What do repeating dreams mean?

Many people are new to even comprehend the true nature of dreams, have repeating dreams or messages. These messages can last for years and you can also live these up in very similar sets and scenarios. They don’t need to repeat themselves each night but your non-physical guidance tries to not disturb you so much if you don’t pay attention.

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Why do you keep having the same repeating dreams? Did you lose your mind or is this important? I see this issue all the time on public forums. People don’t even pay attention to replies. I never will understand this behavior that somebody has a constant problem and he/she doesn’t want to solve it. But here is the explanation below. You won’t find another solution anywhere, I can guarantee you. Dream interpretation sites are useless, they don’t understand what dreams are and NOT symbols only.

If something is repeating itself, don’t you think it is important?

Dreams are non-physical, subjective experiences. When you fall asleep, your non-physical guidance has the chance to train you, teach you about yourself. If you have repeating or very similar scenarios around you or you are doing the same things always, you simply keep missing the message or lesson. They can’t do so much about it but as common sense tells you, repeat the same message in different forms. Maybe with some time delay but they have no time there, only we have.

repeating dreams

This is how we also tend to think. If somebody doesn’t pay attention to you, you will repeat yourself or elevate your voice tone. You simply can’t get through the other person’s noise and it is the same in the non-physical or Dreamland (Astral or whatever you call it). You have lessons to learn and to grow so you are never sitting on your non-physical butt. You are consciousness who wants to learn.

We keep missing not just the message but to even listen to the message or what is it about because the most can’t comprehend what dreams are. Are they can be more real than your physical life. Via Lucid Dreaming, you can see it for yourself. The message starts to be more real and physical. You interpret it that way or your guidance is using human elements because you only understand those.

You don’t pay attention and don’t know what to do

Nobody can help those who don’t even understand what dreams are. This is like a chain reaction. You don’t think they are important, science and other industries are telling you nonsense things about them and you wash it off. Then the message repeats itself. Maybe after a while, a full-blown one comes when you will be frightened. This is like a “we told you so” issue. Our civilization thinks we are physical human beings in our true nature, we are our body and brain and everything is beyond us. Really?

Interpreting and understanding your dreams is a constant learning curve and I can help in training you after checking the Workshop menu but this is not just a one-day thing. Being serious and wanting to learn a lot is a must.

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