How much sleep do I need? Forget what science told you!

People rush to public forums and search up on sites about how many hours of sleep do they need. This endless questioning happens all the time. If you check forums like Reddit or Quora (just to name the main ones), people like to only vent without learning a thing and almost never checking back if those same questions are already answered.

If somebody would pay me to answer these, I would be brain-dead from answering the same questions all the time. Just imagine, people like me are giving answers which you can prove to yourself and the same questions are always coming like nobody answered them before. I guess some may try to catch belief-resonating replies and that’s all the lesson.

I mean why should people like me answer the same questions, again and again, a thousand times if nobody listens? So I will save time if people find my article from direct search and answer this. I can’t help if the most like to drop up questions on public sites and they don’t even read back the answer. Or with the stupid, scientific guessings. One thing is a guess and another thing is how much sleep your body needs! People just lack common sense. Your body gives you the obvious signs and you listen to an outside source made on measurements over groups.


How much sleep do you need personally?

Maybe you were indoctrinated from countless scientific “researches” that you need 8 hours of sleep. Like a standard. I know your position, I was up to science a lot when I was younger and I still enjoy some of it, like Astronomy. But let’s be straight, there are countless people who are living different lifestyles, depending on their body usage and mental activity. We are not the same also in body type.

Are you active with your mind, are you a sportsman/woman, a site worker or a big walker?

You DO NOT need 8 hours. Some may well-function with 6 hours too for many years. You can adapt and also notice that you are well-rested after 5-6 hours. Maybe it is 7 hours. Or sometimes you sleep for 4 hours and you are highly alerted. It means that just don’t sleep more. Do you listen to scientific BS or to your body? Right?

If you overuse your mind, you don’t need as much or you can’t sleep as much. Your body will be overslept while your brain can’t function. If you overuse your body, then you can still sleep for half a day but don’t do it. Or you are going to school and you need 12 hours of sleep at the weekend. Do it for one day then sleep normal hours. Your body needs a post-rest period because you couldn’t do it throughout the week.

Is too much or too little sleep enough?

There is a fine line between too little and too much sleep. Try both. Both are tiring for your brain device which regulates your body. You are not your brain, it keeps your biological vehicle functioning without problems in optimal cases. Too little and you are a zombie, too much and you are too tired from oversleeping. Try it, experiment with it and stop paying attention to scientific nonsense.

If you don’t give enough sleep for your brain and body, it can’t regenerate or reboot itself. If you tend to oversleep from bad habit or depression, you can’t break out from this. Many times it happens from depression and lack of motivation to start your day. It is up to you. Just a little push, which turns into a habit and you are out even after some struggling days.


So how many hours do you need personally?

It is not the same for you than me. So I won’t give my example but I would say that the best hour span is around 6-7 hours. Rather 7. Try it for some weeks until your body gets used to it and see what effects you have. You may have more energy and better concentration because you are out of over-sleeping zombie mode.

For elder people? It is said as a legend that they don’t need as much. Well, they just can’t sleep in my opinion and they are rushing all over the place in the morning because they are bored and in a hurry. Maybe a life habit.

If you are a body-builder or sportsman/woman, try a little bit more sleep with common sense because the muscles need a rest period.

If you are tired around the afternoon, you CAN have a half hour rest between 1pm and 4pm to let your brain reboot or rest a little bit. It happens, you just lose energy.

Try 6-7 hours in normal cases and test it if it works.

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