What is Conscious Sleeping?

This post is a quick one and you can learn a lot about conscious sleeping on my site. It is your non-physical life. This can be shocking, I know. You just think that you know a thing about life. Your daily life is a tiny fragment of your real life and a huge facade with human drama and rules. We have dreams because we are constantly learning and developing in our being. Even if you don’t know about it. Do you think that you are really a human being originally?

Keep it in mind always that if you are a conscious non-physical explorer, you still need to maintain a healthy balance between your two lives.

conscious sleeping

But what conscious sleeping really means? Simply put, you are now aware that you are living up the given sceneries and events partly and fully being aware in the non-physical world. We can call it Lucid Dreaming too. Check my articles and my ebook to learn more.

Most of the people are “unconscious” of the same fact. They fall asleep, blackout and have no idea what they are doing until waking up. This is the norm for the most. It is a habit in our world. You don’t know anything about dreams, you don’t have the intention to know about them, you are “unconscious” from the same reason. No wonder, nobody teaches this so publicly.

Because you can be conscious of the same life, experiencing your multidimensionality, now you are aware that you are asleep. Most of what comes next with this can be found on my site to learn from them. Have a nice read and welcome to the real world!

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