How to stop aging? You can influence it to a certain degree!

Natural aging is part of our human nature and every living organism is going through it. But how can we influence it naturally? I’m the type who just don’t give a damn of aging and I look very young. It could be from beliefs or I’m that type as my body represents this attitude.

The main issue is that it doesn’t matter if you are a 30+ year old or a 70+ year old. To just mention, I have a friend who is over 70 and didn’t age so much in the last 20 years because he just doesn’t believe in it.

I need to add that it is a two-fold thing. You keep your body image in your mind healthy and young and another thing is that it happens because you are simply that type of non-physical entity. Ah, and forget genetics and other belief stuff! Those can be influenced but we can indeed have some family-line similarities. Just play with what I share.

Aging doesn’t need to be the way how elderly people and middle-aged people are aging. We simply accept a civilizational indoctrination very soon in childhood that we need to age and “that much” around our 40-50-60s+. Our beliefs are heavily influencing our physical vehicle and it’s capabilities and condition!


Aging has it’s place but you can influence it

Older people in their 60-80’s tend to think like they are still young deep inside or they feel themselves as kids from their teens. Some people are mentally ill around their last decades and we tend to call them second age children (sort of). But you will hold the same body image after death which you are holding right now. This is why many will appear at their peak 20-30s.

But look at them, their physical body is aged as hell. Some people worked over their life until their 60’s to look like they are around their 80’s. Aging is a group construct belief in general in our world. It is determining after we heard so much useless beliefs in our lives that as we reach pension, we are just relatively dead.

And I need to repeat that aging is a natural thing and is needed to exit the physical life game. But it doesn’t suppose to happen that way how people are aging. I guess you get my point.

It can happen much slower and you can influence it, I’m sure. Even after what I know how our Wider Reality, multidimensional life, and our own life work.

The end of our working life

Our life is over after decades of work in a slavery job and people tend to think that they are no longer useful for society. They will relatively fuel their aging furthermore, doing everything to feel aged and old. A normal thing for regular people. This is what we have been told that you need to feel like that. It requires constant mind work to influence this.

And it is only a matter of time when you are starting to be addicted to pills and drugs from the medical industry which never wants your best. They don’t heal anything. They force you to believe that you have no other options or you will get in medical troubles.

But in my opinion after pension as an age group, you DON’T need to feel yourself like your life is over. You are free relatively, you have time to do whatever you would like to now. Gather your power and start a new life. Sure I’m not that old yet, not even near but this insight can help.

Life is NOT about being a slave and getting used to it. Well, we live in a chaotic world where everybody lies and tries to grab their share.

What is the difference in believing of aging and not allowing it to take part so effectively?

Just look at those countless people who try to tell you how they keep their youth intact even in their 50-60s and they look young. Another thing is when they lie and had surgeries lol. But many of them are dwelling their beliefs about their body image from diets for example. Their diet is the tool for their body image. Some may don’t need it. Or having a sporting life.

So, one thing is that people feel themselves young and like a little child who just played with Lego or climbed on a tree or went to school/college. The other thing is that we DON’T believe that we need to be aged at a certain age. A huge difference.


We don’t need to find a cure for aging (that is BS). And we don’t need to take drugs and chemicals, use fancy methods to stay young, crunch on pills, vitamins, and minerals. Those alone are causing more trouble than being useful.

So many overused people at the doctors who just don’t know even a thing about in what world they are living in. Not just the older generation. They were told what to think, what to do, what to believe and their parents and their children are doing the same with the next generation. This indoctrination about becoming part of the system is always there.

What has been told by media, books, speakers, “specialists” and leaders, etc., has nothing to do with the actual possibilities which we can achieve in life. We are kept in a cage full of misinfomations and limiting beliefs. You can influence aging. You just don’t know anything about this and you lack self-replicated evidence. Because nobody can influence you, believing this, until you start experimenting with it.

Beliefs are keeping you stuck

Changing your beliefs will solve all problems relatively. Releasing your emotions which you hold and becoming more open to these ideas will also help in walking this path. Don’t hold up your baggage because you will carry it back to the non-physical world. Your life is a game.

The problem is that we tend to fight with our beliefs which are making up our thinking and perception. We tend to rather keep them and be in fear of not believing to anybody, even if it was useful. The first step is to understand the reality in what we are living in.

I encourage you to read anything on my site, piece by piece. It is only a pointer towards how we are living in an illusion, full of limitiations. We are limiting ourselves but we can’t deny the fact that one day, we return back to Afterlife. Because we are not our body.

We have it, we can influence its behavior and condition but we are not our body. It is a tool to let you experience physical realities, our limitation. Appreciate your life because you chose it to make it happen as a big chain of experiences.

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