Why do I always have Sleep Paralysis? It is a natural condition!

As I try to plan out my newer articles a little bit more reachable for people around the world, I thought I should expand on Sleep Paralysis (SP) a little bit more in general. I’m shocked how stupid medical sites, with parroting others, practices are trying to scare people and not even knowing a thing about this. This whole world is full of misunderstandings and guessings from a materialistic viewpoint. Our society is clearly in infant shoes.

And if you are very new to sleep paralysis or any sleep-related, non-physical issues, you will be amazed how unreal are all of those nonsense guessings and religious belief systems about sleeping. SP is a natural condition which needs to take place each time when we fall asleep. We just don’t notice it.

And I want to tell people that they are “suffering” from a 100% natural condition. Please, just don’t believe anything what religious sources and doctors are telling you because they have clearly no idea. Respect for the few. This is something which everybody has each night.

And please share these articles which I have on this site because these are already there in our world and talked out in private forums, full of Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming practitioners. Initiating a conscious SP is a good thing to experience! You can do it at will and you will see it. You don’t need to prevent it or go to a doctor.

I still recall all the stupid websites from google search because I was curious what the heck is there about this. But it is beyond comprehension. I mean people are relatively believing all of that nonsense if they try to search on this. “Neurodegenerative disease” and all the stupid stuff. It is NOT a medical condition! Btw the same issue is there about those nonsense “conditions” and “disorders” and I plan to write about many, later on. If I don’t lose my mood lol.

Sleep Paralysis is still a new and scary thing to the most

I just don’t understand this nonsense which medical industries are telling about SP. Or psychological sources. And I can’t stand when there are all the lies and people just don’t get the idea. Fear spreading is a huge business! One thing is that people never try to experiment with it and rather labeling themselves sleep paralysis sufferers. Because many are doing it and trying to make it their uniqueness. Some just want to be special from a natural thing which hurts them a lot. That’s them.

sleep paralysis

But the other stupid thing is when people like me try to tell others on public forums like Quora or Reddit that it is a normal thing.  I stopped doing it. There are all the answers and people don’t listen. If they are, they won’t do some research if anybody else asked the same.

I saw it many times, people are frightened about SP. We tend to fear what we don’t know. The problem comes in two cases and I will share it why. Then the given person is frightened like hell because he/she never had this non-existent “condition” before. I use quotes, referring to stupid textbooks and medical industry nonsense with all the guessings from a physical or biological perspective. My usage of words are serving the highlighting purpose and don’t take it as a personal thing.

What IS sleep paralysis in general?

You may don’t know and it doesn’t count but I know that I told hundreds or thousands of people so many times of how natural and necessary thing SP is that I became sick and tired repeating it. This is why sites like mine are unique and full of knowledge. Bear with me.

So here is your basic. Whenever you fall asleep each night, your brain as a device will take the physical body to autopilot mode. We are consciousness, a non-physical entity, using a brain device and nervous system to let us use this body. The most still think they are their body, science tries to catch consciousness in a brain which is a device on this end of the game. This is not the issue. We are not our body, it is made for our life-game to let us experience physical life. You need a vehicle.

Okay, so the brain starts to regulate your muscles and takes you into sleep mode. What you experience from all of this normally is that you start to breathe in sleep mode in whatever position and you blackout. Next time you are in the non-physical world where you have dreams. I won’t discuss if you are unaware of this fact or not, you can learn a lot from my other articles.

If you had a partial or full-blown SP, you may be experienced the muscle hardness first-hand. You can’t breathe, lungs are rock hard, you can’t move etc. This is because the muscles are shut down and for your safety to prevent you from moving. This is a safety mechanism which is needed when we switch our primary attention to the non-physical world. We keep experiencing. In normal cases, the body is in sleep paralysis.

Eventually, some people may sleepwalk or move in their bed, it is also normal. Just a basic mechanism. The brain’s role is to take your body to autopilot and keep it alive because you as the mind or observer is experiencing elsewhere. But the non-physical is right there in front of you, you just simply switch there.

sleep paralysis

You get SP when you fall asleep but you are aware partially of this process

After you finally get the whole idea, let’s see the two main cases of these experiences and you will see why. Everything comes down from what I share with you, any other unusual cases too.

So there is the first case, whenever you are physically tired or you do deep meditation. This means that you start to (with practice) elongate the process when you fall asleep. You start to be conscious of the fact that your body is starting to fall asleep. You can hear yourself snoring too! Then, you will be still awake as you are the mind, the user of your body. You are NOT in your body. This is where people are totally misled. You are using a primary focus in a physical system. Let’s read my Focus Model articles to understand your multidimensional nature. It is real, you can test it all.

Many many people are in today’s world are finding the practices of Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, Lucid Dreaming and many more and you can practice them, encountering SP all the time. It is a stage of entering to the non-physical world consciously. When you fall asleep normally, you don’t want to be conscious. You would be scared about all the sensations and effects. So this is why the most never have those. You can have SP faster when you are physically tired. But you are still alert.

If you go enough deep, you can experience much more to physical life. You will need plenty of experiences to pass this SP stage. You may can’t breathe or move an inch, maybe all your muscles hurt. This need to be like that. So here is your first case. NORMAL. You can still move some body parts and get out.

You get SP when you scare yourself in Dreamland and you end up in SP

This is the second case and you don’t need more. The most don’t know that dreams are non-physical experiences. We are non-physical and multidimensional. AP, LD, OBE, others are all the same. Your awareness level determines all. So you lack the self-control in a thought responsive world and you simply “phase” back to your body focus. This is an automatic response. This is also a lesson and a learning curve. You still have a body to feel safe. After you finished your current lifetime, you won’t have a body to escape back to.

