical world. This may help others to understand finally that creatures other than us are not their body or role. And that nobody has a soul, this is a mystical BS. Stay with me, I will explain these.

My intention with this post is to let people know, for those who are not so close to these facts that many people are totally wrong about animals, other lifeforms and their “intelligence”. And that many people are keeping pets from a huge void from their own inner self. They are very similar to us for a big reason. Many mentally ill people are abusing animals because they can’t bear with life or with other human beings.

Do animals have souls?

Yes and no. Let’s say, yes we all have. We simply chose a form and capabilities for our physical life game. I repeat this, we chose a FORM and capabilities. At this point, I may guess but it can be related to the actual entity’s developmental stage of what kind of character “it” uses. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we as human beings are advanced like gods according to animals. We have our own evolutionary, multidimensional development stage.

There are intelligent animals but we treat them like stupid beings because they are not capable of using language and construct technological stuff like we are. To another extraterrestrial civilization above us, we can be the primitive race. It depends on the actual viewpoint. And you can be sure that we are not alone, not even in this physical reality. We just have a huge, objective ego and it is distorted by religions and theories, thinking that we are alone. Yeah, look around you.

do animals have souls

So to get back to animals, they are using a body and actual capabilities according to their role, place in the food chain, etc. We are not in any food chain unless we are hunted down by each other stupidly or by a wild animal. Did you ever think about it? Our physical body is a result of a constructed experiment from 100.000s years ago which is on the Sumerian texts already. They simply just evolved naturally (their physical body) with natural evolution.

Our capabilities are tied to our physical vehicle’s limits and abilities. But that is not all to this story.

Are they developing with us?

There are countless animal groups, types which are catching up with us and living the same life as we tend to do. Like house cats, dogs, horses, other smaller-bigger animals. A normal human being won’t really think about what they are doing to or with an animal. They keep animals from the void of their being or from fashion. But the actual animal has the chance to break off their group consciousness dependency and learn to live a personal life with an advanced being like you. Did you ever think about this issue?

Animals have the chance or privilege to experience a more advanced life with us. We are giving this gift to them without knowing anything about it.

Pets, animals whom we are keeping beside us are learning with and from us. They can’t speak and don’t understand our language (because they don’t) but they are pulled up to a higher evolutionary path. They are reading our facial expressions, gestures and emotional behavior. Not our language. They don’t even need it.

There are many accounts about transitioned animals who were glad to live a life with a human being and they decided to try a human life. I hope, I really hope that animal abusers or people who don’t appreciate animals will be shocked. We are not so different.

We simply just follow the body-fixated idea in our whole life that we are our body image and we are in a body. And this is projected on them too. Even on plants and other life forms. The basic assumption is that they can’t think, interact or build civilizations as we do, thus everything other than us is primitive and unadvanced. We aren’t so advanced neither, we are killing each other from fear and stupid reasons.

So, do animals have a soul?

We should forget this soul nonsense. This comes from thousands of years of misunderstood concepts about who we are. Mystics and mediums got this idea about the “astral world” and souls leaving bodies and they didn’t get further in this. Nobody has a soul, we are using a physical vehicle for a physical life. Maybe you get my idea, at least from my site. We are non-physical beings without a form and we are creating these physical vehicles to allow us to enter physical Universes and try limited life.

An animal doesn’t need a physical body which we need for a human life. They are experiencing a much simpler way of living in a physical reality.

do animals have souls

This “soul” thing comes from a very old, false assumption that we have a soul in our body and it “leaves” upon death into the unknown. Okay, it is partly true but not the way it is told. This is why most of humanity still thinks that we leave a body or we are in a body.

Animals are just other forms of the same source as WE are

My intention with this post was two-fold. Let people realize that animals and other life forms are as real as we are, we just tend to hang up on the physical vehicle fixation. We won’t even think that a car’s driver is the engine neither. The other thing is that we should treat other life forms as we are treating each other. And our human race is not really treating each other so well. Okay, we tend to step on ants or bugs and scared from other lifeforms, it is a normal thing.

No wonder why many are abusing animals if they are doing it to each other. Animals, household pets can’t defend themselves really towards a seemingly advanced being so well. And they have the same insanity problems as we do if the pill rolls away. They don’t really have a chance if they are living with somebody who doesn’t even understand how life works and that if somebody totally underdeveloped in their “soul”.

