How to learn Lucid Dreaming? Are You really ready?

This post is made for people searching throughout the Internet to learn Lucid Dreaming. If you are new to this or you already know some bits about this, this is your place. I offer my personal help to teach you doing it as a service. I also give basic knowledge about what you can learn after you have a conscious sleep life.

You will need to be open and have the intent to work with yourself. Because this is your own personal development, your multidimensional nature and you are opening up doors to the unknown. Dreams are just the first stage what most of humanity never passes.

Even Lucid Dream practitioners never pass the initial tests about what to do, what are the limits and where to go. This is a fancy practice these days and just a few will realize what they are doing. Or where they are doing it. We all need a leading hand to learn more, otherwise, we will spend years and decades of trying to figure out if all the outside sources were right or gave us any useful information. People growing up in the last century still didn’t have Internet to figure all of these out and kept in secret. Only some pioneer books in shops with many religious beliefs and distortions.

Learning the basics about Lucid Dreaming is just the beginning

When I say, learning the basics, it is not what you find elsewhere. Except on private forums where well-experienced people talk these out from first-hand pieces of evidence. Do you really know what a dream or a Lucid Dream is? You may be totally surprised. It is not about those practices. But the most never go “further”.

What you find on my site about Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experiences, altered states, ESP phenomena, and many more is a big information overload if you don’t take it step-by-step. These experiences are happening in the same non-physical world but your approach is different and your awareness level. That’s it. These are paranormal, strange or scary because nobody talks about them like that. We lack the education about these from infant years.

lucid dreaming

A normal dream is mostly an unconscious experience. And there are stages to walk through like a baby crawling and then standing up. This is not about what others are playing with, messing up dream characters and places and doing whatever you want to but still, you can experiment with anything. This is a long path and this is all about your personal development.

What you win with all of these is you will develop on a much higher evolutionary level. Chances are, you are already on that according to people around you. You will figure it out. You will know what is needed to know before you need to leave this world and return back to the so-called Afterlife.

So, sure, maybe the fancy tricks and techniques are there. But do you really know what you are doing? You are opening up the metaphoric gates to an endless, subjective world. The possibilities are endless what you can experience. Your beliefs will determine your openness.

So what you can learn from me and from my site are the basics but you are walking a high-awareness path after a while and this will surely change your life, mindset, and thinking. You just thought you know life from a limited perspective. And you will get your answers.

This is how learning the Lucid Dreaming art goes with my help

I can give you personal assistance via the Workshop menu. Please read it carefully. Then you can reach out for me.

People who still need a handful guide can still purchase my Lucid Dreaming ebook from Payhip faster and can start the beginner steps. I’m there too, this is just your personal beginner’s guide.

If you are really interested in all of this, let me tell you why am I telling you all of these. People in our society are barely ready for all of these. They can’t really pass the first stage of normal dreaming, realizing their true, multidimensional nature and how to experience more. They don’t know what to do and have no concept or idea.

The basic knowledge is all about knowing the ground rules in a thought responsive world. You go there, release your emotional baggage and you will scare yourself or live up your own mindset in physically familiar sceneries. You experience what you see from your perspective. But there is much more to this!

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