You start to be scared of an experience and you rush back to a body in deep sleep. It happens automatically. The brain didn’t have the time to notice this and wake the body up. Some sources will call this reintegration, mostly from the Out-of-Body practice.

sleep paralysis

Do you understand the main issue here? You need to grow up, manage your mindset and emotions. Your reactions in Dreamland are causing your sudden returns and ending up in SP if you were too deep in sleeping physically. That is the case why many people can’t move. Move a toe, a finger, all one by one and you are out. After this, I wonder how people “suffering” from this for decades, never made any research at the right places to understand these. I guess people don’t know where to look after their answers. I admit it, we need to dig very deeply in today’s world.

You can do it personally too but this is a life lesson

So if you get the idea, this is ALL about facing your fears. “Suffering” or experiencing SP is facing your fears too. Because you are scared about it. The other phenomena don’t fit here but I will mention at the end about entities and demons with shadow people. They are caused by you. You project out your fears into a 3D form.

No matter which one you will get, you are relatively scared of a natural condition which was there the whole time. If I can give an example, others are not getting SP but they are sweating. It is normal too, their energy is reflected back. We are recharging our body all the time with non-physical source energy. Just guess how many people know about this outside of conscious sleep. If they are ever conscious.

But to note one issue or opportunity here is this. You need to face your fears and it is a clear one. No matter if you tend to scare yourself in your dreams with the same daily mindset or you are scared from sleep paralysis. You need to understand these, learn from them, become familiar with them and your lessons are finished in these.

You can initiate sleep paralysis on your own by laying down on your back, not moving an inch and breathe deeply and slowly, like doing a sleep process.

There are all sorts of fear tests or nightmares all the time in your sleep life. You don’t face them, they will be there. We wanted these experiences before birth. You can learn a lot about these from this site.

Sleep paralysis for believers with preconceived religious beliefs and fears

This article starts to be very long so I will keep this short at the end.

Many believer type people tend to fuel their paralysis furthermore. Beliefs are playing a key role when you end up in sleep paralysis. You are still between the physical reality and the non-physical world. You experience it as you were in your bed. The non-physical is in front of you as a dimensional overlay. All the nonsense religious beliefs will appear in front of you in full 3D over time. Pulling, pushing you, levitating, vibrating. All parts of the same process.

And those figures? They won’t appear suddenly, it accumulates over time and creates all of those shadow people, demons, monsters and many more. YOU are doing it to yourself. This is another lesson what your mindset creates with your reactions. This is why so many many people are afraid at night, even without an SP.

The Wider Reality is like a vast, endless teaching system. Consciousness uses a form in physical Universes as we are doing it right now. Even our physical Universe is a subset or subpart of this system. And end-result. We are learning and we need to learn the ground rules. The most are only learning the physical rulesets and even not all of them. But this is another story. You can learn a lot about how to navigate in the non-physical or what to look for. Be my guest on my site and you can ask for personal training via the Workshop menu too as a service.

I hope now you solved a big problem and know them all. Keep on reading on the site to educate yourself and share it, support my work. I will be happy about them, also about finding your answers.

2 thoughts on “Why do I always have Sleep Paralysis? It is a natural condition!”

  1. Hey Phil, I love how you explain this so clearly. It’s Derek btw. Back in 2015, I was going through immense stress and anxiety in my life. This was a bit before I discovered Bill Buhlman’s work. Well, periodically around 5AM ish, I would be half in sleep and half out. Then…..the sleep paralysis started. Couldn’t move at all. Then the buzzing/rushing sound in my hears. Then immense fear as I felt like I was experiencing ‘entities’ around my bed. I was SO fearful. Thanks to William Buhlman’s work, I discovered that I was creating this myself. It was my own fear…..manifesting outwardly! I popped out of my body one single time and floated to the bathroom ceiling. I put my attention back on to my feet and bang…..slammed right back into my body.

    This happened a number of other times during that time period. Except the other times, I didn’t pop out. Instead, I had these intense dreams about flying.

    But, it was the clear cut sleep paralysis, rushing sound in my ears and the fear. Something intuitively felt to me like…..”this is calling for me to surrender INTO the fear more”. And I never was able to get back to that opportunity.

    It made me want to learn more about out of body experiences. Anyway, thanks for sharing this article and continuing to dispel so much of the fear mongering out there in the new age sector.

    1. Thanks Derek!

      Buhlman has a great resource indeed, I tend to not mention him anyway and many others lol to avoid any consequences (maybe just a few figures for a reason). People are very slowly realizing even on public forums with my help (well, I’m too little for this task) that SP needs to happen all the time but the problem comes when we are aware of the process and we don’t know what to do or not to do. It can be scary. What you then got are precursors for conscious projection. We are experiencing our fear barriers all the time and this is why there are these steps with sounds, imagery, and others, we are learning to grow up mentally and emotionally and face our fears.

      The slamming back is happening because you are thinking about your physical body and it will act as a magnet. Some may say you need to move away at least 20 feets away or 5-10 meters. It is just like that in the Real Time Zone or in the non-physical when you get an automatic simulation about having a body and the guidance watches your reaction. You think about it, you phase back quickly. After thousands of conscious experiences in the non-physical, I can still fall into this trap too lol.

      Let me know Derek if You need more help via email, okay? Stay here and learn whatever you can. There are still countless unwritten stuff in my pocket lol.

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