Why Dead People don’t realize that they are transitioned?

I tried to touch and give the idea about the death process and what happens to dead people before in some articles. This post is a reminder, what happens to us with certain behavior, thinking and anything around. Mostly, I’m expanding this topic on the fact, that countless post-humans or “dead people” are not even aware of the fact, what happened to them. Anybody can experience this fact first-hand via conscious projections sleep.

The whole thing comes down from our misunderstanding about our life and that nobody taught us a useful thing. I don’t think it is my role to do it but some may learn from it. This article may help you to understand why you keep dreaming or rather have non-physical experiences with your transitioned loved ones and why they look still the same “person”.

And you will see that you stay the same in your mindset and you carry “back” your emotional baggage. We come from there but we can’t let go our physical identity and body-image.

What happens when you “die”? Do you really know?

Despite what religious sources do, you know or maybe you don’t know so much about, I will explain the process. There are a few articles already about this like the You are not physical or Is death even real?

So when you die, you simply switch your primary focus or attention back to the non-physical world. You simply stand up or float out and go through that white light dimensional portal. This is a natural thing, we do this all the time in physical realities to finish our game. It can be hard and painful, or easy and elevating. Depends on physical damage or emotional problems. Maybe non-physical guides (some may call them angels) are waiting for you to lead you “back”. Or maybe you block them out because you are the same.

dead people

If you are not familiar with the whole system multidimensionally and how it works, read the Focus Model articles and mostly the Focus 3 part. You go “there”. This model is a solid foundation on which you can build your experiences and not a belief system.

So simply put, you drop down your body focus. Maybe you don’t even realize because what you see and experience looks still physical and that is why the most are still in their self-illusions. Everything looks physical because you never explored the NP consciously via conscious dream life and/or you lack of thinking outside of the box. This is how you or others lived for decades, thinking our world is the only one, we came from somewhere and we may cease to exist. Our scientific indoctrination about our self-centered globe does that. Pretty dumb, isn’t it? And everybody experiences the whole spectrum of the game.

You just stand up or float towards the white light or whatever is your interpretation and you are there. You didn’t go anywhere because there is no time and space anymore. Actually, you are already there in Focus 3 or Afterlife. Everything exist there where you are. Your concepts of physical moving does the trick. You can move or you can think and be there. The physical rules are useless.

Why many may never realize that they are “dead”?

The fact is that many from the same reasons never realize that they are “dead”. As you may notice, nobody is dead. You will be much more alive if you are not full of emotional trauma. When our civilization names death, they name the physical body’s death and they don’t know about it. They cry over a physical vehicle. They pray for a pile of bones or dust because they can’t explain it to themselves in other means.

So why is that slow realization? Emotions are instantly creating your surroundings there because it is a thought responsive environment and now your physical thinking don’t serve anything useful. You had time to learn these rules while you were physically here and use up your dreams to become aware of your multidimensional nature. Now you are in trouble. Not everybody but if you are full of your emotional baggage or trauma, you won’t even notice anything. Maybe a scenery or place from which you can’t get out.

Do you think that in a thought responsive environment, somebody simple headed or addictive or somebody full with their misery can get out? They couldn’t do it physically either. Guides can’t help because these people don’t see them. The reason is their own emotional interplay. Countless post-humans are doing it. This is free will, you are allowed to ruin yourself. Same here in the physical Universe.

This is why Retrievals are there for even unconscious sleepers, physically “alive”. You may go to another version of you or maybe to somebody stranger and guides are giving you tasks to save somebody. It happens all the time. We are too few against that number of stuck “people”. You need to bomb out the actual person from their bubble, it is a creative work.

This is why if you can, you will go to these missions, even if you don’t know. It is a volunteer act because guides can’t do it all alone. These “stuck” dead people in their own emotional interplay don’t even notice if you walk in front of them. Just walk in a Focus 3 city and maybe you find one in a park where locals are passing by. You still keep your original form because you are also addicted to your body image. You don’t have a body but you still act as a human being (or whatever race you were in other systems).

dead people

The post-humans who still appear to be humans

Because, as I mentioned, post-humans are in their own emotional bubble. Emotions are creating those scenes, those are you. It is in you. This is how this educational system works. Some may relive their own death from burglary, being killed, some may be stuck in the copy of their home from the physical world and some may just shred down all of this fast. It depends on your personality. A simple person won’t notice these.

An addicted person keeps on doing the same but now without help if they don’t realize what they are doing. This is a normal thing and many of us can’t learn it the easy way. And thousands of years can pass by until they notice it. Well, there’s no time, this is just an example.

There are vast amounts of encounters with people from our world not knowing a thing but they encounter with their loved ones in a dimensional overlay. Mostly in Sleep Paralysis when you are half the way to the non-physical. It is here, you just don’t tune in with your mind. In SP, you are already in the NP partially.

So you meet your dead uncle, grandmother, wife, husband, child, etc. They are the same, maybe in their 20-30s because they are still stuck. They just don’t know it and mostly, they only know that something happened. If they know that they transitioned, then not much more about what comes next. But there can be also those, who know the whole thing and trying to comfort you. The real, non-addicted entities are formless energy beings who educate us. We are already them in another sense.

I already released an article about meeting with deceased loved ones, you can read more about this here.

Why stuck post-humans can’t get out this trap?

So, to close this post, you NO longer have a physical body which is the vehicle for consciousness (you) to experience physical realities. The body is needed as a medium to let your consciousness to experience life. You are not your body, it is a mechanism which reacts to your thoughts and emotions and sponges all of these up over “time”. In the non-physical, you don’t have a body, nor time. You are instantly living up the consequences of your mindset without a filter.

Look at an addictive personality and most of us are addicted. Addicted to human life. Your life purpose is NOT about what everybody is doing through decades. But it goes with lessons, elevating your awareness, working out your emotional issues etc. But we chose it and we had the opportunity to learn what we can about each other, ourselves and become more aware of what’s going on. While we are “physical” we have a very limited perception and capability of understanding our multidimensionality.

Sleep life is the same, you had time to explore yourself, the Wider Reality and work on your fears. You can guess how many from almost 7,7 billion are doing it. The most never get past the first stage of dreaming and how it works. Never. They can’t even comprehend all of this. You may see now what is the main problem in our civilization. This is why you can learn from this site (or from me) a lot and educate yourself.

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