It is a sad thing what we are doing to each other and to animals. We don’t respect life outside of us. Maybe this article will open up some eyes. Advanced animal groups can feel the same emotions, behave the same way as we do, they just can’t express these as we do. They have the same “diseases” too! Because we are doing these to ourselves on our own.


We should treat pets and wild animals with respect and how we would like to get the same care. Of course, we need to stay away from wild animals, they have their habitat to guard and live up for a reason. They won’t think over morality. There are group “souls” and they can only live in groups. When you have a pet like that (a dog or cat), they have the chance to live an individual life and develop multidimensionally.

They can start a path, becoming more aware of who they are and learn emotions. Simply put, we are pulling up them on their evolutionary path. We are trying to do this to each other too.

This is a reminder about that we are in this journey together. We came from the SAME non-physical place and returning back all the time. We won’t use up forms and capabilities if we don’t need them for a certain role, right?

Is life a Dream? You will be shocked!

We have many sources about the big question, that is our life a dream or is it even real? If not a question, then there are theories. What if I tell you from personal, first-hand knowledge that it is true? Would you believe me? Because you can prove it to yourself too if you want to. As many others which you find on this site.

Of course, basically, most people won’t really investigate it because it is much easier to just believe whatever is fit into their personal reality. But we all can experience it each moment, daytime or in our sleep life.

One thing what I share here and another thing is that I see many people reading the articles and they may don’t even get the basic ideas about non-physical stuff. And the beauty is that we can prove it to ourselves and practice anything around. And very few people will do it. The most will stop at the entrance and turn around, believe what they want to. That is okay, I think this is something which is there for only a handful of people. We don’t just suddenly walk a path of multidimensional self-realization.

But we can experience the basics. It is enough to get a full-blown non-physical experience via sleep, called “lucid dream”. You will seriously doubt what is real. Like your whole sense of “reality” turns around.

For first, let’s define the word “dream” and is life a dream?

I’m not using up nonsense lexical stuff, just a simple explanation. When we are sleeping, we have dreams. Or not. It depends on your path and intent to even experience dreams. When you are fully aware in the non-physical world, it is no longer dreaming. Others will call it conscious sleeping. The thing is, that you realize your multidimensional nature.

To note it, I dropped the “dream” label soon after I realized my non-physical life. I was always a lucid dreamer and I didn’t need to learn so much to go furthermore. This is not true for the most. This whole know-the-non-physical thing kicks in for you for a reason. There are no accidents. Maybe guides are trying to get the chance and wake you up to your real nature. Yes, you wanted it. Yes, you are doing it to yourself from a different viewpoint.


So in this sense, our own physical, daily life is a dream too. You would be shocked with practice and proving it to yourself how much more real the non-physical could be. Well, we are coming from there to experience a limited life with a physical body which we normally don’t have. Our advantage of living a physical life is that we can experience our natural circumstances from this viewpoint. The most won’t ever do that or even realize what is going on in their sleep life. They would be shocked or in huge fear, confusion.

So to break it down what is a dream, you are dreaming right now, reading this. When you are in the non-physical or “Astral” world, your physical life is a dream too and fades away while you are paying attention to that world. This is just a label and defines an activity other than our daily life. Because our human race thinks like that in objective terms. We can’t help it so much.

Is our daily physical life a dream? Is life a dream for real?

So going further in this issue, yes, our daily life is a dream too. We can call it a test, life simulation, game, etc. But we are heavily filtered by our 5 senses (normally) and this is why this physical reality compared to the non-physical with full awareness is really dream-like. When you are there, you no longer have a body BUT you are still interpreting everything automatically like you had 5 senses until you stop doing it. This is why it is still human-like many times.

We come here or into any physical Universes to do our job, learn, try things which we can’t normally in a limitless world without the space-time illusion. So our daily life is also a dream because we are consciousness. Consciousness makes these Universes and concentrates its primary attention into tiny pieces like You are Me, to try these systems out. We can call any of these experiences like a dream.

Our main source is in a purely subjective environment and we are there too right now. This is the so-called, falsely labeled Higher Self state. We simply don’t focus our primary attention there. Like TV channels.


This is our multidimensional nature, we are already existing in countless constructs and forms. We simply just got used to the idea that we are ourselves as a physical being. How can it be? Well, our body image, reflection, other people, everything outside of us. We don’t really learn a useful thing in life when the subject comes into deeper questions about life and our origins.

