Why my child has nightmares? Is that normal?

No matter how old we are, nightmares are starting to come after we are born. And have our first experiences in any physical reality where we are. Many parents are acting like they never had a nightmare when they were young. We all do have nightmares even at infant years. But why?

I guess some readers will be shocked knowing that nightmares are necessary for our personal development. What a parent normally experiences is, that their child is suddenly screaming (all the time) by the nights and asking for them to help or sleep with them. From the infant’s perspective, he/she is having unpleasant “dreams” which are our very first non-physical experiences. To note another natural thing, we have imaginary friends (many of us, not all of us) for the sake of this game. They are real.

And everything is equally real, our daily life too. If you already went through my articles, you may understand that our physical life is the “dream”. Let’s see how this works over time. I guess the problem comes when the actual parent forgets how he/she also had nightmares. We are helping each other to get used to a physical system again and again.

When we are very young, we need to get used to the actual physical reality

When we choose a life to live, we need to choose an actual timeline in an actual physical reality or Universe and an actual race to play in. I could continue but you may see the issue. We then need a physical body and a family to born into.

I remember clearly that when I was young, I had nightmares many times. I can’t recall them but I know that many times I was in parallel reality frame and my circumstances were very similar to the actual physical reality circumstances. At that time I didn’t know a thing about the non-physical world. Then I at some point grew up and faced all my fears. On my own. I was surely screaming many times over many nights and my father rushed in to check it. This is how it works. Our parents don’t know a useful thing in life and we need to work it out on our own.


So we are here, let’s assume we are already a few years old. Then we need to get used to the physical rulesets and interpretation. Our sight and how we interpret the electromagnetic noise, our hearing. Learning to walk, speak and others.

Human world, not so pleasant experiences

We will start to encounter with all the “human” things in our world. The nice, the happy and all the ugly and strange. Fear kicks in all the time because it is challenging our mind and beliefs. Fear is there because we are learning new things and we are interpreting stuff according to our uniqueness.

All the things and events which we get will be stored on a non-physical layer which is our memory (not a brain!) and we can relive them already via our sleep life.

When we fall asleep at that age, we don’t know much about anything because even if we came from “there”, our memories are suppressed about who we are. It is for simply to not ruin our own “life” game. We need this character to grow and learn with. We can’t function if we tend to remember our true self. Non-physical guides are also trying to stay away if they think that they may interfere with the infant’s development.

This is another life test again, seeing how we are learning on our own.

Even from the first years, we will have nightmares

Then we will experience our own fears. These are fear tests from and in the Wider Reality and these tests are helping us growing up. This and any other physical realities are parts of the Wider Reality. No, not in biological and aging sense btw. The most never will face their fears. What we call nightmares are personalized fear tests and running automatically as soon as you release your stuff in a thought responsive world. You fall asleep with the same mindset but the rules are way different there.


Our physical life is a facade of a serious learning and experiencing curve. We only notice a fraction of it because we tend to function as a robot, in an automatic sense. We are indoctrinated and it starts with our parents. They don’t really know a thing so they have no choice other than stay with the kid or open in and let the lights on.

No wonder, most of humanity has no idea about dreams, nightmares, who we are etc. There are religions, books and that’s all. Those are not giving any useful answers. We have nightmares because we need to face our fears and the lessons are instantly starting after we arrive here. This is a vast educational system. We teach each other even in the non-physical world. Physical Universes are stemming from there, we are end-results of consciousness. The forms and objective stuff.

These are all parts of our personal development

No matter what we do via our sleep life are parts of our main, multidimensional development. We need to face our fears via these nightmares even when we are much older. If we don’t, they will keep repeating or we will carry our fears back to the so-called Afterlife. You can read a lot about all of these already on my site.

You may know a bit about Astral Projection. It is the same, some of us can do it at a young age until parents are limiting us.

So what can a parent do in this case if the child has reoccurring nightmares and now you understand what is this all about? Well, you can even benefit from this by facing your fears. You need to wait in my opinion a few years until the child understands the importance of these.

You don’t have so much influence on the infant’s mindset because we are what we are, no matter what education we get from our parents. But if they understand this at a very young age, their life won’t be full of mental problems and they won’t be lost in life because they will start to understand their purpose and their origins. This is what our world should teach as a beginner’s guide to physical life.

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