Are You a Starseed? Do you really believe the fairytales?

This is the third time I write about the starseed “nonsense” topic and trying to save some people from new age lies. The fact why people believe this topic is that they can prove themselves through tests, books, and nice fairytales that they are an alien originally and they are so special that they burst out in tears. And many people are reading my original starseed article daily which amazes me.

This belief system alone causes many self-illusional, egotist people to follow these groups, love and light nonsense and become a higher being instantly. These belief systems are designed to collect people with alike beliefs and characteristics. They don’t fit anywhere or are too naive to notice what is this about. I wonder if there is any person who is not categorized as a starseed alien after these tests. It is a schema about people in their 20-30s, their characteristics.

They don’t deal with real life in which they take part in as a human being. Because we all chose to play a human role right now and we are not coming from other star systems. This is so stupid and doesn’t work like that. You don’t come “originally” from other star systems here… this whole belief is a physical body fixated thing in our physical reality. There are countless physical realities.

The same BS true for 4D, 5D and 12D nonsense. There is the non-physical and there are 3D systems. That’s all. You can explore this fact by yourself.

Just be careful and skeptical

I would ask you to be cautious if you are intelligent and skeptical because there are too many traps which will toss people into illusions about who they are and they will suck gemstones. Not even different from mainstream religions.

The logic behind this topic is that you can’t find your way in your life or know your life purpose. Then you are starting to find these tests and groups, read some books and it falls into place. You can now fit your perception into a belief system which elevates you thus you are a huge higher being. Everybody else is just nothing. Do you feel out my sense of humor?

If you are interested in diving into this topic, you will find your answers on my site and you will soon realize how unreal these new age beliefs are. Because what I share is REAL. They are leading weak people into a self-fulfilling trap without even understanding that they are not their body or a race and we are non-physical beings originally. But NOT the way it is described in these nonsense stories and tests. Not even close. I wonder who started this nonsense back then.

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