Imaginary friends in childhood – are they real? You will be shocked!

It is a very common thing in our world when we or our child have an imaginary friend at a very young age. Even if we didn’t have one in our infant years, many people have/had. I need to assure anybody who is worrying about it, that it is normal and here is why.

Just be open to the fact that you didn’t know the real thing about how our life works. And it is just the facade what we see or experience.

Those unseen imaginary friends are as real as another person to you. When we are that young, we can detect, see or sense other non-physical entities, mostly our own guidance, who are real personalities. Some may see auras or have other abilities. Some may keep these ESP abilities in secret.

We see them because the non-physical world from where we are coming from to live physical life are there nearby you. You are tuning into a physical reality and trying to keep your primary attention there for X amount of decades. You are still capable to see them after your birth but the fun is soon over once our parents are finding it insane. If you are a parent and you notice this, just stop interfering with your child, please! Read below why.

Why we lose our imaginary friends? Do we?

Well, we don’t lose them, we block them out. Why? It seems to be not normal and parents are freaked out from the whole thing. I find it really sad because the actual child’s parents never experienced this in their younger years. Or they didn’t know what is that they experience and their simple-minded parents also did the same. Or maybe the guidance decided to stay away. The latter has a higher chance.

Our world’s indoctrination and rules are kicking in because it is not normal at all and called mental problem or paranormal. These people who are attaching these labels have no idea what is this all about! Starting with science, medical industry, regular people etc.

imaginary friends

We come with the unseen assistance, called guidance. Some may call them angels and in all sorts of nonsense, religious labels. They are always there and trying to make sure that you live your life according to your lessons. So in this part, what mystics and mediums are telling you is true. But only this part. They won’t tell you what to do normally or interfere with your choices if you are hard-headed.

The most, who suffer, don’t pay attention to the good word and they try to pray for a “god” for their problems. It is a little bit contradictory, right?

Does our guidance disappear?

So, we never lose them, we will block them out mentally. This is like not paying attention to something which is there, denying it, then it will slowly disappear from our sight. The other reason could be, that they make the decision to stay away because if they keep doing this close guiding thing, the actual person can’t grow up as a normal person who fits into this world. Because we need to fit in and do our job.

You can still learn to listen to them and make stronger contact at adult age if you learn to do it.

So the thing is that they are still there but you lose the capability to even notice them. Then they will have a hard time trying to give you signs like synchronicities to let you know that you are guided, guarded and everything is okay. Most of us need to cut off this connection as we block this out.

The truth about imaginary friends and their role

If somebody didn’t have imaginary friends, then they already knew that it is unnecessary and the person can deal with this world alone. I’m that type. Later now in my life, I hate it that I need to tap into this with effort.

But the thing is that we all have our very natural tools to tap into our guidance. You just need to notice what are your usual tools. Talking in your mind and hearing an instant response? Seeing perfect numbers? Having visions? Lucid Dreams? Any other. They are there to help us, we just wash it off sadly.

We try to live our lives thinking we are alone or are lost. This is why there are religions because the most try to explain their life with a made-up “god”. We are our own god and this is what may scare many. We are our own guidance too. Look at this as what it is, a multidimensional game. Our guidance and its members are our other versions of non-physical self. You can prove it to yourself too.

You are a group of community with your non-physical friends and you are trying to make sure that the life which you chose will be successful. Only if you pay attention to help and not forcing everything from fear. But the most are doing the latter.

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