Can Sleep Paralysis kill you? Are you kidding me?

There are some not so educated questions many times on public forums, especially about sleep paralysis. Yes, SP again. I can’t help these questions but make another quick post to dissolve the myths. Or fears and beliefs, same deal. I already made a clear article about the whole Sleep Paralysis phenomenon.

The thing is that for first, people should learn the basic idea that everybody has sleep paralysis all the time whenever they sleep physically. They are unaware of this fact. Most of us may get glimpses of this natural event. Your physical body is a vehicle for consciousness and you are that consciousness, a non-physical entity. You can prove it if you really want to.

Share what I tell you and my site to let others know how unreal their fears are and that life is much more beyond our physical reality!

A natural condition which needs to happen, won’t kill anybody ever!

I think the biggest thing comes down from the fact that people expect to get full-blown sleep paralysis all the time because others who “suffer” from it can get it. I mean not being able to move. You will get the slight one, muscles will hurt, maybe you are heavy and similars. Don’t expect a full SP when you can’t even move an inch. That happens in a very deep sleep phase. You will get it if you scared yourself in the non-physical and returned back “too fast”.

People who get the full version will label themselves sufferers and won’t really find a real answer about all of these. I already talked out how the medical industry and science wash brains about this. Genetics, conditions, disorders, health risk. Come on, that is just ridiculous! We all get SP all the time. But you know what, if you found this article, you don’t need to search for your answers anymore, I can guarantee you. Just don’t believe all the lies or you will be tied down on toxic chemicals.

I personally answered an exact copy of this question on Quora and I won’t keep that account for too long but many times I tend to see good materials to share here and let websurfers get here.

So, no, it won’t kill you. How could it be? Well, actually you won’t read this if that happens lol. Just kidding.

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