Can you breathe in your dreams under the water?

This is just a fun stuff to see what can you do in the non-physical world (in your dreams), like how to breathe under the water. And yes, you can. When you become a conscious Astral Projector or just non-physical traveler over your sleep life or from practice, you can try this out.

I need to repeat it again, that your sleep life is your non-physical life where you are still learning, doing tasks and can enjoy yourself without physical limits. It is our true home and we are coming from there to try out physical lives. This article shows you that your own physical limits or beliefs are causing you to not be able to do this task.

Our limits as human beings but we are not humans originally

For us, who are living a human roled life in this physical Universe, we need to keep our breath up in water because we need to inhale air into our lungs. Okay, fish can do it but we are not sea creatures. So the issue is, your own concepts and protective awareness are coming with you. You still act the same way as you tend to in your daily life. This is the limit which stays with you before you finish this life.

You are not a human being at all, you are using a physical vehicle which tells you that you are a human being. Well, you are partially but it doesn’t mean that you are your body or race or gender etc. This is why the most are stuck after transitioning back to the Afterlife regions. They still act and think with a human-like mindset, like an addiction to a physical role.


Dream events, when you realize that you are under the water

There can be many events when you start to realize that you are dreaming or you are in the non-physical world. Maybe you are totally new to this so to you, this means you start to become aware of the actual events and scenarios around you. You can be even under water. I’m not speaking about nightmares where you are tested against your fears and you need to deal with this issue of drowning. But for some first trials, it can be confusing or frightening.

You can explore civilizations under the water in different realities, physical Universes or non-physical places. Before you question this furthermore as a beginner, our physical Universe is one from countless ones and we are non-physical, multidimensional beings and you can prove this to yourself.

This means that your guidance takes you to a certain location and your protective sense kicks in with fear. You still think that you have a physical body which you need to use according to physical rulesets. While what you’ve learned in your daily life perhaps useful only there. Meanwhile, it is totally useless beyond physical realities. So you are stuck to a body-image concept.

Can you breathe in the NP? Of course, you can!

But the thing is, you can breathe normally in water. Like you breather air in and out. I can’t count how many times I did it and it was always natural to me because I was always a semi- or fully conscious non-physical explorer. People will call it Lucid Dreamer. Sort of but once you learn the basics from my site, you notice how these labels are meaningless.

So, the fun fact is, you can still breathe there. It is weird maybe but you can try it. Just remember that if you tend to have experiences underwater in your sleep life, you can do anything. Same for flying, going through walls and many more. Some real locals or residents may be surprised at you.

Remember that what I share and talk about are all real and you can prove it to yourself. Enjoy.

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