These are giving all the false assumptions about what is going on. Our race simply just falls into the trap of objectivity and indoctrination from our childhood. Maybe not just our human race but maybe countless civilizations are thinking the same way and worshipping gods and objectivity.

Why should the most even question their daily life if they were told to believe this or that? This is something which is not obvious for the most. Many don’t even remember their non-physical life or “dreams” which happen each night.

Then why should they even be aware of their daily life? They have the same attitude in the non-physical too. This is also true for Afterlife behavior. The dream-nature fades away if somebody starts to be more aware of their own true nature and what’s going on inside of them.

The solution to know it better is simple. You have the intention to be aware, you will be. That’s all. And then, you need the effort to take it into your daily routine. I think everything even in our daily life is the same.

Is there Life after Death? You are not a physical being!

I touched the life after death topic a few times and I think I can still do it a few more times in different forms. Maybe some will read it, maybe not. My site looks like that eventually. But I will give it a try again. I’m aware these days that this site won’t last for too long despite my efforts.

So death, as humanity knows, is mostly false and misunderstood. I know for sure how regular people tend to think, adding science and religious beliefs which are forced on people. If not forced then we chose it to believe. The most won’t question these belief systems and it is okay. These are the blocks to learn from for the most so this is why the most have these difficulties. No wonder why our civilization is like that. I’m not kidding, certain people are like that for a higher reason.

This is a quick insight into what is happening to you after leaving this world. Because you existed before, you just can’t remember or you would ruin the whole “life” game. This is an artificial block to stop you interfering with the physical life process. We wanted this.

How to understand this “life after death” issue?

To make it short and clear, the most are in big fear and denying the whole thing because it interferes with their indoctrination and challenges their beliefs. And if somebody is challenged, two options are given. You can deny it and live in your own box-minded thinking or you can open up and change your mindset. It is up to you and this is just my insight. This physical Universe (or any other system) is a tiny little fraction, stemming from the non-physical world. We are not the center of anything, except our consciousness.

life after death

We are already existing in other, multidimensional constructs and forms. Meaning that you are a group construct (a group of individuals which you use daily, personalities). You are also already a god on the highest level and also an individual right now. And of course, we all have countless parallel lives running right now in different physical and non-physical realities. This means that you are a tiny fraction of your whole being and you are experiencing separation which is needed for the life game.

To give you a simple perspective in this, you are everything at the same time but you are focusing your primary attention to here. If you can meet another version of yourself, you are already that person in the non-physical. I think this is where people lose the tail.

We were never alive or dead at all, we are focusing into a created physical vehicle and that’s all. What we stupidly do is, we see our body image and reflection, we think we are in a body because it feels like that, then we are the center of everything and we are our body. This is where all the flaws are.

We upload ourselves and draw out upon transition. The body is created for this purpose. What we carry are our thinking, emotional charge and value of being. This alone is a sad thing for the most.

We just tend to deny the whole thing

This is why the most are lost and hardly finding their way back to their non-physical core. These people are around us, and regular people. Almost the most. This is a fact, physical life is addictive and we can totally lose ourselves, thinking, we are physical bodies or vehicles and we are denying death because we seemingly don’t know what comes next. Sure, we do.

Let’s get straight. The most are so simple, they can’t even digest what is being multidimensional. There is a certain personality and you should have many lives to realize this. I think that is the recipe, at least for me. I don’t have special ESP abilities, I work from my own cookbook. We all do according to what we have naturally.

So, it is much easier for almost everybody to push their head into the sand. Eventually, we all return back but some of us can be free faster and do whatever we want to in the non-physical world. We have this century to know more. But as I see, people are barely ready. Maybe for the surface of lies and mystical crap which don’t answer a thing. What value people are materialistic stuff and lies. Unnecessary products to make our beliefs and ego okay or bigger. Stuff which we never had and we think those are necessary. This is one point where I always think about closing my site but I won’t discuss this in details.


So, denying this whole thing will cause an effect. That people are still in fear, not knowing a thing and life after death for them is like dissolving into nothingness, ceasing to exist. But eventually, we all return back, it was just a game, a minute of joy or sadness.

We can only learn on our own and this is why these illusions which we have here and now are needed to learn as an individual. When we return, we gain back our true self and we will see that it was just a second. This is the truth and we have time to find this out.

Even if my site fades away later, we can still find our answers. Start with Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projecting or with just meditation. Those are the first steps towards more awareness.